28 January 2013

A Fond Farewell!

Hello everyone!! I hope you are having a beautiful day!! This past weekend, one of our local favorites, and a five star, "not-to-be-missed!" spot in our quaint little town had to close their doors. It was a very sad loss for us.  It was a beautiful spot named Jacqueline's High Tea Room. 


There they had a fully decked out dining room,with private seetings, where one could grab a hat at the door and sit on upholstered chairs in front of tables covered in beautiful rich linens, with fine china and serving pieces in front of you and order a "traditional high tea" or a lovely lunch.

 It has been the pamper yourself, splurge for many of us for years. My Mother and other family members and friends would often give a trip to Jacqueline's as a Birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day gift, or just a good ole Ladies day out.  Well as stated, they have closed their doors and are moving on and I know all from my town and many others wish them many Blessings on their next journey in life.

So, why am I telling you about this? Two reasons really: to honor the memories made and shared there and to share some of the wonderful bargains I was able to get at their "Closing Sale".  I am super excited to tell you that I was able to find out about this in time to make their sale in their final two days!! Which, as you know me by now, was how I got a "steal" on some absolutely beautiful items!! Always good news to be shared!!! I have shared some of my "treasures" on Shoestring's facebook page and thought, to be fair, it deserved a post all of it's own.  So here are a few of incredible finds!!

Now, to be honest, I already had the two plates on the bottom of this 3-tiered stand.  But, I didn't have the stand!! Nor, did I know when I bought those two Beautiful Haviland tea cups that they would be an exact match to the plate that sits now in the middle of the rack. (One I picked up at Goodwill a couple of months ago) Serendipitous, I tell you!! Yay!! Great find number one!!

I just loved the look of all my "New" treasures laid out on the table as the sun went down.  Okay, if you are familiar with my Blog, I always tell you how good of a deal I got, so that you know, you, too, can get this kind of Elegance on a Shoestring budget.  Everything you see on the table I paid a grand total of $28.00 for!!  Somehow, that makes them even more special to me..

This wonderful Thomas Kinkade commemorative cup and plate "Moonlit Cottage" was a gift to me from a friend I gave a heads-up call to, regarding this particular sale. She did not get out of there for as little as I did, But then again, she has quite a bit more than I to show for it! Thanks L!!

As I stated earlier, I wish the very Best to Jacqueline and her staff, and a big "Thank you"   for the wonderful memories and yummy treats over the years!! May God Bless you and keep you.  To everyone else, go out and make it a fabulously elegant week in your home!! Hugs and Blessings! ~Theresa  

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19 January 2013

Beat The Winter Cold With My Roasted Butternut Squash Soup!

Welcome, all! It has been below freezing here in Northern California, which has me baking and cooking a lot.  If not for the food, for the warmth it provides in the home!  
This was actually a recipe I emailed to a dear friend, she loves it so much, as do I,  I wanted to share it with you!! 
If you are a regular to my Blog you already know I don't "do" recipes the way most people do, I explain them. Once again, I can't say this enough, the "way" you make something is as important as the ingredients you use! I hope you enjoy it!