20 December 2018

Merry Christmas at the TFT Party!

Merry Christmas Bloggy friends! I hope you all enjoy a wonderfully blessed Christmas with your loved ones around you.  Thank you for joining me, here, this past year, I'm so grateful for you all. Your talent continues to amaze me.  Here are a few highlights from what you shared with us last week. 
~May your prayers be answered, your worries be few,
 and may you always feel God next to you.~
Angelina from Petit Haus' Farmhouse Christmas Home is absolutely adorable, with the sweetest little mudroom I've ever seen.

13 December 2018

A Few of My Favorite (Christmas) Thursday Favorite Things ~

Oh, what a wonderful time of year! I just LOVE all your beautiful offerings. There is simply no way for me to adequately highlight all the beauty and yumminess shared from you all, here, last week. Thank you for all the gorgeous and festive inspiration. It's getting so close! We are officially in the twelve days of Christmas!
I hope you are all taking time to enjoy all that this wonderful Season has to offer. Here are just a few of my favorites from your wonderful shares...
Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine's Christmas Bedroom is just simply a dream.... Oh, that we could all have a beautiful festive bedroom like this! It's like living in Santa's Village. I Love it! 

06 December 2018

Happy December! It's Here and Beautiful at This Week's TFT

Happy December, friends! I'm so very glad you are here. I'm running my tail off these days, how about you! So much to do, so much to bake, so much music and movies to listen to and see! I am loving this The Most Wonderful The of the Year! I hope you are taking time to enjoy every single moment.