02 January 2014

Happy New Year and Blessings to all!!

Good Morning and Happy New Year, Friends!!  I'm so glad you had some time to stop by today. 
So, Of course, I can not just simply put up a Happy New Year sign or image. I need to share a little more than that with you!  If you have been following my Blog you already, hopefully, know that I am a woman with a strong Christian Faith.  So, as one year ends and another begins, I always feel it is a great opportunity to see how my walk with Our Lord is. Let's just say there is always much room for improvement. 

So, I am simply sharing this video with you today (courtesy of YouTube and Mercy Me) It's called Word of God Speak! It is what I pray for in my life, to hear His voice more and my own less. It is also what I pray for all of you! He has such miraculous things for us!! Far more than our minds can fathom.


So, as I pray and wish a Happy New Year to you all, I also hope that you will see God's hand in it and that His voice will "Fall down like rain" to all of you!! Many Blessings to all for 2014! ~Theresa.
I'll be sharing this message, this week with the following Lovely and Inspirational Ladies: