27 January 2022

the last party of january in lower case

i have visited blogs where i have noticed that some people are not using capitalization anymore, i kind of really like it, but am not sure i can do it, i've already had to go back and edit myself a few times, but just for this week, i'm going to give it a whirl!

i pray you are all well and that your families are healthy. in these dicey times i think of all of you more than i ever did before. please stay safe and healthy.  as they say, on with the show...

i love elderberry syrup!! i use it year-round and i'm so excited to see a post on here on how to make it! so, thank you, joy, from artful homemaking, for sharing your recipe with this how to make elderberry syrup on the stovetop recipe!  

20 January 2022

Valentine’s Day Ideas (And TFT Party)

 Hello and welcome friends! I’m so glad you’re here. I pray you are all healthy and well. This Omicron is no joke. My family has all recovered. Praise God. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. Can you believe we are already just a few short weeks from Valentine’s Day?!  I’m not one who has ever really celebrated this specific holiday, but I so enjoy seeing all your creations! There were A Lot!  So let’s take a look at the ones that caught my eye! 

Like Rachelle from My Hubbard Home’s Edible Flower Valentine Cookie Hearts| Easy Recipe

13 January 2022

Embracing January 2022! (This Week's TFT party)

 Welcome friends! I'm so very glad you are here. Happy 2nd week of 2022! That sounds so bizarre to me, still. Well, I just finished baking a pan of cinnamon rolls and a pan of Brioche buns, so I am exhausted. It seems to take less and less to make me tired these days. Is that just me? Maybe the fact that I turned fifty-six last month. Ugh! When I was younger that was an old person, Isn't perspective a funny thing? Anyways, as my friend would say onwards and upwards! Welcome to this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! I'm so grateful for all of you and your beautiful Bloggy friendship and your kind and comforting comments. Thank you so much for that.

Let's take a look at a few that caught my eye from Last week's party!

First off, was our beautiful leader, Katherine's post On the Brighter Side You will never waste your time reading Katherine's insightful posts, and SO much beauty!  I just love her.

06 January 2022

What's New In 2022!

Good morning and welcome! I hope 2022 has been good to you all, so far. I rarely do this, but feel I need to, as I know I have a lot of praying friends that visit here, could you please say a prayer for my family? A couple members of my family, despite all our best efforts and vaccination status, are currently dealing with Covid. Nobody is in a hospital, but,  still miserable and very scary for the rest of us. Thank you all in advance! 

Let's get on with this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! We got kind of a quiet start to the year with last week's party, lets see what you are all up to this week!  But first, a few highlights.

First off, was Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home's post, Simple Christmas to Winter Decorating ideas! Perfectly lovely!