30 September 2014

How To Make A Beautiful Fall Harvest Bushel

Have you ever noticed when you start doing crafts, or celebrating the Seasons more, around your home,  that you find inspiration everywhere? Things that you may not have looked at or thought about twice before now come to life in your imagination?  I certainly have found that to be the case for me & I love it.  

27 September 2014

Just a Fun Saturday Morning Share!

I don't usually post quick little fun Daily things, here.  I share them over on Shoestring Elegance's Facebook page!

But, that being said, this was too much fun for me not to share with you!

I'm always so excited to see a store go all out with their decorations! (especially, if its actually the right Season)!

So you can imagine my delight, when I popped over to our local Safeway, yesterday and came upon this display!

What a truly pleasant surprise!

I imagine it's good for business, but I think it was so Family friendly and innovative, that who really cares?!

Go take a peak around your town today and see what's out there that makes you smile! This sure did for me! 
Happy weekend blessings, Friends!

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with or speaking for Safeway.. My joy and opinions are my own!

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20 September 2014

Welcoming Autumn & It's Not A Wreath!

Happy Autumn!! Well, it will be, actually, Autumn, the day after tomorrow, for those of us, here in the United States. I think I long for this Season all year long!  The beginning of cooler days and nights, blankets, baking, sweaters and, of course, Lots of decorating!! Fall seems to be the kick off for all the wonderful celebrations ahead. What can I say, I'm a sucker for traditions. Even if they're new ones. Which kinda brings me to this post. I have welcomed Autumn for the past 2+ years by sharing with you my Autumn Wreaths. I have loved every one of them. 
Here's the teaser I posted on Shoestring's Facebook page.

This year, however, I was drawn to decorate my front door in a different way to 'Welcome the Fall Season' in.   Ready.....??   It's a broom!  Well, not a broom you could sweep with, but just the same a broom! I love it. I haven't seen many others and thought it would be a wonderful change and a thrifty way of using all my old and still beautiful blooms and leaves (with a few new ones). If you don't know me, I'm all about less cost, for the highest beauty. So here it is!  What do you think?
This wonderful broom, that serves as the base for this door hanging, was all of $2.99 @ Michael's & I got 50% off, so, yeah, a buck fifty! I did by one new group of stems that were regularly $6.99 but they were 60% off,  and this awesome Red edge-stitched cloth ribbon (for the bow), that was also 60% off of $6.99, I believe I can very easily say that in all total, this Autumn Door Decor still came in under the $10 mark!
After removing the tags, It was just as easy as this. I attached my hanger to the back and then laid the foundation of Fall leaves down, attached them and then just added from there until I had what I was hoping for.

Don't you just LOVE the stitching on the edge of the bow? As soon as I saw it, I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for.

Here it is last night hanging on my open front door, while I was finishing up the final little "tweaking"

And..... here it is this morning, in all its glory hanging on my front door to greet all who enter. The day's weather here, in Northern California, is playing along with me, (for today, anyway) It is cool, the wind is blowing and really is beginning to feel like a Fall day!! I'm not looking at the forecasts anymore!

I hope you have found a fun way to welcome Autumn/Fall into your home. For yourself,  and your guests!  I always think it's a nice way to say, "You are welcome here" & "I even decorated for you!" Plus, it makes me smile! There really isn't a price tag for that! I hope this will Inspire some of you to embrace and welcome the Season, your friends & family, with some of the Beautiful colors of Fall!
Many more colors of the season to come! 
Thank you for taking the time to pop in on me and let me share what I've been up to with you.  Many Blessings,

11 September 2014

There are NO words.

Today, Let us all pause in Remembrance.

God save us all from such a day. My heart and prayers are with those personally touched, in any way, by the events of September 11, 2001.

08 September 2014

Finally, Signs of Autumn!

Good Morning and Happy September!! As you may already know, I am in love with the Autumn/Fall & Winter seasons!! I just can't wait! I know some of you are still clinging to the last days of summer, but I am anxiously looking forward to Autumn!! You may even recall, one of my most read and featured posts, here, with you was "Anxiously Awaiting Fall"! You can see that one
Great Bread pudding recipe!

Well, It's that time of year again, where I CAN NOT wait!! I am so excited that the first sign of Fall's arrival are starting to show up around my home!  In Northern California, that mean that the grapevines lining one side of my driveway are starting to turn those Beautiful shades of RED!!

And the pathway, in my rose garden, (on the other side of the drive) are beginning to be littered with dried rose petals and leaves!! I love the way it looks so much, I haven't had the urge to sweep them up just yet!

This is looking back down my driveway from the carport!! LOVE! Do you enjoy this time of year, too? Or are you clinging tightly to the last days of Summer? 

 With all that said and pictured here, I must tell you, that I still have the random, beautiful rose blooming here and there!! It's the best of both worlds, right now! What a beautiful feast for our eyes the Lord provides. I am so abundantly Blessed!
,So to celebrate this "in between seasons," yesterday I baked up a batch of both, Pumpkin-Chocolate-chip muffins and some wonderful Apple Cinnamon ones!  Are hey ever a hit! Both of them!
I made the Apple Cinnamon ones with Applesauce, in place of oil, and I chopped up a whole Golden Delicious Apple to throw in the batter! I love those chunks of fresh fruit!

This morning I have started peeling and seeding a couple small Butternuts to make some of my "Roasted Butternut Squash Soup"! You can find that recipe Here
I hope you are enjoying your weather, whatever it may be,  and finding a way to enjoy and celebrate it, before the bigger changes of the Season begin! 

Many Blessings to you all, Always..