24 February 2022

Goodbye February

Hello and welcome, friends. Can you believe we're saying goodbye to February already? Time just keeps flying by no matter what's going on in our lives,  or our world for that matter, as, I guess it should. I don't know about you, but in this time where Winter is coming to an end and Spring is on the horizon I always seem to be more reflective,  I think even more than at the "New Year".

Old goes and New arrives! Which makes me excited! We have a new great-grand in our family, Beautiful little Sabrina, just one month and so so adorable. And, now, news of another, very unexpected, other great-grand on the way! (Her) Mommy thought she was done with one getting ready to move out and the other in high school, but alas God had other plans!  Life is so much sweeter with babies.

Pam from Everday Living's sweet husband shared an absolutely beautiful Valentine's message on her blog, Unconditional Love. You don't want to miss it. Pam, I am jealous, and yet, so happy for you both.

17 February 2022

Signs of Spring & The TFT Party

I bet many of you are looking quite forward to Spring 2022.  Whilst, I admit, I absolutely love all the blossoms and blooms and brighter days that come with the Season, I'm still waiting for rain in Northern California!  After all, I love raindrops on roses too! LoL   As for me, Baking Brioche this morning to share with family and friends. I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Thank you for coming to join me at Shoestring Elegance and this week's TFT party! Wishing you all a happy and healthy Season. 

Let's look at some of your beautiful offerings from last week!
CoCo from the Crowned Goat’s sweet DIY Valentine’s Mailbox just makes me smile. 

10 February 2022

Thursday Happenings In February 2022

 Happy Thursday! I’m afraid I’m running a bit behind this week! Thrown off by the unseasonal warm weather we’ve been having and desperately praying for rain. Can you believe we’re already at February 10th? I, sincerely, can’t seem to keep up with the time these days. Believe it or not, I just put out my Christmas tree today! Not out of the house, I mean, but for disposal. I did hate letting it go.  The news is all aghast with the latest,”the end of the mask mandate” indoors, for the vaccinated, in smaller groups, inside some places, for some people, at certain spots, depending on the space and, and…. Eek! I’ll keep mine for now, thank you. Okay, that’s the end of my mini rant. LoL 

Truly, I have so much to be grateful for, why on earth should I complain?! Welcome all! In case you were wondering, you are here, joining me for this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s take a little peek at what you shared last week  

Pam from An Artful Mom’s How to Make Victorian Paper Cones is a super fun and relatively easy way to add to your decor! 

03 February 2022

Happy February!

Happy February friends! I can’t believe we’re already here! 

Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! You all have so much talent to share it amazes me every week! 

Let’s just get on with the party and take a peek at a few highlights from last week’s party, shall we?! 

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Road shared her 14 Heart Wreaths to Love and I do! I love every single one. Here are just a couple of the beauties she gathered.