30 June 2022

Happy Fourth of July Weekend and This Week’s TFT Party

Good morning dear friends and welcome back to Shoestring Elegance, and to this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you so much for joining me/us. Before we get onto the party, I'd just like to thank you all for your continued clicks and links, you bring me more joy than you'll ever know. 

Thursday, being the 'unofficial' start to the weekend, means that I get this opportunity to wish you all a safe, healthy, and Happy Fourth of July weekend. That is, if you are in the states, if you’re from Canada, Happy Canada Day weekend and  if your joining is from somewhere else, I wish you a wonderful weekend as well! Never short on inspiration, you all did not disappoint last week either.  Enjoy a quick peek at some of last week's shares before you link up this week.  And, please do have a lovely weekend. 

Michele from Hello Lovely has us covered with her gorgeous 4th of July Tablescapes, Festive Decor & Party Ready Finds Now! Thank you! I loved them all.

23 June 2022

Happy Summer 2022!

Good morning sweet friends! Thank you for understanding my absence last week and for your kind well wishes and prayers.  I’m happy to report my mother and sister seem to be past the worst of Covid and on the road to recovery.  Praise the Lord! Happy Summer 2022! Can you believe it? Thank you for joining us @ the Thursday Favorite Things party.  I hope you are all well and enjoying some pleasant weather.  Summer started off with a bang, here in Northern California, with 105 degrees!

16 June 2022

Covid Hit My Family!

 Hey friends, quick little note to have you all link up to this week’s party, but I’m so sorry, I’ll try and come back and join you all later, just a little too tired and stressed out. 

Last weekend my Sister and My Mother both got Covid!  I’M not sick.  We’ve made it all this time without having to walk this path and now we’re in the thick of it. I pray you all are safe and healthy. You are all so loving and caring, that I know you’ll understand if I just provide the link this week, say "thank you for your continued contributions", and tell you that I’ll be back next week. 

Meanwhile, how gorgeous does Claire Justine make breakfast look with her Pistachio, Oat, And Cranberry Breakfast Pancakes

09 June 2022

June Food Recipes

Good morning and welcome. I hope you are all enjoying some, hopefully, beautiful Summer days and gorgeous weather. The kids have all just gotten out for Summer break here and it seems like our population tripled with everyone out and about again. Which made me think, what a wonderful time to highlight some of the yummy recipes linked up, here, at the Thursday Favorite Things party, each week! So, without further ado, here are this week’s features! Try not to drool on your computer, it won’t be easy. LOL  

The Lou Lou Girl’s BLT Pie looks absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to try this this Summer! 

02 June 2022

Happy June! Summer’s Here @ the TFT

Good morning sweet friends! Thank you for joining me as I, gratefully, join Katherine and all the wonderful ladies for our fabulous Thursday Favorite Things party.  Happy June!  Can you believe it?! Summer’s here.  I hope you are all well and enjoying some pleasant weather. Ours has definitely become more tolerable than last week’s high 90’s.  Great for my garden though, so I’ll take it.   Okay, enough about me, Let’s look at some of your awesome offerings from last week’s party. Again, thank you for all your wonderful comments and participation. I truly enjoy every single one of you!

26 May 2022

Goodbye May :( Memorial Day Weekend Wishes...And, The TFT Party

Happy Thursday! The last two days were in the mid 90's, here, in Northern California, so I know May is on its way out. And, if it weren't for my garden, that I've been working so hard on, and am looking so forward to, I would say 'Bring on Fall!' But there it is. May is winding down with this weekend's Memorial Day parades and remembrances and Summer will, unofficially, be on. Alas, I have accepted that there are just some things I have no control over, so I better count my blessings and take it all in stride. C'est la vie! Okay, I'm done with my mini-rant. Welcome friends! I'm so glad you are here!

You all certainly keep me constantly inspired and interested! Thank you for joining the Thursday Favorite Things party with me and my friends. 

Let's take a peek at a few things you shared from last week's party.

I thought I had seen everything that my friend, Linda, from Crafts a la Mode had made until I clicked on this link last week! Look how creative she is with this DIY - How to turn a garden hose into a flower pot!

19 May 2022

Spring Eats, May Edition

Hello and Welcome, friends...  Before I get too far into this week's Thursday Favorite Things party, please let me Thank You All so much for your continued and steadfast supply of inspiration and absolutely lovely comments.  I do read and cherish every single one of them and you, even if I can't always find the time to reply. I see you! I appreciate you! 

Thanks again!

Last week's party was loaded with incredible and refreshing recipes that I just loved and that (subtly) screamed Spring's here and Summer's on the way! 

Starting with Fat Dad Foodie's Easy Custard Cake Recipe

12 May 2022

Spring Fever! (AND, This Week's TFT Party)

Welcome friends! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful month of May.  I sure have been. Last weekend was my beautiful niece’s baby shower and I got to meet my grand-niece, Sabrina for the first time. What a Blessing. Enjoy the party and have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to take a peek at a few of the posts from last week’s party that caught my eye. Remember, each hostess has her own feature. So be sure to pop around and see who else is getting the light shown on them this week, 

Debra from Common Ground’s Lilac Basket Centerpiece with French Faience is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year, don’t you think?