02 February 2023

Happy February and Groundhog Day

Good morning and welcome friends!  Well, here we are, February already. And, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so bundle up for six more weeks of winter.   What a weird month February is.  Just 28 days long (but sometimes 29 every four years, which is so random when you think about it) Nonetheless, it’s great to be alive! Grateful for each moment and grateful to have you all here with us for another week of the Thursday Favorite Things party. I’m busy baking and getting everything ready for my Spring garden, there’s actually a lot of work to be done far before planting time, but I’m enjoying and excited about it all! 

Let’s look at a couple post that stuck out to me from last week’s party. 

Thistle Key Lane’s Strawberry Angel Food Delight

26 January 2023

Just like that… It’s February!

Hello and welcome back friends! Can you believe we are just 6 short days away from February 2023?!  My goodness, the older I get the faster it goes! Looks like you all are getting ready for Spring too! I have my seeds all germinated and starting off in the nice warm inside, just waiting and growing for the upcoming Season.  Well, friends, to be honest with you all, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s, but your beautiful offerings were too sweet for me not to share! Let’s take a quick look at a few of your posts shared from last week’s party. 

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home shared a beautiful post with 14 HEART WREATHS TO LOVE, I especially liked this sweet heart from Lydi Out Loud.

19 January 2023

Winter Foods, Spring Anticipation & A Sad Goodbye

Hi friends. Welcome to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things. Did you notice the new time for our party? Now, at 8:00 PST/9:00MDT! Make sure to look through this week. There’s been tons of wonderful winter ideas like Estelle @Homeade On A Weeknight 15 One-Pot Weeknight Recipes

12 January 2023

New Year Inspirations

Good morning friends. Happy Thursday! Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party.  I hope you all are happy, healthy and dry! Thankfully, I still am! I love all your fresh and inspiring New Year posts! Thank you for continuing to share your talents with us each week.   Here are a few examples from last week’s party! 

CoCo from the Crowned Goat shared her Word of the Month Ideas

05 January 2023

Rains, Winds, Floods, Oh My!

Hey friends, just a quick hello and thank you.  I'm trying to keep everything I can fully charged, as we are in the midst of a historic weather system. Atmospheric Rivers, Bomb Cyclones, whatever you call it, there's a lot of water and a lot of people losing power.  Mine's already flicked on and off a couple of times! Yikes! Luckily, I'm safe and I think we will be okay. I'm going to wish you all a dry, warm week and thank you, once again, for joining us.  

Make sure to pop over and give Katherine some love.   Thankfully, Katherines Corner is Back

29 December 2022

Happy New Year from the TFT Gang!

Happy New Year friends! The next time we meet it will be 2023, can you believe that?!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with your families and friends.  Thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes. I’m so grateful for you. 

Let’s look at a few of your posts from last week’s party. Judith from Botanic Bleu shared her adorable French Country Style Christmas Bathroom

22 December 2022

Merry Christmas Friends!

 Merry Christmas Friends!

First and foremost, thank you all so much for all your kind Birthday wishes, they are so appreciated. I'm so grateful for all of you.  And, Secondly, Merry Merry Christmas Friends! Can you believe Christmas Eve is just 2 days away? I've been truly enjoying this wonderful Season. I hope you have been too. I shared a little quote on Facebook last week, that was quite popular. It went something like this...
"Blessed is the Season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of Love". WOW 
Isn't that the truth, though? 
If you had asked me what I wanted for this Birthday or Christmas, you would have gotten the same answer I gave most all my family and friends, which was, 'I really can't think of anything.' I was wrong. And, how do I know? Because my beautiful friend, Linda, you know her, she manages a little blog called Crafts a la Mode. Anyway, Linda sent me something I didn't know existed, and yet, I needed to have it the minute I saw it!  If you are not familiar with Sarah Young's Jesus Calling, please do yourself a favor and find it. Once you are through with that, by the way, you will never be through, you will read it over and over again, year after year. But, when you can put it down, it might be for this gift my friend got me! Jesus Calling for Christmas! It is no exaggeration to say it is Heavenly.  Thanks again, Linda! 

15 December 2022

It's My Party(Birthday), Literally!

Good morning friends! It has been a beautiful December, so far, and I'm genuinely looking forward to the rest of it and the New Year! I hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful time of the year, as well.  Today is my Birthday! As I get older, I try to embrace each and every year and realize, even more now than ever, that each and every year is a gift, and I am trying to focus on that Blessing. So... here's something I don't think you read often from a woman,  Today I turned 57!  Yay me! I'm doing a little happy dance of my own.

I've found that I'm in good company as Jenna from the Painted Apron shares her December Birthday celebration! Happy Birthday, Jenna, now you have another Birthday Buddy!