06 August 2020

Thursdays Favorite Things and a Very Sad Announcement

This is not the usual Thursday Favorite Things.
My friends, I don't exactly know how to write the next line... I'm sure I'm a bit off and probably will mess this up... 
My family has suffered a great loss. My beautiful, fun-loving, 58-year-old, Sister has died, suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. My family is still attempting to grasp this truth. I'm, afraid we are doing the best we can and it will take some time to wrap our heads around this. I wouldn't normally write about this here but my sister was so proud of my blog and a regular follower and was so pleased with the way I wrote about my Dad's passing that I believe she would want me to share the news here too.

16 July 2020

Summer Yummies, DIYs and Beautiful Inspiration

Good morning, sweet friends! Bam just like that we're already in the middle of July. For those of you who know me well, this makes me super excited because we are just that much closer to Autumn/Fall! Yippee! For my sun-worshipping friends, enjoy! I'm counting the days!
Despite the SIP and the rollback of opening, with the COVID numbers rapidly rising, I have been, surprisingly busy in my home and my Mum's.

CoCo from The Crowned Goat's Quick & Easy Summer Lavender Basket is simply stunning. And, I have a lavender bush and many baskets!! Thanks for the inspiration CoCo!

09 July 2020

Simply Perfect

Good morning friends! Welcome back to this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful inspiration and creations with us! Here are your features from last week's party! 

02 July 2020

Happy July and Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Happy July and Happy Fourth of July Weekend! I hope you have all found a wonderful way to STAY AT HOME and enjoy your family and celebrate the 4th, even in these very different times. We certainly have had plenty of time to find ways to decorate our yards, get creatively safe visiting family and close friends, and all the while bake, 
Everyday Living's A Patriotic Garden Table

25 June 2020

Summer's First TFT ~ Simple Joys

Good morning friends! Thank you so much for being here every week and sharing all your creative posts, recipes, crafts, and DIYs!! Can you believe we're in June already?!  
I'm still here, happy and healthy, and baking away, on the days that are cool enough, that is.  
Thank you for your wonderful comments, I apologize if I didn't respond to them all, but I read and smiled about every single one. Here's some features from last week's party. 

18 June 2020

Summer's Here! Can You Feel It?!

Okay, I know, technically, 2 days away, but the 90-degree weather is telling me something completely different!  I hope you all are still staying safe and healthy and finding ways to stay and visit family and friends, albeit socially distant. Better safe than sorry. Not easy with the Summer heat!! I pray we all see some resolution and peace for our Nation and ALL our people. Thank you for joining me for last week's Thursday Favorite Things! Here's a sampling of your beautiful and wonderful posts from last wee's party. You all never fail to inspire me! Thank you.
Barbara from Table and Mantel's Traveling Teacup Goes to the Bay Area is a real fun read!

11 June 2020

Here Comes Summer, Come Get the Latest Inspirations to Enjoy It!

Welcome friends. No matter what's going on outside our doors, time and seasons march right on.  Whether you're staying at home or venturing out, here are some wonderful features to get you inspired for fluffing up your on nest or preparing yummy dishes to share with friends, distantly, of course. :) 
Barbra from Mantel and Table shows us all her best Tips To Create A Romantic White Table Setting. Isn't it inviting?!

04 June 2020

Not Just Another Thursday

Good morning friends.   Sometimes, it just isn't business as usual and I am unable to pretend it is.  It has been a difficult, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching.....week for our nation.  Racism and inequality must not be tolerated in any form. I, like I'm sure many of you, have been spending a lot of time in prayer. Still, I believe what we do and share adds some much-needed levity in a stressed environment.

As a dear find of mine wrote, "You will never look in the eyes of someone God does not love." Praying for our nation.. I realize this is probably the wrong place for this but I can not just pretend I haven't seen all that has been happening in our world, and I also realize this will offend some of you, and I'm sorry, still, I know no other way. Even NOW there is so much beauty to be seen. We must embrace our differences and never become complacent.  Praying for change, praying for justice, praying for healing, and Peace.

These bloggers are my features from last week's TFT party:

28 May 2020

Goodbye May..Hello June!

Good morning friends! Thank you so much for being here every week and sharing all your creative posts, recipes, crafts, and DIYs!! Can you believe June is just four days away! 
I'm still here, happy and healthy, and baking away! At least my friends and family are happy and I get to do something I love and learn new recipes and techniques. Win-Win! 
Thank you for your wonderful comments, I apologize if I didn't respond to them all, but I read and smiled about every single one.
On the menu this morning at my house, Croissants! 
Welcome to this week's Thursday Favorite Things!

21 May 2020

I've No Excuse! The Days Blurred Together

Happy Thursday Favorite Things Friends!! 
It IS Thursday, right?! I'm so sorry my week is a bit off. Just trying to catch up with the days! I think I should be hosting a party called Forgetful Friday! LOL
I have been pinning your wonderful links and do so appreciate you all, but I did also fall asleep and think today was Wednesday! 

14 May 2020

May Beauty ~ Thursday Favorite Things!

Hi friends. I'm so glad you are here joining in on the party fun and inspiration, If there ever was a good time for DIY's and recipes, this is it, right? I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day weekend. We enjoyed a visit, in my Mother's backyard, socially distant, but enjoyable just the same. The "new normal" as they're calling it. Just the same, we celebrated my Mum and enjoyed our familiar faces. I would rather stay in and safe now, then have to start this all over again later.
Here are the blog Features that spoke to me from last week's party, I hope you enjoy them too.
Marie from Rever en Couleur's New Dining Room is simply breathtaking and whispers serenity to me.

07 May 2020

Beautiful Inspiration

Welcome, All to Shoestring Elegance and this week's Thursday Favorite Things party!  Thank you so much, to all of you, who come to join us here, each week, with your wonderful Crafts, Recipes, and DIY creations.  I'm so excited to see what you are bringing to share with us this week!
I LOVE all the creativity you bring to this Party!  
If you are new, welcome! Come on in, kick off your shoes, and have a look around. Here are a few of your beautiful shares from last week's party that caught my eye!


30 April 2020

Goodbye April, Hello May!

Welcome friends! Can you believe April is over already? That went by faster than I expected. I pray you all are happy, safe, and well. I'm so happy to be here, inspired by all your wonderful offerings! I didn’t really have a theme to the features this week, I just went around and grabbed the ones that caught my eye! My apologies for my tardiness with last week’s features. I'm doing much better this week. If you linked up last week before I had your features up, please take a minute and pop BACK over to see if you were one of the ones I featured. 
Okay, ready? Let’s party. We all deserve a little fun and normalcy, don’t you think?
Linda from Mason Jar Crafts Rae Dunn-Inspired Mason Jar Utensil Holders is a fairly easy, but beautiful addition to any one's dining room or kitchen!