16 October 2020

Friday's Favorite from Everything Fall 2020!

 Happy Friday and Thank you to all who have joined the Everything Fall 2020 month-long party with Linda from Crafts a la Mode with me. We are so happy to be sharing this wonderful Season with you ALL!

So, I know I am a little late. well, actually a lot late...I truly do apologize! But I have been pinning your wonderful creations all week long! I do hope you will keep linking up! We have been so inspired and enjoy seeing and sharing all you have been sharing!

15 October 2020

Some of My Favorite Fall Things! (TFT Party)

 Happy Thursday friends! Welcome! Please join me and all the other hostesses at this week's Thursday Favorite Things, then click down and join Linda and I at our Fall Everything 2020 month long party.  If you haven't had a chance, please do check out last week's Friday Favorite! So much fun to be had! Don't you just LOVE Fall?!

Here's a look at a few of my favorites from last week's TFT party!  Leading off was Barbara from Mantel Table's A Beautiful Table Setting, which is exactly that! Love the color of the roses. 

09 October 2020

Friday's Favorite from Everything Fall 2020!

Happy Friday and Thank you to all who have joined the Everything Fall 2020 month-long party with Linda from Crafts a la Mode with me. We are so happy to be sharing this wonderful Season with you ALL

08 October 2020

With Much Gratitude For YOU!

 Good morning, beautiful friends. I am so happy you are here. In these very different times, I can not adequately express how much I treasure each and every one of you. You are a blessing to me more than you will ever know. So, please accept my heartfelt gratitude, for sharing your lives and creative talents, which has afforded me a semblance of normalcy that I am can't explain. Please know I see you, I hear you and the challenges that some of you are facing and my prayers are with you. 

Moving on with this week's TFT party and Features, plus an added chance to share your Fall creativity at Mine and  Linda's  "Everything Fall 2020" month-long link-up.

CoCo from The Crowned Goat's Brown and White Transferware Pumpkins

01 October 2020

Welcoming to October! Let's Eat! ( TFT Party!)

Good morning and happy October, friends! Can you believe that? Already October now. I’m so grateful for the Fall months. They truly are my favorite time of the year. I am, however, desperately looking forward to the season’s cooler weather. Living in Northern California has been quite a roller coaster the last few weeks. 

(My Hubbard Home's Autumn Apple Crisp with Walnuts has my mouth-watering.)

24 September 2020

Happy Fall/Autumn, Officially! Incredible Autumn Inspirations

Hello friends, and welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things party.  I finally get to say Happy Fall, officially. Yay! I won't dwell on the fact that we are suppose to be in the 100's again this week, I'm just going to live in a little denial and enjoy that since Fall has arrived, my favorite temperatures are sure to shortly follow. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I hope this party and the features we share give you a smile and some inspiration to fluff your own home, try a new recipe or learn a new DIY trick! Have a great weekend and please stay safe.  Here are some of my favorites from last week's party! 

Interior Frugalista's absolutely beautiful Antique Balloon Back Chair Makeover

17 September 2020

Happy Fall Y'all! (This Week's TFT Party)

I'm SO excited I just realized that by the next time we party together Autumn/Fall will have officially arrived!! Five more days as I write this! Can you just hear me squealing with delight? I believe if the forecast holds true 😏 that our high for the day will be in the mid 70s. In California, that's wonderful. Even though I long for the crisp air... I'll take 70's! And, you all are right on cue with my favorite season! Thanks for that! 

Let's get onto some of your wonderful shares, and my features for this week, from last week's party.  

Christine from Designs and Events' Making a Wreath from Roadside Plants is the sweetest and daintiest Fall wreath I've ever seen and I just LOVE it and from Roadside Plants?!   Not my roadside, you are a lucky lady Christine.

10 September 2020

Fall Countdown Continues!

 Hello sweet friends, how are you all doing in your neck of the woods, so to speak? I'm so grateful that you have come over to join me.  Today was the first day in over a week, maybe longer, I really can't remember, that we were not sweating in the 100's and beyond! Thank God! I am so looking forward to all things Autumn/Fall! Crisp air, sweaters, a good rain, a fireplace for warm. I can't wait! 

03 September 2020

Happy September! (19 Days Until Fall and Counting Down!)

Good morning, beautiful friends! I'm getting so excited for Fall/Autumn! I don't know about you, but this has been an excessively hot, and isolating (COVID, wildfires, etc..) Summer and I, for one, am, quite frankly, ready for it to be over. But, I'm grateful and happy to report that yesterday was the first day we woke up without smoke in the air! I, happily, was able to throw open my windows and enjoy the day!  You all were absolutely wonderful, giving me so much season changing posts full of inspiration for the coming of my favorite Season! Thank you for playing along.  Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments.  They are appreciated more than I can adequately express.
Here are your features from last week's party! 
Pam at Everday Living 8 Favorite Autumn Tablescapes

27 August 2020

Beautiful Countdown to Fall Features!

Hi friends! Welcome back to this week's Thursday Favorite Things Party! My regular followers know that I live in Northern California. So, yes, I am in the middle of all those historic wildfires going on right now, that's the bad news. The good news, is that they are gaining ground on them, finally, and that though I've been living inside from smoke and ash, I am NOT in one of the actual fire zones. Don't get me wrong, twenty minutes or less from some in more than one direction and we have had our GO bag ready, but, thankfully, have not had to use it. Enough of that! 

20 August 2020

Wacky Summer Weather!

I don't know about you guys but this Summer has had some pretty wacky weather here, in northern California! Since Sunday we have had record highs (and I mean 106-108F in my town, to world record breaking highs elsewhere in the state) to thousands of lightning strikes, marble-sized hail...
This is not normal in my area and has, unfortunately, started a great many huge fires. Thankfully, although we have woken to ash on everything and can barely escape the smoke, the fires you have probably been hearing about are not in my actual town. Thanking God for that and knocking on wood. However, a great many people, nearby, have lost everything. Many, many prayers to them and their families. May we all find safe haven and some true peace soon
(Co-hostess, Amber, from Follow the Yellow Brick Road's) Enjoying Peaches In Recipes and Decor “National Peach Month” (above)
The features are just a few from all of the wonderful blogs shared every week. If you missed last week’s party please click Here.

13 August 2020

Grateful and Getting On with a Very Different August

Good morning friends! Before I get to this week's party, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you so much for your kind and comforting words of support and prayers for my family's loss. Your comments were soothing to my soul in a very difficult time. Thank you seems inadedequate. 

06 August 2020

Thursdays Favorite Things and a Very Sad Announcement

This is not the usual Thursday Favorite Things.
My friends, I don't exactly know how to write the next line... I'm sure I'm a bit off and probably will mess this up... 
My family has suffered a great loss. My beautiful, fun-loving, 58-year-old, Sister has died, suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. My family is still attempting to grasp this truth. I'm, afraid we are doing the best we can and it will take some time to wrap our heads around this. I wouldn't normally write about this here but my sister was so proud of my blog and a regular follower and was so pleased with the way I wrote about my Dad's passing that I believe she would want me to share the news here too.