31 December 2015

So, About December and My New Place!

Merry Christmas!!  Happy New Year!!  And, Thank you all so much!
Yes, all of that, all at once!  I'm so sorry to have been away for so long. But, I finally, have some wonderful news to share with you! I hope when you hear it, you will understand and forgive my absence.
For those of you who have hung in there with me over the last few months and some. I am happy to say, years, you probably remember my requests for your prayers, as my wonderful little "house above the roses" was to be sold and I was

What to do Weekends #154 ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
May your year be Blessed beyond measure and all your needs be met!
Many Blessings to you all, today and every day!
May we all find a greater sense of contentment.


What to do Weekends #153

Sorry, this is so late... Linda has done a phenomenal job covering for me, but I wanted to make sure and Showcase your Incredible Creations!

10 December 2015

What to do Weekends #152 ~ Be Back Soon!

Hello all! Thank you so much for sharing with Linda and me! I am crazy busy this week and haven't had any time to work on the Party! My Sincerest apologies. Linda did some beautiful Features, so be sure to pop over to her @ Crafts A La Mode to check it out.  You all are doing such phenomenal work I scarcely know where do look!

03 December 2015

What to do Weekends #151 ~ Happy December 2015!

Welcome friends!  It's here! December! It is officially the month that is truly "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! We are so glad that you are here sharing all your wonderful recipes and treasures with us, and getting so much Inspiration for the upcoming festivities!
If you are new to the Party, Welcome! We are so very glad you are here!  We have been pinning away, during the week, so, Please do check out the Party Board! 
Onto to Theresa's Bonus Features for this week:
First up was Suzy @ Worthing Court's wonderful post on DIY Christmas Wreaths! So much information and fun! I love this one!