31 December 2020

Happy New Year from Me and the TFT!

 Happy New Year dear friends! I do pray you all enjoyed a beautiful, safe Christmas and were able to find Joy in the Reason for the Season.  I had a wonderful, albeit very quiet, Christmas and it was just what the doctor ordered for me. Baking is done. Gifts dropped off. Well wishes all around, and now to celebrate the coming of 2021!  Geez, I am old enough to tell you that this year still looks futuristic to me. Every.Single.Time.I.See.IT! 

 One of my favorite songs, way back when, if you can believe it, was "Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999!" As if we'd ever make it to 1999! LOL Ahh, the blissful ignorance of youth.

17 December 2020

One Week 'Til Christmas Eve!...Are You Ready?!?

 Hello friends! Welcome.  I'm SO excited! Although, I don't want it to be over so soon, now! Such mixed emotions. Not only that....This is our last TFT party before Christmas!! Next Thursday IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!


(from Andrea at Living On Cloud Nine's Festive Christmas Table)

10 December 2020

The Christmas Countdown Is On!

 Two weeks until Christmas! Yes, already! I am excited, although admittedly I really LOVE all the time leading up I think just as much. I have been baking away and decorating both, here and at my Mum's house. Such a wonderful way to divert our attention! I always say this, but it's as true today as ever, It truly is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! In case you missed it, I shared a super yummy recipe yesterday that I know you all will enjoy so be sure to check out my Almond Florentines...Laceys...Brussels Cookies (Whatever the Name...They Are Divine, and Easier Thank You'd Think) If you have not linked up your Everything Christmas or joined us at our Christmas Eats party, please take a minute and link up! 

Now, I am excited and honored to be joining Katherine and all the other wonderful co-hostesses in bringing you all this week's Thursday Favorite Things party (aka TFT)! 

09 December 2020

Almond Florentines...Laceys...Brussels Cookies (Whatever the Name...They Are Divine, and Easier Thank You'd Think)

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is definitely on! Just two more weeks until Christmas Eve! Can you believe it?! If we ever needed a time such as this, it is now. So why not throw ourselves into the traditions we have come to count on that we can... We may not be baking for as much of our family as usual, or we may be doing it in a different way, this year. But, how about sharing with those friends of yours that are also experiencing a scaled-back Christmas, at least as family goes, and do some awesome porch drop-offs of Christmas Cheer? It may seem something small to you, but it also may means the world to them. I have come to find out that a lot of people don't bake for themselves often...I must admit I am a bit surprised, but I have been baking all my life, so what do I know! Either way, sometimes a fresh-baked goodie from your kitchen is the most precious gift you can give of yourself.

03 December 2020

Happy December, The Countdown (officially) Begins!

 Good morning and welcome back to the TFT Party! I'm so glad you are here. I pray you all had a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! I pray that you all stay healthy as the COVID numbers are surging. God save us all from such an illness.  I'm so glad to see that, like me and my family, you are all pressing on and doing the decorating and the baking and creating. This, I believe is what will get us all through to the other side of this thing. Truly, I pray blessings over you all.  

Alright, catching up a bit here, last week there was no TFT party, due to Thanksgiving, so I am sharing a few of your features from our November 19th party! 

(A Festive & Fragrant Tablescape by Pam at Everyday Living)

25 November 2020

Christmas Inspirations! (Anything Goes Christmas Link Party!)

 *Thursday Favorite Things Party is canceled this week but will be back next week* Happy Thanksgiving! 

Here it is, friends! This is your ANYTHING GOES Christmas Link Party!! 

Share away! Did you miss our first two link-ups in this Christmas Series? Please Link up your Food Recipes Here and Check out All the Christmas Do It Yourself Ideas Here

Thank you so much for being here and joining the fun with us!

Our Favorite Recipes for the Holidays (Christmas Link Party)

 Welcome Friends! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Thursday Favorite Things Party is canceled this week but will be back next week. 

Linda, from Crafts a la Mode,  and I are back at it again to continue our Christmas Series Link parties!  In November we opened a DIY Christmas Party Now we are opening our 2 other parties... Our Favorite Recipes for the Holidays, right here, and Christmas Inspirations (Anything Goes Christmas Link Party) for that Click Here!  We LOVED seeing all your Christmas Do-It-Yourself ideas!

19 November 2020

Prepping for Thanksgiving at the TFT Party!

Good morning, friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?! This month has just flown by for me. Thank you all for the kind wishes on my poor knee. It is recovering, albeit slower than I would like...grateful for no surgery, but hate the brace. Oh well, this too shall pass. I am loving all the beautiful inspiration you all provide each week. You truly do AMAZE me. That said, let's get to some Features!

Don't forget to keep your eye out for Linda and my "Christmas Series Link party" we have one closing tomorrow, for all your DIY Christmas Ideas HERE, but a new one opening tomorrow night, where you can share all your yummy Holiday Recipes! Back to the party!

Niky from The House on Silverado's Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

12 November 2020

This and That On A Chilly Fall Day

 Hello dear friends! Happy Thursday and welcome! I'm so happy you are here. I truly hope you are all having a wonderful week, staying safe and healthy, and finding peace at your home as we prepare for what is still "the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! I welcome you to this, Thursday Favorite Things party, today, and invite you to join and share with Linda & I at our Christmas Series, that started this week, "Christmas Do It Yourself Ideas" link up! So much fun to be had!

Let's see what you were up to last week!

Look how sweet Marie from Interior Frugalista's Memory Garment Hand Warmers. I just love these. Do you make hand warmers? Such a welcome treat in the chill of winter.

10 November 2020

Christmas Do It Yourself Ideas

Welcome Friends! I am so excited! Linda, from Crafts a la Mode,  and I are teaming up again to kick off our Christmas Series Link parties! This is how it works:  We will be hosting 3 different 10-day parties between now and December 10th, all about Christmas! Better yet, all about your amazing creations and projects! This week we'd love to see all your Christmas Do-It-Yourself ideas! 

05 November 2020

November’s Here at the TFT party!

Hello friends, Happy November! What a wild month it's been already! Best just to get right to our party this week, as I am working on this in the wee hours of the morning. Life seems to just get away with me, I don't know why. I did share a new post, 15 of the Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into an Autumn Escape, wrapping up the Everything Fall 2020 link party since we last met. I hope you get a chance to take a look at that. I couldn't have done it without many of you, so thank you very much! Meanwhile, I am so glad you are here joining us for this week's TFT party! Let's look at what you shared last week! First of all, did you all see Barbara from Mantel and Table's White Pumpkin Flower Arrangement?! I'm in love with this table, flowers, white pumpkins.... It's just so beautiful!

04 November 2020

15 of the Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into an Autumn Escape

 Are you enjoying the Fall Season? I know there is so much else going on in our world and our homes right now, but I think that makes it even more important to embrace and celebrate the Season. Maybe even, like some of us have never done before.  If you are like me, you are in your home more than ever before. So why not decorate, celebrate, embrace, and enjoy all the Season has to offer?! 

Here are some wonderful ideas you could do yourself to celebrate the Season in your very own home. 

If you have some beautiful transferware around your home, why not dig it out and dress it up like this beautiful Brown and White Transferware Pumpkins

29 October 2020

Fall This and That ~

Good morning sweet friends. I’m so glad you’re joining me here this morning or maybe you’re joining me here later on into the weekend, either way, I’m thrilled to have you! Well, we finally got cooler weather! Although the days are still in the high 70s and low 80s, at night, they dip down into the upper 30s which is just enough to thrill me to pieces about the arrival of cooler days ahead. I have just been loving and am so grateful for all the inspiration you all provide each week at this party. And the inspiration being provided at that Everything Fall 2020 party. Be sure to watch next week for a special round up of some of my favorites from that.

 Meanwhile, I wish you all well and I hope that you are embracing the new season and are excited to welcome November, and are finding joy in preparing for a very different holiday season.  Please join me and all the other hostesses at this week's Thursday Favorite Things, then click down and join Linda and me at our Fall Everything 2020 month-long party. It ends soon! But, we will have an Everything Christmas month long party beginning soon, as well!

23 October 2020

Friday's Favorite from Everything Fall 2020! (Week 3)

 Happy Friday and Thank you to all who have joined the Everything Fall 2020 month-long party with Linda from Crafts a la Mode with me. We are so happy to be sharing this wonderful Season with you ALL!  I truly do enjoy my time visiting each of your blogs. So, it's extra fun when I get a chance to shine a little light on some of you. Although you are all truly worthy of a feature I am only one person. Remember, Linda does her own.

22 October 2020

Fall Decor and More

Good morning all! I'm so glad you are here. Well, we're finally getting some chillier mornings in my neck of the woods and I am SO excited!! What's it like where you are?

Please join me and all the other hostesses at this week's Thursday Favorite Things, then click down and join Linda and me at our Fall Everything 2020 month-long party.  If you haven't had a chance, please do check out last week's Friday Favorite! So much fun to be had! I hope you are safe and happy where you are.
Starting of the features from last week's party is, Debra, from Common Ground (if you missed last week's click Here) with her Woodsy China Cupboard for Fall

16 October 2020

Friday's Favorite from Everything Fall 2020! (Week 2)

 Happy Friday and Thank you to all who have joined the Everything Fall 2020 month-long party with Linda from Crafts a la Mode with me. We are so happy to be sharing this wonderful Season with you ALL!

So, I know I am a little late. well, actually a lot late...I truly do apologize! But I have been pinning your wonderful creations all week long! I do hope you will keep linking up! We have been so inspired and enjoy seeing and sharing all you have been sharing!

15 October 2020

Some of My Favorite Fall Things! (TFT Party)

 Happy Thursday friends! Welcome! Please join me and all the other hostesses at this week's Thursday Favorite Things, then click down and join Linda and I at our Fall Everything 2020 month long party.  If you haven't had a chance, please do check out last week's Friday Favorite! So much fun to be had! Don't you just LOVE Fall?!

Here's a look at a few of my favorites from last week's TFT party!  Leading off was Barbara from Mantel Table's A Beautiful Table Setting, which is exactly that! Love the color of the roses. 

09 October 2020

Friday's Favorite from Everything Fall 2020!

Happy Friday and Thank you to all who have joined the Everything Fall 2020 month-long party with Linda from Crafts a la Mode with me. We are so happy to be sharing this wonderful Season with you ALL

08 October 2020

With Much Gratitude For YOU!

 Good morning, beautiful friends. I am so happy you are here. In these very different times, I can not adequately express how much I treasure each and every one of you. You are a blessing to me more than you will ever know. So, please accept my heartfelt gratitude, for sharing your lives and creative talents, which has afforded me a semblance of normalcy that I am can't explain. Please know I see you, I hear you and the challenges that some of you are facing and my prayers are with you. 

Moving on with this week's TFT party and Features, plus an added chance to share your Fall creativity at Mine and  Linda's  "Everything Fall 2020" month-long link-up.

CoCo from The Crowned Goat's Brown and White Transferware Pumpkins

01 October 2020

Welcoming to October! Let's Eat! ( TFT Party!)

Good morning and happy October, friends! Can you believe that? Already October now. I’m so grateful for the Fall months. They truly are my favorite time of the year. I am, however, desperately looking forward to the season’s cooler weather. Living in Northern California has been quite a roller coaster the last few weeks. 

(My Hubbard Home's Autumn Apple Crisp with Walnuts has my mouth-watering.)

24 September 2020

Happy Fall/Autumn, Officially! Incredible Autumn Inspirations

Hello friends, and welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things party.  I finally get to say Happy Fall, officially. Yay! I won't dwell on the fact that we are suppose to be in the 100's again this week, I'm just going to live in a little denial and enjoy that since Fall has arrived, my favorite temperatures are sure to shortly follow. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I hope this party and the features we share give you a smile and some inspiration to fluff your own home, try a new recipe or learn a new DIY trick! Have a great weekend and please stay safe.  Here are some of my favorites from last week's party! 

Interior Frugalista's absolutely beautiful Antique Balloon Back Chair Makeover

17 September 2020

Happy Fall Y'all! (This Week's TFT Party)

I'm SO excited I just realized that by the next time we party together Autumn/Fall will have officially arrived!! Five more days as I write this! Can you just hear me squealing with delight? I believe if the forecast holds true ๐Ÿ˜ that our high for the day will be in the mid 70s. In California, that's wonderful. Even though I long for the crisp air... I'll take 70's! And, you all are right on cue with my favorite season! Thanks for that! 

Let's get onto some of your wonderful shares, and my features for this week, from last week's party.  

Christine from Designs and Events' Making a Wreath from Roadside Plants is the sweetest and daintiest Fall wreath I've ever seen and I just LOVE it and from Roadside Plants?!   Not my roadside, you are a lucky lady Christine.

10 September 2020

Fall Countdown Continues!

 Hello sweet friends, how are you all doing in your neck of the woods, so to speak? I'm so grateful that you have come over to join me.  Today was the first day in over a week, maybe longer, I really can't remember, that we were not sweating in the 100's and beyond! Thank God! I am so looking forward to all things Autumn/Fall! Crisp air, sweaters, a good rain, a fireplace for warm. I can't wait! 

03 September 2020

Happy September! (19 Days Until Fall and Counting Down!)

Good morning, beautiful friends! I'm getting so excited for Fall/Autumn! I don't know about you, but this has been an excessively hot, and isolating (COVID, wildfires, etc..) Summer and I, for one, am, quite frankly, ready for it to be over. But, I'm grateful and happy to report that yesterday was the first day we woke up without smoke in the air! I, happily, was able to throw open my windows and enjoy the day!  You all were absolutely wonderful, giving me so much season changing posts full of inspiration for the coming of my favorite Season! Thank you for playing along.  Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments.  They are appreciated more than I can adequately express.
Here are your features from last week's party! 
Pam at Everday Living 8 Favorite Autumn Tablescapes

27 August 2020

Beautiful Countdown to Fall Features!

Hi friends! Welcome back to this week's Thursday Favorite Things Party! My regular followers know that I live in Northern California. So, yes, I am in the middle of all those historic wildfires going on right now, that's the bad news. The good news, is that they are gaining ground on them, finally, and that though I've been living inside from smoke and ash, I am NOT in one of the actual fire zones. Don't get me wrong, twenty minutes or less from some in more than one direction and we have had our GO bag ready, but, thankfully, have not had to use it. Enough of that! 

20 August 2020

Wacky Summer Weather!

I don't know about you guys but this Summer has had some pretty wacky weather here, in northern California! Since Sunday we have had record highs (and I mean 106-108F in my town, to world record breaking highs elsewhere in the state) to thousands of lightning strikes, marble-sized hail...
This is not normal in my area and has, unfortunately, started a great many huge fires. Thankfully, although we have woken to ash on everything and can barely escape the smoke, the fires you have probably been hearing about are not in my actual town. Thanking God for that and knocking on wood. However, a great many people, nearby, have lost everything. Many, many prayers to them and their families. May we all find safe haven and some true peace soon
(Co-hostess, Amber, from Follow the Yellow Brick Road's) Enjoying Peaches In Recipes and Decor “National Peach Month” (above)
The features are just a few from all of the wonderful blogs shared every week. If you missed last week’s party please click Here.

13 August 2020

Grateful and Getting On with a Very Different August

Good morning friends! Before I get to this week's party, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you so much for your kind and comforting words of support and prayers for my family's loss. Your comments were soothing to my soul in a very difficult time. Thank you seems inadedequate. 

06 August 2020

Thursdays Favorite Things and a Very Sad Announcement

This is not the usual Thursday Favorite Things.
My friends, I don't exactly know how to write the next line... I'm sure I'm a bit off and probably will mess this up... 
My family has suffered a great loss. My beautiful, fun-loving, 58-year-old, Sister has died, suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. My family is still attempting to grasp this truth. I'm, afraid we are doing the best we can and it will take some time to wrap our heads around this. I wouldn't normally write about this here but my sister was so proud of my blog and a regular follower and was so pleased with the way I wrote about my Dad's passing that I believe she would want me to share the news here too.

16 July 2020

Summer Yummies, DIYs and Beautiful Inspiration

Good morning, sweet friends! Bam just like that we're already in the middle of July. For those of you who know me well, this makes me super excited because we are just that much closer to Autumn/Fall! Yippee! For my sun-worshipping friends, enjoy! I'm counting the days!
Despite the SIP and the rollback of opening, with the COVID numbers rapidly rising, I have been, surprisingly busy in my home and my Mum's.

CoCo from The Crowned Goat's Quick & Easy Summer Lavender Basket is simply stunning. And, I have a lavender bush and many baskets!! Thanks for the inspiration CoCo!

09 July 2020

Simply Perfect

Good morning friends! Welcome back to this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful inspiration and creations with us! Here are your features from last week's party! 

02 July 2020

Happy July and Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Happy July and Happy Fourth of July Weekend! I hope you have all found a wonderful way to STAY AT HOME and enjoy your family and celebrate the 4th, even in these very different times. We certainly have had plenty of time to find ways to decorate our yards, get creatively safe visiting family and close friends, and all the while bake, 
Everyday Living's A Patriotic Garden Table

25 June 2020

Summer's First TFT ~ Simple Joys

Good morning friends! Thank you so much for being here every week and sharing all your creative posts, recipes, crafts, and DIYs!! Can you believe we're in June already?!  
I'm still here, happy and healthy, and baking away, on the days that are cool enough, that is.  
Thank you for your wonderful comments, I apologize if I didn't respond to them all, but I read and smiled about every single one. Here's some features from last week's party. 

18 June 2020

Summer's Here! Can You Feel It?!

Okay, I know, technically, 2 days away, but the 90-degree weather is telling me something completely different!  I hope you all are still staying safe and healthy and finding ways to stay and visit family and friends, albeit socially distant. Better safe than sorry. Not easy with the Summer heat!! I pray we all see some resolution and peace for our Nation and ALL our people. Thank you for joining me for last week's Thursday Favorite Things! Here's a sampling of your beautiful and wonderful posts from last wee's party. You all never fail to inspire me! Thank you.
Barbara from Table and Mantel's Traveling Teacup Goes to the Bay Area is a real fun read!

11 June 2020

Here Comes Summer, Come Get the Latest Inspirations to Enjoy It!

Welcome friends. No matter what's going on outside our doors, time and seasons march right on.  Whether you're staying at home or venturing out, here are some wonderful features to get you inspired for fluffing up your on nest or preparing yummy dishes to share with friends, distantly, of course. :) 
Barbra from Mantel and Table shows us all her best Tips To Create A Romantic White Table Setting. Isn't it inviting?!

04 June 2020

Not Just Another Thursday

Good morning friends.   Sometimes, it just isn't business as usual and I am unable to pretend it is.  It has been a difficult, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching.....week for our nation.  Racism and inequality must not be tolerated in any form. I, like I'm sure many of you, have been spending a lot of time in prayer. Still, I believe what we do and share adds some much-needed levity in a stressed environment.

As a dear find of mine wrote, "You will never look in the eyes of someone God does not love." Praying for our nation.. I realize this is probably the wrong place for this but I can not just pretend I haven't seen all that has been happening in our world, and I also realize this will offend some of you, and I'm sorry, still, I know no other way. Even NOW there is so much beauty to be seen. We must embrace our differences and never become complacent.  Praying for change, praying for justice, praying for healing, and Peace.

These bloggers are my features from last week's TFT party:

28 May 2020

Goodbye May..Hello June!

Good morning friends! Thank you so much for being here every week and sharing all your creative posts, recipes, crafts, and DIYs!! Can you believe June is just four days away! 
I'm still here, happy and healthy, and baking away! At least my friends and family are happy and I get to do something I love and learn new recipes and techniques. Win-Win! 
Thank you for your wonderful comments, I apologize if I didn't respond to them all, but I read and smiled about every single one.
On the menu this morning at my house, Croissants! 
Welcome to this week's Thursday Favorite Things!

21 May 2020

I've No Excuse! The Days Blurred Together

Happy Thursday Favorite Things Friends!! 
It IS Thursday, right?! I'm so sorry my week is a bit off. Just trying to catch up with the days! I think I should be hosting a party called Forgetful Friday! LOL
I have been pinning your wonderful links and do so appreciate you all, but I did also fall asleep and think today was Wednesday! 

14 May 2020

May Beauty ~ Thursday Favorite Things!

Hi friends. I'm so glad you are here joining in on the party fun and inspiration, If there ever was a good time for DIY's and recipes, this is it, right? I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day weekend. We enjoyed a visit, in my Mother's backyard, socially distant, but enjoyable just the same. The "new normal" as they're calling it. Just the same, we celebrated my Mum and enjoyed our familiar faces. I would rather stay in and safe now, then have to start this all over again later.
Here are the blog Features that spoke to me from last week's party, I hope you enjoy them too.
Marie from Rever en Couleur's New Dining Room is simply breathtaking and whispers serenity to me.

07 May 2020

Beautiful Inspiration

Welcome, All to Shoestring Elegance and this week's Thursday Favorite Things party!  Thank you so much, to all of you, who come to join us here, each week, with your wonderful Crafts, Recipes, and DIY creations.  I'm so excited to see what you are bringing to share with us this week!
I LOVE all the creativity you bring to this Party!  
If you are new, welcome! Come on in, kick off your shoes, and have a look around. Here are a few of your beautiful shares from last week's party that caught my eye!


30 April 2020

Goodbye April, Hello May!

Welcome friends! Can you believe April is over already? That went by faster than I expected. I pray you all are happy, safe, and well. I'm so happy to be here, inspired by all your wonderful offerings! I didn’t really have a theme to the features this week, I just went around and grabbed the ones that caught my eye! My apologies for my tardiness with last week’s features. I'm doing much better this week. If you linked up last week before I had your features up, please take a minute and pop BACK over to see if you were one of the ones I featured. 
Okay, ready? Let’s party. We all deserve a little fun and normalcy, don’t you think?
Linda from Mason Jar Crafts Rae Dunn-Inspired Mason Jar Utensil Holders is a fairly easy, but beautiful addition to any one's dining room or kitchen!

23 April 2020

Mamma NEVER Said There'd Be Days Like This!

As I'm starting this post on Wednesday night at 12:56 am, okay, so technically, Thursday morning. That song is going through my head! You know it! The song from The Shirelle's Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This, well, I was just thinking of that when I realized it was Wednesday not Tuesday!! My Mother never warned me about days like this!! Ha! Her days are getting mixed up too!
(eggeeggjiew/Getty Images)
(This is SO me right now, only she is much neater!)

16 April 2020

Sewing Face Masks, Baking A Lot and The TFT Party!

Welcome friends. Thank you for joining me. I hope you all found a way to truly enjoy your Easter!
Well, another week inside. But, I’ve been, surprisingly busy! I’ve been sewing face masks, as I’m sure many of you have (many done, many more to go), baking, even more than usual, and praying, a lot.  That’s good, though! The more I bake for our needs, the less we need to go out! (silver linings, here, people)  Although, I am running lower than I like on flour and my understanding is there’s not much of it in our stores. I still have my mother's cupboard to shop in! :) How are you all?  Are you doing okay with the SIP?
Here's a bit of my work for the week, now, I'm anxious to see yours!

09 April 2020

Happy Easter From Home (And, This Week's TFT)

Happy Easter week, friends. Regardless of what's going on outside our doors, the fact remains that Sunday is Easter. For me, personally, this is one of the greatest days of gratitude for my faith. For this very Sunday, we can exclaim, "Christ Is Risen, Indeed!" No virus, quarantine, or anything else can possibly change God's gift to us on this day. I pray you all are safe and sound in your homes with your loved ones and able to find some way to celebrate this day. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just sincere. 
Not preaching, just teaching. Sharing my truths.

03 April 2020

Time To Shop In Our Pantries! Raw Apple Cake Recipe

Hi friends and welcome! 
It's a very different world we are living in than ever before, isn't it? Thankfully, and hopefully, it won't be forever.
Well, have you done your Spring cleaning?  Maybe even twice?  I think that we have all done more around our house this Spring and then ever before. Spring cleaning can get a little dull and, for me personally, even run out! So what's next?  Well, since you're home anyway, why not try your hand at cooking and baking. I mean, you do have the time like never before.  And, there's actually a truly practical reason to learn now! If you're heeding the advice of our officials, you are staying home, as am I. 

02 April 2020

Welcoming April

Hello friends, I'm so glad you are here.  Happy April to you all!
I, much like you, am doing the best I can to make the best of this time at home. I pray that you all are well and finding the silver linings in these 'very different' times. Be well. Keep up all the beautiful inspiration.
Let's take a look at some of the beauty and inspiration you shared at last week's party.
One of my wonderful co-hostesses, Amber, from Follow the Yellow Brick Home, shared her sweet post Simply Sweet Violets

26 March 2020

Let's Dream Big!

Hello, dear friends. I'm so glad you are joining me here. I pray you are all safe and that this pandemic has been only an inconvenience for you and your family and nothing more.  Please join me in praying for all those impacted by these scary days.

For those who are sick, exposed and scared, those who have, sadly, lost a loved one and most of all, all of those in the healthcare field, who are taking care of our friends and family at great personal cost to themselves and their families, I am so grateful. I'm humbled, and yet grateful that I never had to deal with anything like this when I was still nursing.

19 March 2020

Thursday Favorite Things From A SIP Blogger

My friends, I must offer you my sincerest apologies. With all that has been going on...COVID-19, and, now, us Shelter In Place (SIP) I completely missed the Party time. That is not to say I forgot you! I have still been pinning through the week and will have my Features up, I hope within the next couple hours, but I am truly sorry to be behind.  I hope you understand and will link up now and come back later today or tomorrow to see if you were featured. 
Please stay safe, friends!

12 March 2020

Spring Blooms Everywhere!

Hey friends, Good morning and Happy TFT to you!
I pray this finds you and your families safe and sound and free of any epidemics!
Not much else in the news, these days, is there? I know several of you, like me, are compromised for one reason or another. So, I pray you are taking every precaution.
Barbara from Matel and Table's Setting An Elegant St Patrick’s Day Table
(So Gorgeous! And...dare I say, elegant! :) )

05 March 2020

Spring Is On It's Way!

Good morning, friends! Spring is on its way, not-to-mention, Daylights Saving Time this weekend!! Are you ready? 
I am so pleased you joined us, with all your incredible creativity! Can you believe we're nearing Spring & Easter, already? Time is just flying by!
I LOVE seeing ALL your wonderful Crafts, Recipes and DIY incredible creations and Inspirations with us every week~
If you are new to the Party, Welcome! I am are so very glad you are here!

27 February 2020

Goodbye February...Hello March ~

Good morning, sweet friends. Can you believe that February is over? Time's just flying by!  I just scarcely got my Christmas decorations all away and BAM! Spring blossoms everywhere. They are oh-so-beautiful, though, aren't they...
I'm so happy you all are here joining me for this week's Thursday Favorite Things party!

This week I was drawn to all your beautiful Whites!