31 July 2014

Ruffles & A Rummage Sale Desk Make My Room Complete

Well, Happy Summer 2014! Is it warm where you are? It sure has been here, and not the usual heat, the "new" 'monsoonal moisture' as they've been calling it on the news. Between you and I, it's not my cup of tea. Or should I say Macchiato?... I have been very busy working on many things for myself, my family, church, and home these last few weeks! Least of which,  was finally finishing up my Bedroom the way I really wanted to!

Doesn't everything look just heavenly with a little sparkle to it?! I was actually editing this photo to share with you an accidentally clicked this button, I'm not sure I could do it again if I wanted to. But, I like it! Here is a look without the "magic". Isn't it still just heavenly? 
I have been waiting for some time for two very important things for me to feel my space was the way I truly wanted it. The first one you are seeing...Ruffled curtains! Aren't they wonderful?!  I had intended to make ruffled curtains myself but had read from many bloggers, whose style I love, that they used bed skirts, dust ruffles and other things to achieve the same look for pennies on the dollar. Now you're talking my language! So, as suggested by another Blogger friend, I checked out ruffles on Amazon! I'm not kidding! Unbelievably, they knew what we liked! I found these ruffled curtains already made! And, no they did NOT break the bank. But, with the money I saved on my New Desk, the second thing I needed to complete my room, It was a very do-able makeover! And, I am thrilled with the results. I couldn't wait to share with you.
Do you notice how you have never seen a picture of my desk?! Be thankful. An absolutely wonderful man, from long ago, bought it for me, and though his intent was so incredibly wonderful and generous, it was never 'my style'. I never had the heart to tell him. Well, if he's reading this post now n(Thanks, K!), he knows, and I'm actually certain he would be pleased for me.
This is my new desk!
I absolutely love it! Since I work in my bedroom, it was imperative for me to find a nice piece that would match the style of my room and be large enough and very welcoming to come to. I wanted a nice cherry wood to match my bed and I really wanted a front drawer that would drop open for my keyboard and mouse. I have been looking for about two and a half years.  A couple of weeks ago, a quick pop over to my Mum's church for a rummage sale and there it was! 

(These are some adorable little business cards my sister made for me. Thanks, Di!)

I absolutely love it! Did I say that already?! I do. It was exactly what I had wanted and get this, I'm not ashamed to dicker on the price, I walked away with my perfect desk for twenty dollars!
Yes, $20! So, now you see why I could afford to buy the curtains!

  Different view (sorry about the light)
See the drop-down drawer!!
When all is said and done, my room is, now, how I had always pictured it. Can you feel me smiling, because I am? 
Dreamy Image here:
But, quite honestly even without the fun effect, I Love what I ended up with!
Thanks for coming along with me as I navigate through the Blessings and pitfalls of this life. You have all been so wonderfully supportive and kind. I hope you have a space that you have or are working on to call your own and that makes you smile.  Have a wonderful week. 
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09 July 2014

How to Make Your Own Butter - Great Summer Project to Do With Your Kiddos

Good Morning!! Thanks for popping over for a visit.  So, have you ever made your own butter? If not, you are truly missing out and I don't think it could be easier. It's funny, little things can give us such a feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention, that you will shock your friends and family with your amazing talent! (LOL, really it's so easy, you'll be almost embarrassed at all the praise you will get for doing this simple thing)!

04 July 2014

Brownies With Flair!

Happy Fourth of July!! I had hoped to have this recipe up for you all a little earlier... but, life happened, as it tends to do.  So, It's here now, and (I think) a great thing to bring to your Barbeque or Celebration!! I was trying to come up with something rather easy, but more special than just another brownie.  Hence, I now have "Brownies with Flair" to take and share with my friends and family with all its Yumminess for the Summer celebrations going on!! I know the kids will absolutely love it! (If the adults don't eat it first...hehe)
Can anyone tell me, when  Chocolate with some more chocolate, marshmallows, nuts, topped with some more "pretty" chocolate is not a hit?! Well, at least in my family, the answer would be never! 

The very best part of this is how easy and quick it is to make! You probably even have most of these ingredients in your cupboard, already. I love that! If not, easy enough to pick up & fairly inexpensive. I used store brand mini marshmallows, the brownies, well I like Pillsbury! :) The chocolate chips semi-sweet and milk are a great price here @ Trader Joe's and the walnuts were again another store brand. Not too tough, eh?

So, here we go. First, and this is a tricky one, prepare and bake your brownies, according to the directions on the box. I added 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts and substituted applesauce for the oil, but that's pretty much it.  
Then it looks something like this ( I used a 9x13" pan).

 Have your chocolate chips and marshmallows ready, because you are going to need to work quickly once it's baking.  About 3 minutes before it's done, pull your pan out of the oven and scatter 2/3 of a bag of mini marshmallows over the top, then sprinkle with 1/3 cup each of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chips and 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts. You'll  want to do this rather rapidly so you don't lose the internal temperature of your brownies.  Once you have all that evenly scattered over your brownies, pop it back in the oven for 2 mins. max! You don't really want to toast your marshmallows or you will get the crystallized sugar texture, so you're just really melting them. really, and that happens in under 2 minutes!  Pull them out and let them cool for about 5-10 minutes. Now you're ready for the fun part! 

This is what it looks like at this point! Very hard not to just grab a knife and dig in right now!! But, I'm an adult and I can show some restraint.. (So, I just lick my fingers, where the marshmallow and melted chocolate, accidentally got smeared. ;)

Melt about 1/4-1/3 cup of your leftover chocolate chips. Either kind is fine, I used the semi-sweet here.( You can use your microwave here, just be careful not to overcook) Now, when you have them melted add 1/2 teaspoon of canola or other rather tasteless oil to your chocolate. I know it sounds kinda gross, but you will really never taste it and it makes the next step so much easier to work with and gives you such a better appearance. Now, with a good fork, take your bowl of melted chocolate and drizzle your chocolate back and forth over the top of your Brownies. Have fun with it and choose a direction or pattern you want your drizzle to go, until you have used up your melted chocolate. (Just one last note, I usually do this with my pan over a washable surface on a wire rack, for easy cleanup). 

Then, lucky you! You end up with something that looks like this! It wows your family and really is very easy to do!!  Are you spending the day with your Family? I hope so. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July with people you love!

I am blessed with family close by, and some more that will be down for a visit. My house just happens to be 1/3 of a mile away from where they put off our towns fireworks display and my large front covered porch is the best seat in town!! I think, at last count, there will be 8 or 9 of us out there! So, these goodies will come in very handy and I am certain not a crumb will go to waste!

I truly hope you will give this recipe a try, you will be completely surprised at how easy it really is!  Many Blessing to you and yours for a happy and safe Holiday!!

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