11 November 2013

 Good Afternoon, on this the 11th day of November, Veteran's Day.  I'm remembering with Gratitude Our Veterans today.

"I don't know your name~  
Nor for which battle you died. 
I do not know your home, 
Nor the tears that were cried. 

I do not know where you rest~
Nor the promises broken.
 I do not know your uniform
 And your fears lay unspoken.

But, I now your Spirit exists~ 
That your courage is admired,
 And your Sacrifice is honored 
By each soul that's inspired.

And, I offer you from my heart
Thank you, to Guardians unknown
For offering yourselves for us all
That we may keep Freedom...
Our Home." (Source)

There's not much more one can say, other than "Thank You". You're sacrifice did not go in vain. There's no words to express the love and respect I have for you and your families. Be well. God Bless You, though I know, He already has and does. 
~A Grateful American Citizen.

"All gave some, and some gave all..."