28 January 2021

Inspiring Women!

Good morning, friends, and happy last week of January. Can you believe that? One month has already gone by of the new year. We are having a wonderful rainstorm here in Northern California! And I do mean wonderful! No doubt you’ve heard of the fires we’ve had the last several years, and this is a very welcome sight for most Californians, myself included. I am a true lover of fall and winter, with all their cool days, changing leaves, and the beautiful sound of rain and thunder. So it’s especially exciting for me. 

I am always so impressed and inspired by all the beautiful work you guys bring every week to this party. You make me feel lazy! LOL, I am still baking, cooking, and decorating, however, I haven’t been able to find the time to do the pictures necessary to write a post. I will get something up here soon. I promise.
 Meanwhile, let’s look at all the wonderful inspiration you brought to the party last week!

21 January 2021

A New Day & This Week's TFT Party

Well, it is definitely a new day, a new era, even possibly. Regardless of where you stand, one chapter has ended and a new one has just begun and suddenly numerous quotes are popping into my view and speaking to my heart. So, I am CHOOSING to embrace them. It is definitely a choice that one must decide to make. 

"KINDNESS IS RADICAL. Where there is kindness

there is goodness. It is brave and daring, fearless and courageous." On this day,  after inauguration day, I thought this would be a good reminder today. (The last line is from my sister.)

14 January 2021

Finding Some Peace & Inspiration When It's Not Easy

 Good morning, friends. I would love to be all light and fuzzy this morning, but alas, I cannot. Our country is going through so much divisiveness and so many struggles, not just with COVID and the pandemic rules, but with friends and family members with lost jobs, economic struggles for those that, thankfully, prior to this, have not had to experience a grocery line or wait and pray that they can get a food box. Then, there's what's going on in Washington... And, even though, I will not and do not want anyone to get political, here, it is a sad week... month... for American democracy. My prayers go out to all those living in fear when they go to work. I'm praying for our leaders and those in power to make good choices for the greater good of all Americans, And, while, possibly, we might disagree on what that may be, I think we can all agree on peace and kindness. That being said and acknowledged at this specific time in history, I will get on with the party and thank you all for being here and we will put out our positivity, by enabling others to make their corners of the world a little more beautiful, a little more tasty, and possibly even a little more enriched.

So, if you are cold and down and maybe a little overwhelmed pop over to Comfort Spring Station and print out one of Carol's adorable Valentine Gnomes! Carol shared her post"Top Posts of 2020" but I, honestly, could not see past this sweetheart. 

07 January 2021

A Little Potpourri for the New Year (TFT Party)

Welcome to the first real party of 2021! Good morning friends I hope this finds you well and full of more wonderful inspiration to share again this week. I have to say I already miss the Holidays. I think that's a thing, isn't it? The let down after all the wonderfulness(sp.) Either way, we carry on anyway, grateful that we can.  I'm so grateful for all of you, sharing here each week with such beauty and talent.  Thank you for continuing to join us.  Thank you too, Katherine, for bringing me on to co-hostess this beautiful celebration of gifted bloggers.  Have a wonderful week, everyone, and, I hope you enjoy these few features from last week's party as much as I did! 

Rachelle from My Hubbard Home shared her refreshing New-Year’s Day Brunch Tablescape. Isn't it beautiful?! Be sure to check out all her images this is truly just a small sampling!