23 February 2023

Goodbye February…Already!

Welcome back for this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! Can you believe next week is March, already?! Meanwhile, we’re bracing for a big storm the next several days. So many mixed emotions for me. I love rain and winter but I’m also super excited to get back into my garden. Let’s look at what you have been up to from last week’s party.

Jenny from Not Entirely Average’s Extra Tender And Sweet Strawberry Cream Scones With Ricotta recipe is DIVINE!

16 February 2023

Short and Sweet TFT This Week…

Good morning friends and welcome to our mid-February, still winter, but looking ahead to Spring TFT party! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful link ups! I’m afraid I’ve had a very busy week and have had to keep my features a little less than usual but still exciting to see all your continued, inspiring posts! Wonderful weekend wishes where you are, I hope you’re all getting a little warmer day by day. 

Barbara from Mantel and Table shared her recipe for this gorgeous Toasted Sugar Champagne Cake

09 February 2023

I Give up....Happy Valentine's Day Week!

Good morning friends and welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! Well, as the title reads, "I Give Up!" I have decided to embrace all things Valentines because you guys are just too darn creative for me not to! I truly enjoyed all your wonderful links from last week's party. If you missed it, click here to see all the wonderful posts. I'm keeping busy with all my heirloom veggie starts these days and looking forward to Spring more than usual. It's amazing how simple little practices can change your whole perspective.  With that said, I hope you all enjoy a beautiful Valentine's week with those you love around you. Let's look at a few posts that caught my eye last week! 

Wendy from WM Design House shared this beautiful post on How to make a Creative Valentine’s Day Wreath using Tea  Great tutorial! 

02 February 2023

Happy February and Groundhog Day

Good morning and welcome friends!  Well, here we are, February already. And, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so bundle up for six more weeks of winter.   What a weird month February is.  Just 28 days long (but sometimes 29 every four years, which is so random when you think about it) Nonetheless, it’s great to be alive! Grateful for each moment and grateful to have you all here with us for another week of the Thursday Favorite Things party. I’m busy baking and getting everything ready for my Spring garden, there’s actually a lot of work to be done far before planting time, but I’m enjoying and excited about it all! 

Let’s look at a couple post that stuck out to me from last week’s party. 

Thistle Key Lane’s Strawberry Angel Food Delight