Friday, October 12

My Kind of Fall Wreath for under $8

Good Friday afternoon all!!!  Before I share my latest project with you, I have to thank you all so much for your prayers and continued support! Whilst I was away, nursing an ailing back.  You have all been so kind, and it has done my heart and soul good to see how wonderful you all are. So thank you, again!

Okay, now on with the task at hand! And, I'll just be honest with you (as if I could try to be anything else) I hate (okay hate is too strong of a word, greatly dislike with a passion) orange!! Always have. Yellow is a great second runner up for this dislike of mine.  But, I do, However LOVE Fall, in all of its glorious radiance!! Normally this is not a big problem, but when starting to make a fall wreath to share with you all, I found it a little perplexing, but the best thing about sharing your work, is that you can share whatever your heart LOVE’s, and hope that there maybe people out there that feel the same!!! So here I go, again.
Wait, before I go any further, for those of us who are economically challenged,  I did this whole project for under $6.00!!  Woohoo, you just have to love it when you can have something beautiful, that you've wanted and you can make it for so little!!!
Okay, so to start with I picked up this very nice and tightly woven vine wreath @ Michael's on sale and an extra 50% off for 2.99!! It's the 18" one.  The Fall blossoms were all the same discount deal(It was in the ad) Make sure when you are looking at all the different blooms available that you pick one with at least 3-4 branches or stems on it, I have found that the best way to get the bang for your buck! I got the ribbon and floral wire at the Dollar Tree for, come on, you guessed it $1 each. I had the wire cutters and the sign was a cute gift to me from a dear friend, who knows my taste!! So really, I spent 4.99 plus tax!! However, I have seen other little signs like this @ Ross or Marshall's for $2.99-3.99.

So, there you have it!!  Get a wreath to start with.  Pick whatever flowers speak to your heart, cut them into workable pieces.  Use your floral wire to twine them onto your wreath, add any embellishments you like, make a bow and attach it!   And there you go!! What great fun!!  How nice it is to have up!  Celebrating the seasons is always nice.

I’ll probably take the flowers and bow off and change them out for my Christmas Wreath!! How awesome is that? And, Ahemm, thrify!! Then the only the only cost for that will be on some new flowers and maybe some Red Ribbon!!! I hope you all are enjoying a Blessed weekend!!  By the way my, house and the front door are being painted as I type, so as soon as it is completed, I'll come and share a picture with you of the Wreath actually on my front door!! 

Going to party with some of these awesome ladies :

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October 18, 2012

The house is finally done and is wearing her lovely new colors quite well for such an old thing!! 107 years old. I think she's looking pretty nice. Haven't got the front deck, stairs and rails yet, but I promised you an updated picture of this wreath in it's  proper place so here she is!!

I'm quite pleased with it in its new place and the new paint job!!