29 September 2022

Goodbye September, Hello October

Did this month just fly by for you too? Oh my gosh!  Praying for Florida this morning  I pray you are all safe. 

October always screams time to bake and cook to me. The ultimate time for comfort food! You all shared some perfect examples! Happy TFT day! 

Carol from Comfort Spring Station's Roasted Butternut Squash with Onion & Spinach

22 September 2022

Happy Fall/Autumn 2022!

It’s here! It’s, finally, officially Fall! Yippee! Happy Fall 2022, friends. I pray it will be a safe and happy one for you all. I must keep it brief today, my friends, I am in the middle of making 100 plus cupcakes for my church for this Sunday! Just keeps me a wee bit busy. You all brought such wonderful Autumn/Fall creativity to the party, thank you! Enjoy the Season! 
How to Make Simple and Easy Fabric Pumpkins from Wendy @ WM Design House 

15 September 2022

The Countdown to Fall Is On

Are you all ready to welcome Fall? When we meet next week it will be, officially, here! By the sign of your posts, you are readying your homes and tummys for those Fall looks and Flavors! Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you so much for joining us.  Here are just a few of your highlights from last week’s party. Thanks for making this party so inspiring. 

Celebrate with Fall Watercolor Printables from My Wee Abode  

08 September 2022

Bring On Autumn!

My good friend shared this on Facebook yesterday, when we were dying in 114 degree weather.   Melting is an understatement.  2 more weeks by my calendar. Thank goodness!! Okay, mini rant over.  🥰 Welcome friends! Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! I’m so glad you are here.  If you’re in the heat, as well, prayers you have AC!  I couldn’t have been happier to see your Fall/Autumn posts, this week! Here’s a highlight on a few that got me feeling better from last week’s party. 

01 September 2022

Happy September!

 Good morning dear friends and Happy September to you all! 

We are heading into a triple digit heatwave for the next several days, so I’m busy getting my shade cloths up and readying the house to hunker down and wait it out  I don’t like hot. Thank you all for your continued inspiration and kindness and steadfast sources of enjoyment for both the readers and myself. On with this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! 

Heaven on Earth Cake from Spaceships and Lazerbeams