25 March 2013

Confession Time and Truly, So Many Blessings...

Good Morning. I felt a need to write this post as I want you to know I never take your “following”,
” Liking”, or reading along with me for granted,  I am acutely aware that the gaps in my Blog may appear that I do.  You see, the more I meet people in this wonderful Sisterhood of Blogging, the more I realize that there is a reason we are able to blog, write, create…. A lot of us have time that others may not. We have “disabilities” (I prefer to say different abilities) that have kept us out of the “normal” workplace. 
I have been Blessed enough in my life to have experienced a Great Love, immense pain, Great Joy and sadness… I can tell you this, without hesitation, I am grateful for each and every experience!! Without one, I believe, I would not have had the other. This is what I believe.  I have been lifted beyond my circumstances!! I  have been Blessed with an incredible family, Parents that people dream of having, whose love knows no bounds and a faith that holds me steadfast and secure in the Love of Jesus Christ, My Personal Savior.
I refuse to “own” or let these diagnoses define me.  But, they are partially the reason that some months I can post five to six projects and others, I am lucky enough to do and share one.  Most of you have heard, by now, of Fibromyalgia. That is one of the diagnoses that I have been given, along with degeneration of the spine and knees, and an odd non-seizure, seizure disorder. There are several other little diagnoses that accompany these ones.  But, I can also share with you that I have received miraculous healing of some of these, whereas, others seem to remain for now. 

I DO NOT own these… They are a description of physical status and not a definition of who I am.  I do believe that God does not give us more than we can handle. I also know that there is a great deal many that are so much worse off than I, that I have no room for complaining. I have been Blessed!! And I am grateful for my life, just as it is!! Even as I, as you do, always strive to do more.
I hope that you enjoy what I do and what I write. Truly your beautiful comments and shares fill my heart with great Joy!! I do, however, need some breaks from time to time to deal with the physical issues.  I hope you will continue on this journey with me, if not I will be sorry to see you go, but will understand fully…  

This blog has never been about the numbers, for me, and so much more about sharing some fun, wonderful stories or recipes, frugal methods that I think to improve your home and spirit or just make you feel that life is a little prettier because of what you have been able to accomplish with very little cost.  So, I still hope you will take some of my ideas and make them your own!! I am slowly, but surely working on two new projects that I hope to be able to share with you soon.  
It is Monday, the beginning of the week filled with hope and possibilities!!! I do hope you will go out and make it a wonderful one!!  If you are stuck somewhere, where you haven’t been able to experience Spring starting yet, next time your at the grocery store or market, grab some beautiful flowers (Splurge on yourself!!)  Break them up into a few smaller vases and place them throughout your house ( I did this!! Pictures below) and let yourself escape in the wonders of the Spring feel for a little bit.  Blessing to you all for a wonderful week!!

Make sure to have fun with them!!!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ~Philippians 4:13