30 March 2015

My Elegant Little Eggs ~ How to Chalkpaint Plastic Eggs

 Easter will be quickly on us, and to be honest, I'm not a big decorator for this special Holy Day. 
When we had little ones around we would do quite a bit more decorating but as an adult, and a child of God, I really cherish this time with my church and family, being mindful and grateful of what Christ did for us all and celebrate my Salvation, because of it.  He Is Reason, Indeed! Truly, that is the most important thing of all.

 I did, however, have time in the past couple of weeks to fiddle around with something I'm really enjoying.  I have been seeing Easter eggs all over the internet, as I am sure you have made of every possible material and decoration. They truly are extraordinary.  
The one thing I hadn't seen, was any chalk-painted eggs! And, as you may know, I love my chalk paint! Especially, when I can tint it easily for pastels! I also truly wanted to make a frugal option. So, I bought these dollar store plastic eggs to start with!  8 of them for $1.

26 March 2015

What to do Weekends #115


Thanks to all the partygoers!! There are so many many wonderful ideas. Can I tell you it is excruciatingly hard to pick out features for this party because EVERYONE needs to be featured. I know how much thought (and work) goes into each blog post!  We try to pin several links because every link deserves some love. Do you agree? Let's pin together!! Pin the person ahead of you in the party.

Here's what we've been up to:

Theresa's apple and pear crisp that's also gluten-free. Nice.

Linda made a Bunny Basket out of an old pine drawer salvaged from the side of the road.

Follow our social media.. much appreciated.

19 March 2015

What to do Weekends Party #114

Happy Thursday Evening and The LAST NIGHT of winter! Spring arrives tomorrow! That, in itself, is cause for celebration!  But, we want to celebrate even more, by welcoming you back to What to do Weekends
 Thank you all so much for  your Participation! We love seeing what you are all up to and How creative you all are. There is simply nothing more Inspiring! Thank you.
With that said let me get the formalities out of the way! So, what have we been up to last, since we met? Well Linda has been busy!  She had a few wonderful posts this week, you really should check her out, 
Like this one about Fun Things to do With Peeps!
She also shared 15 Easy and Fun DIY Bracelets to Make in an Evening! Again, so stinking cute!!
And, quite honestly, I took the week off! (There, I've said it! I did create this week, just not in time to share it with you all today...so, please keep your eyes opened for a new share from me later today or tomorrow)

12 March 2015

What to do Weekends #113

Happy Thursday Evening and Welcome Back to What to do Weekends! You know you all brought so much talent, this last week, that Linda and I decided we had to do Four Features each instead of our normal Three!! Thanks you all so much for  your Participation! We love seeing what you are all up to and How creative you all are. There is simply nothing more Inspiring! Thank you.
With that said let me get the formalities out of the way!

So, what have we been up to last, since we met? Well Linda has been busy!  She had a few wonderful posts this week, you really should check out,  but we thought we'd share her Beautiful Yellow Tulip Front Door Decor!

And, Theresa, shared a Beautiful Walk in Her Mum's Secret Garden!

A Walk In My Mother's Secret Garden...Promises of Spring

For the past couple of years I have shared with you, on occasion, walks in either Mine or My Mother's Garden. Depending on the time of year I posted these, would determine what I could share with you.  Today, is no different!
I am abundantly Blessed with a lovely home that happens to have around it a beautiful Rose Garden, that includes;  a large Jasmine vine (that's aroma makes you think you have died and gone to heaven),  Beautiful grapes and all the colors that their beautiful leaves provide through the seasons, a few bulbs here and there that display different and beautiful blooms every year!  What could be better? Right?

05 March 2015

What to do Weekends #112

Happy Thursday evening, only 2 more parties before the official start of Spring! Can you believe it? And, mustn't forget to Spring forward this weekend.   Welcome back, all, to What to do Weekends!  What have we been up to last, since we met? Well Linda has been busy!  She shared how she made a Beautiful Paper Flower Wall Art for Under $5!
Theresa shared her recipe for some yummy Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Muffins!
We have prided ourselves on being a "no rules" type of party, and that will not change. However, we do have a couple of guidelines we would ask that you consider. Please don't link up the exact same post 2 weeks in a row, we'd love it if you would like to share some of your last year's Spring posts, too!  Please, do have a look at Linda's & Theresa's blog style (or niche, so-to-speak) and link appropriate and like-minded crafts, recipes, projects and Inspirations! 
Thank you all for your continued participation!
We sure are enjoying all that you are sharing with us!

04 March 2015

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Muffins-Springtime in a Muffin!

It seems that as we draw closer to the end of February the pull towards all things Spring is inevitable.  We've bundled up and enjoyed our Autumn breezes,  we've celebrated with our family and loved ones for the holidays, looked, longingly, at our fireplaces and snuggled with a good book or old movie, now we look to the promise of Spring.

Spring begins in just a few weeks.  Yep, March 20th, by my calendar, here, in the United States. Unfortunately, I do realize that many of you on the East Coast and in other parts of the world are still looking at lots of cold days to come this year.  Whilst others are in the 90's. Goodness!

No matter, I have the perfect, refreshing, welcoming Spring, cheer up your Winter, or refresh your Summer recipe right here!   I have seen versions of this recipe in Allrecipes, Bon Appetit and other periodicals. The funny thing is, everyone had their own tips, twist and tricks to it, so it never reads exactly the same. I, actually, really love that.
I am no exception.  I made changes to it, as well.  

I think you will find this one of those recipes that you will make over and over again and your family will be asking you for your recipe or to make them some! (At Least, that's what happened to me! More so, too, I think, than anything else I've made) I can't argue with them, because I just LOVE them, too! It seems I'm making them at least every  couple times a week. Okay enough prelude, here it is….. This is that recipe, “The Fresh Squeezed Orange Muffin” (Isn't it beautiful?!)

It actually tastes even better than it looks! Okay, so you ask, what's the recipe?! I'm going to give you my version and suggest some of the options others have used. It's all about making it your own and using what's available to you. They still will turn out phenomenal, even with alterations!

This recipe will make you one wonderful pan  of 12.  I can almost guarantee you will be making them again, and probably very soon after your first batch. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Make sure you give them some good pokes! You sure want to make sure they soak up all the fresh juice glaze you can get into them!

Then, just look at what you end up with!! Don't worry, no way these will be around long enough for you to be concerned that there is just too many for you! I really should be calling these “Vanishing Muffins of Sunshine”!

This is what Your Orange Juice, pulp and zest should look like for your glaze. In no way thin or see through. No straining out the best ingredients of all!

You have all been wonderfully patient with me, and I appreciate it,  here's the recipe.  I, do hope you enjoy them.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Muffins
What you will need:
Dry Ingredients:
2 cups All-purpose flour
1 cup sugar  (save 1/3 cup aside for your glaze)
1-1/2 Tbsp Baking Powder
1/3 tsp salt
Wet Ingredients:
1 cube or 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted (others use oil, I prefer butter)

Now here is where you have some choices

My favorite & what I use, now, is:
1 container of honey or blood orange yogurt
2 Tbsp of sour cream.
(others have used 1 full cup of sour cream or 1 full cup of Greek yogurt plain)
The first time I made it, I didn't have any of the above ingredients and I used 2 Tbsp of cream cheese, filling the rest of the cup with buttermilk, It was wonderful!)
1-1/2 Large eggs, (if you've never done this, simply whisk you first egg and add it to wet mixture, do the same with the 2nd, only pour half of it out and use the rest, 2 really is too much and I didn't find 1 to be enough!
2 oranges, juice, pulp and zest, added to the wet mixture

Preheat your oven to 400F.
Combine dry ingredients and use a whisk to combine and aerate the flour mixture.
Set aside.
Combine your Orange juice, pulp and zest, with your melted (and cooled)butter, eggs, with yogurt and sour cream preference.  
Pour over your dry ingredients and, with a spatula,  fold together until just combined. do not overwork your muffin batter.
Butter or line your 12 muffin tins and divide the dough into all 12 tins. Don't worry they grow.
Bake @ 400 until toothpick comes out clean, approximately 13-16 minutes. depending on your oven.
Remove and place tin on wire rack and lay a warm, clean towel over them for 5-10 mins. (the towel prevents any cave ins!)
While your muffins are cooling, some, you're ready to make your glaze!
In a saucepan, combine the juice, pulp and zest from 2 oranges, med sized or 2 tangerines if you like.
Add your remaining 1/3 cup granulated sugar, and,  
2/3 cup of powdered sugar on medium heat until you get a nice glaze consistency, about 5-7 minutes on medium heat.
Set aside, briefly.
Now, with a toothpick, poke the tops of your warm muffins about 4-5 times each and then spoon your orange glaze over them. The little holes will allow some of the yummy goodness to soak into the muffin.
Cool and Enjoy! If you can't wait for them to completely cool, just enjoy!

Recipe adaptation  by Theresa L. Begin

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