29 August 2013

Beauty & Blessings!

Good Morning!  I’m still alive. Sorry, I have been away too long, I know. I owe you all an apology. Unfortunately, Health and Housing concerns have taken my days and nights lately, without consulting me first.  Thankfully, I can tell you that they have gone by the way side now! Ha! What a wonderful thing to report.

I thank you all for sticking in here with me as I navigate through this fickle thing we called life, here on earth. Before I say any more I want to share some Beauty with you!! Then I’ll tell you how I came upon these miraculous wonders of God's perfectly awesome artistry. 

If there ever was a Vintage, Romantic,  French Country,  Shabby-Chic, Unbelievably Lacey Rose this is it!

 Do you need to see it bigger, too?!  Here:

I know, I know!! Want a different view? Okay, let's just say I'm obsessed with this Rose! But, truly, there is a good reason!

** (Brief disclosure, I am sharing with you here my life, beliefs and practices. They are not up for debate. If what I have to share is objectionable to you, you do not have to read anymore. I do not wish to debate any of my life, faith or choices through negative comments. That felt yucky!! But, I believe, based on past experience, this was necessary this time)

So,  today,  I want to tell you how it is that I came upon these Beautiful Roses. I was going to say,….“this is kind of personal“  but then again, when am I not kind of personal?!  Last Sunday, I was re-Baptized!  Prior to this day, I was born, Baptized and raised Catholic by my parents, whom I am forever Grateful, Blessed, and Indebted to.

As an adult, however, I became a Christian, or better description a non-catholic, Christian, who chooses to try and walk every day with Jesus Christ, my Personal Savior.  I was “reborn” with Christ about 10 years ago, but never felt the need to be immersed in water to prove that. I was baptized as an infant after all.  Then the TV mini-series “The Bible” came on in this past year. I often pray on matters, in the way of “what would Jesus do?’  So when the actor playing our Christ, Lord walked up to John, as a grown man and said, ”Baptize Me John” I knew, know what Jesus did. It has been on my heart since that night to be Baptized (Complete immersion in water, as Christ did)

So, last Sunday, I , along with 8 or 10 others from my church was immersed in water and Baptized!  Five of my Beautiful friends, and my Pastor(whom I love!!) all had their hands on me as I went down into the water and rose cleansed. It was one of, if not the, most incredible moment of my life!

When I left, I felt as if I was walking in the clouds. I went to a local market to pick up some roses. Some to make into a “welcome home” bouquet for my parents and some to bring home. As I was in the store, I spotted these roses  along with many other beauties. I looked @ each bunch quite extensively. I picked up and put back these roses at least three times. Until, I finally decided they were the Best! Flowers,  or roses, always look so different under the lighting of the store, you have to be sure. Content with my purchase, I headed to my parents home to air out the house and make their bouquet. As I took the scissors to cut the plastic sleeve, I saw it for the first time, they were called “Faith"!

They are perfection and a wonderful memory of my Baptismal Day. I hope you have something that brings you as much Joy as these have brought me!!

This is them today! They get more beautiful each day!!

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~Monday, September, 9th, 2013.  **Update: 

Hi, Just wanted to pop back in today and show you that these lovely Roses stayed nice enough to enjoy them on the Tablescape for my Mum's Birthday!! Now they've been a full circle, blessing to all!!

One More Update on this wonderful adventure of mine!! This Blog post has now been shared and Featured in Ruby For Women's Spring Edition Magazine!! Very Exciting! You can view it here, if you like. Just click on the magazine cover below. :) 

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