30 April 2020

Goodbye April, Hello May!

Welcome friends! Can you believe April is over already? That went by faster than I expected. I pray you all are happy, safe, and well. I'm so happy to be here, inspired by all your wonderful offerings! I didn’t really have a theme to the features this week, I just went around and grabbed the ones that caught my eye! My apologies for my tardiness with last week’s features. I'm doing much better this week. If you linked up last week before I had your features up, please take a minute and pop BACK over to see if you were one of the ones I featured. 
Okay, ready? Let’s party. We all deserve a little fun and normalcy, don’t you think?
Linda from Mason Jar Crafts Rae Dunn-Inspired Mason Jar Utensil Holders is a fairly easy, but beautiful addition to any one's dining room or kitchen!

23 April 2020

Mamma NEVER Said There'd Be Days Like This!

As I'm starting this post on Wednesday night at 12:56 am, okay, so technically, Thursday morning. That song is going through my head! You know it! The song from The Shirelle's Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This, well, I was just thinking of that when I realized it was Wednesday not Tuesday!! My Mother never warned me about days like this!! Ha! Her days are getting mixed up too!
(eggeeggjiew/Getty Images)
(This is SO me right now, only she is much neater!)

16 April 2020

Sewing Face Masks, Baking A Lot and The TFT Party!

Welcome friends. Thank you for joining me. I hope you all found a way to truly enjoy your Easter!
Well, another week inside. But, I’ve been, surprisingly busy! I’ve been sewing face masks, as I’m sure many of you have (many done, many more to go), baking, even more than usual, and praying, a lot.  That’s good, though! The more I bake for our needs, the less we need to go out! (silver linings, here, people)  Although, I am running lower than I like on flour and my understanding is there’s not much of it in our stores. I still have my mother's cupboard to shop in! :) How are you all?  Are you doing okay with the SIP?
Here's a bit of my work for the week, now, I'm anxious to see yours!

09 April 2020

Happy Easter From Home (And, This Week's TFT)

Happy Easter week, friends. Regardless of what's going on outside our doors, the fact remains that Sunday is Easter. For me, personally, this is one of the greatest days of gratitude for my faith. For this very Sunday, we can exclaim, "Christ Is Risen, Indeed!" No virus, quarantine, or anything else can possibly change God's gift to us on this day. I pray you all are safe and sound in your homes with your loved ones and able to find some way to celebrate this day. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just sincere. 
Not preaching, just teaching. Sharing my truths.

03 April 2020

Time To Shop In Our Pantries! Raw Apple Cake Recipe

Hi friends and welcome! 
It's a very different world we are living in than ever before, isn't it? Thankfully, and hopefully, it won't be forever.
Well, have you done your Spring cleaning?  Maybe even twice?  I think that we have all done more around our house this Spring and then ever before. Spring cleaning can get a little dull and, for me personally, even run out! So what's next?  Well, since you're home anyway, why not try your hand at cooking and baking. I mean, you do have the time like never before.  And, there's actually a truly practical reason to learn now! If you're heeding the advice of our officials, you are staying home, as am I. 

02 April 2020

Welcoming April

Hello friends, I'm so glad you are here.  Happy April to you all!
I, much like you, am doing the best I can to make the best of this time at home. I pray that you all are well and finding the silver linings in these 'very different' times. Be well. Keep up all the beautiful inspiration.
Let's take a look at some of the beauty and inspiration you shared at last week's party.
One of my wonderful co-hostesses, Amber, from Follow the Yellow Brick Home, shared her sweet post Simply Sweet Violets