25 February 2013

What Have I Been Up To?!

Good Afternoon, Friends!! I hope this finds you all well and enjoying a beautiful day wherever you may be!! Okay, so you know how I said I was off to do some painting? If you follow me on facebook you would have read that little tidbit about where I have been.  Anyhow... as it turns out, I'm not...painting, quite yet. I purchased a beautiful 4 poster bed from the Goodwill for 59.99!! 
It's perfect, don't ya think?

I was so excited about my good fortune, I could see it all done, with a shabby chic, french finish..but alas, It was a custom made size, that is either 3 inches to small or 20 inches bigger than any mattress. Don't know what they used in it, but it had to go back. New bed is being delivered on Thursday, so I am scouring the thrift stores for a new headboard/footboard/siderail set for it. Whewwww!!   Wish me luck!

Here's something to make you smile. They sure made me smile!! Beautiful old-fashioned  vintage roses from a very dear friend!! Thanks, K.G. !

I pray you are all having a lovely day and week!! I'll Be back soon to show you what the next step in this bedroom updo is!! 


Cheers for now!!

Covered in Grace
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05 February 2013

Something We All Can Do For <$2-3!!

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week !! I wanted to share this very easy and almost free project that I just finished because I don't know anybody who doesn't have most of what it takes to do this!