Monday, February 25

What Have I Been Up To?!

Good Afternoon, Friends!! I hope this finds you all well and enjoying a beautiful day wherever you may be!! Okay, so you know how I said I was off to do some painting? If you follow me on facebook you would have read that little tidbit about where I have been.  Anyhow... as it turns out, I'm not...painting, quite yet. I purchased a beautiful 4 poster bed from the Goodwill for 59.99!! 
It's perfect, don't ya think?

I was so excited about my good fortune, I could see it all done, with a shabby chic, french finish..but alas, It was a custom made size, that is either 3 inches to small or 20 inches bigger than any mattress. Don't know what they used in it, but it had to go back. New bed is being delivered on Thursday, so I am scouring the thrift stores for a new headboard/footboard/siderail set for it. Whewwww!!   Wish me luck!

Here's something to make you smile. They sure made me smile!! Beautiful old-fashioned  vintage roses from a very dear friend!! Thanks, K.G. !

I pray you are all having a lovely day and week!! I'll Be back soon to show you what the next step in this bedroom updo is!! 


Cheers for now!!

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Tuesday, February 5

Something We All Can Do For <$2-3!!

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week !! I wanted to share this very easy and almost free project that I just finished, because I don't know anybody who doesn't have most of what it takes to do this!

So, you know that stack of cards you have, you know the ones, the ones that are just too beautiful to throw away?!!

  Now I know this isn't just me, maybe you have them in a drawer or if you're really organized you have them in a cubby or tray in your craft central organizer. But, I know you have them! They are either too special, or too beautiful to simply discard. I know, I have them, too! 
 So, now that we have agreed that we all have these, let's get onto the next thing we all have.  You know how when the first babies in the family were born, whether they were your children or your sisters, or even a cousins??? We all received annual  pics of them as they were growing up and so,  we bought frames (alot of frames) so we could proudly display them on "the picture wall".  Now , no offense to anyone still has "the picture wall", 

 but most people after a few years of changing out the picture to most current one or...maybe,  after the "new baby" has graduated and started their own  family ...we finally took down all those pics and  have replaced those multiple frames to  maybe one  nice tabletop family picture.  Now, possibly, I had more nieces and nephews than most but I ended up with a box o' frames.
 I have moved this box of frames (with the 6-12 years of pictures in each)  over the years, about 3 times that I can remember, and after the 2nd move they never went back up (none of photos were current  for years). Whewww... I know this seems alot to say about a simple project  but we all have this stuff!!!!

So, all I am saying is you can do this, with what you,  have around your house, the total cost??  NOTHING!!!  But a little time!!  Yay!! Don't we all love this price?  Okay, (to be completely honest) I did buy one roll of 1-1/2 white ribbon from "the local Dollartree"So I guess  does officially make this project's cost $1.08!  
 Now you are ready to get started!! Take the card you love so much, mine is "The First Kiss" and I really do love it, Mat it. (you know with 1 of the Mat's in those  frames that you have will work.) Just fix into place with regular tape.  Now pick one of your frames out.  Choose one that has some detailing to it, so that when you paint it and distress it, it will  actually  look like you just created a "new" antique!!   ** Little trick here (A very nice lady, at a local framing shop, told me not to use staples  or small nails to hold it all in place, she actually told me to use a good quality, wide painter's tape as it keeps the moisture out and protects the contents longer)   Who knew?! Makes my job easier, doing the happy dance...Oh, ahemm, sorry about that, kinda got carried away.

When your paint is dry you can simply use some sandpaper to the areas that would have received the most ware over the years;  corners, detailed ridges, raised design.  If the frame you picked is a very blonde wood, there is another good trick: after you have sanded it the way you like, you can take a carpenter's pencil, or a good old #2 if that is what you have, and carefully go over the areas you sanded the paint off  and go over the lighter wood or material with the lead.   Paint on a clear coat to seal  and it won't smudge. Easy peasy, right?  

Now it's just a matter of putting it all together!!  Attach your satin ribbon allowing yourself enough to tie a bow at the top, don't be afraid that your ribbon will not hold up your fame,  that is actually an illusion. The frame is held up by it's regular hanger on the back, so all you need to be concerned with is tying a bow you like. Once you have done that, you simply place a tack, or small nail to hook it up  above your hanging picture.(About 5 inches)And, Voila!! you have just created something beautiful, that you have loved enough to hold on to for years and made into a beautiful "new" antique, to be enjoyed... 

Display it proudly in your home. Mine is in my bedroom, so I can enjoy it while I'm laying down for or reading during my  "Me time".  This was so fun and fairly easy to do!! I  truly hope  that you will give it  a try with your the treasures that you have kept..

Blessings to you all!!


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