23 February 2018

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Muffins-Springtime in a Muffin!

It seems that as we draw closer to the end of February the pull towards all things Spring is inevitable.  We've bundled up and enjoyed our Autumn breezes,  we've celebrated with our family and loved ones for the holidays, looked, longingly, at our fireplaces, and snuggled with a good book or old movie, now we look to the promise of Spring.

Spring begins in just a few weeks.  Yep, March 20th, by my calendar, here, in the United States. Unfortunately, I do realize that many of you on the East Coast and in other parts of the world are still looking at lots of cold days to come this year.  Whilst others are in the 90's. Goodness!

No matter, I have the perfect, refreshing, welcoming Spring, cheer up your Winter, or refresh your Summer recipe right here!   I have seen versions of this recipe in Allrecipes, Bon Appetit and other periodicals. The funny thing is, everyone had their own tips, twist and tricks to it, so it never reads exactly the same. I, actually, really love that.
I am no exception.  I made changes to it, as well.  

22 February 2018

Spring Is In the Air on this Thursday Favorite Things

Hello Sweet friends. One thing is for certain, Spring is in the air. Even if it is still a month away, it seems to be popping up all around from the daffodils and hyacinth in my mother's yard to our wonderful TFT party. There is no shortage of creativity and beauty. With the flu season as serious as it has been this year, and no, my family was not immune, I was happy to see this recipe for Elderberry syrup in the party. Such a great way to combat it. I believe one of my co-hostesses, Nina from Vintage Mama's Cottage wrote about it, as well,  here.
Okay, off to check out all your beautiful links. Thanks so much for joining me.

15 February 2018

Pretty In Pink Inspirations and This Week's TFT

I just love the gentle softness of all the beautiful hues of pink.  There's something very "Spring-y" about it, isn't there?! It seems that as we get closer to the end of February the pull towards all things Spring is inevitable.
We've enjoyed our Autumn breezes,  we've celebrated with our family and loved ones for the holidays, bundled up, burnt our fires and now we look to the promise of Spring.

08 February 2018

DIY Valentine's For Everyone and TFT

Hey friends, in case you weren't already aware, Valentine's Day is just six short days away! Not to worry, we've got you covered with every kind of DIY Valentine there is from Thursday Favorite Things! Check out these awesome options from last week's TFT party. Truly, this was your one-stop shop for "How-To" cover everyone on your list.

04 February 2018

February's Ruby Magazine is Out!!

So excited to be part of this wonderful ministry! The latest issue of our online Christian women’s magazine is up and full of Inspiration! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Sorry, I'm a little late this month.  Please click on the Ruby for Women tab above to read more Issues or to connect directly with the Ruby blog.

01 February 2018

Thursdays Favorite Things (My First One As a Co-Host)

Good Morning, Friends! Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things (aka TFT)! I am so excited to be joining Katherine from Katherines Corner and a Wonderful Group of Blogging Women as a co-hostess for this fantastic weekly blog party! I'm so glad you are here with me, Welcome! 
Everything's coming up roses, or at least flowers and fruit!  After a week of rain and onto a cool week here in Northern California, this is about the time of year that I start buying more and more flowers to bring the promise of Spring into my home. My Features for this, my first week with TFT, seemed to be doing the same!