21 February 2019

Mixing It Up at This Week's TFT Party!

Hi, friends Welcome back! Boy, the weather has been all over the place around here! Historic snow, to open your windows, a taste of Spring, and back to close everything up because the rain and thunder and lightning storm has begun!! I LOVE every single minute of it. You may, or may not, remember, but I do a lot of countdowns to Fall/Autumn and Christmas. I just love the cooler, cozier months, curled up inside with a good book, project or recipe! I love it! It may just be because I live in Northern California, I truly do sympathize with all my dear friends in the Midwest and on the Eastern Coast that have had severe Winters, I hope you are finding cozy ways to enjoy your Winter, and I'm sure if I was you, I'd be anxiously awaiting Spring and Summer. :) 

On with this week's Features! By the way, if you missed last week's Features, I did a separate post of them to make up for my being, ahem, a little behind. See if you were one of them here, Thursdays Favorite Things...The Features

Laura from Decore to Ador's A Little House on the Prairie Birthday party was beyond belief. I'm just in awe. Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder!!

19 February 2019

Easy Monkey Bread With Brown Sugar Sauce - (made with store-bought biscuit dough)

Good morning, friends.  It's a nice, chilly morning and what better thing to do on a chilly day than bake something yummy to share.  I shared a picture of what I was baking the other morning on Facebook and Instagram, just because I love it when something I enjoy so much turns out so pretty and tastes so yummy. I must say I was surprised at the response. I guess this recipe isn't a given for a lot of people.
It isn't much work, really. My family has made some version of his over the years, I have, just recently, realized that there is one specific way I enjoy making it at my house, that I guess is a little unique. It couldn't be better for these cold winter mornings.

16 February 2019

Thursdays Favorite Things..The Features, As Promised and They Are Beautiful

Dear friends, it seems I am always a ' dollar short and a day late' lately! Please bear with me. I haven't forgotten about you or all the talent you share with me last week. I'm needing to proudly wear my "BPGIFWMY" my church's acronym for "Be Patient God Isn't Finished With Me Yet." Okay, enough talk from me. If you have linked up this week yet, please Click Here to add your link to this week's current party. You still have all day today!  If you are Featured below, congratulations! Thank you so much for joining and sharing with us!
The Features

14 February 2019

I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late! Happy Valentine's Day! (TFT Party!)

Hi friends, so sorry!  Can you believe I was on the wrong day, all day yesterday and today, so far! My sincerest apologies! I'm going to get your link up and get back to you this afternoon with your beautiful features! Please check back! I have been pinning your wonderful posts all week!! 
Wishing you all a beautiful valentine's day.

If you are looking for the Features please click on the link HERE

07 February 2019

A Little Bit of This and Whole Lot That (TFT Party)

Good morning and welcome to this week's TFT party!  no theme this week, just a lot of talent and beautiful Features to share with you. There were so many, I scarcely knew where to begin! It warmed up a bit today here, after a record-breaking, once in 11 years, snow!!  that got me in the Spring mode and I baked up a batch of my Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Muffins-Springtime in a Muffin! If you're needed a little taste of Spring you may want to pop over and get a taste of these.
I think Pam from Everyday Living is feeling the pull for Spring as well with her absolutely beautiful Toile Pink & Roses pst. POP over, she has so much more beauty to see, it was difficult to pick just one image to share with you!

06 February 2019

Ruby Magazine for February ~ Special Valentine's Day Edition

Hi, friends welcome back. I'm super excited to get to share this month's special issue of the Ruby Magazine. It's not as easy as we would like to pick up a magazine or turn on the television and see only that which seeks to inspire and encourage us. Ruby does just that. That's why I am so happy to have a small part in this wonderful ministry.
RUBY magazine has been publishing for 10 years, and every year God brings new writers and old friends to share in this ministry. God is using YOU to be a blessing to women around the world! 
This month's issue is also available in Print! Just click the link on my sidebar!