20 August 2014

All Because 2 People Fell In Love ~

This is In Honor of My Parent's 57th Wedding Anniversary!
Two More Loving People you will never meet.
Congratulations Mom and Dad! I hope you enjoy this! We sure enjoy you!

All Because Two People Fell In Love!

        Did you ever Imagine this?!!

Yes, It keeps going!


And, then
 Mustn't forget 

And, I'm certain not last and that I've probably missed someone, so not least!

We Love You So Much! Thank you for being you!
God Blessed You and Continues to Bless us all with your Love.

~Theresa (with the consent of my sisters, Ha!)

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08 August 2014

The Perfect Gluten Free Apple Pear Crisp

Welcome!! If you are new here, you already know how much I love to Bake.  And, usually, I love to bake the good old fashioned way with lots of flour, sugar, nuts and butter! Who doesn't?! Recently, I  have noticed that a few of my wonderful friends are completely gluten-free... One, by choice, but the other two have to be based on health issues. This presented a challenge to me because let's face it,  I have to be able to share my cooking with my friends and family! Yes, I've said it! There is absolutely NO joy, for me,  in baking my wonderful yummy recipes if I can't share it with the people I Love.
So on that note, I took it to task to come up with a great recipe to make/bake for my gluten- intolerant friends!  I looked over A LOT of Gluten-free recipes, to see how they were replacing flour, mostly.  There is actually quite a bit of information out there! But, I didn't find a recipe that I was super-excited to try. With it being summer and the wealth of fresh fruits available, I wanted to make something that would celebrate that...  I love Apple Crisp! My family has made it since I was a child. We had a Golden Delicious apple tree in our yard and made all things apple from it, every summer. But, the one thing that every person in my family still makes is a good crisp.  So I got my inspiration from there!