25 April 2019

Embracing All Spring's Offerings! (Last TFT Party of April!)

I hope you all are getting some actual Spring weather! It has been rather wacky weather here! Rain..to needing a sweater for Easter Sunday...to, if you can believe it, 94 degrees on Tuesday!! I'm praying for some pleasant '70s! I've been busy doing decorations for my church and spring cleaning, but I love them both so you will get no complaints from me.  you all shared so much beauty last week, I just loved it all! Please know that my "Features" are just a sampling of all your wonderful link ups. If I really featured all those deserving, I'd have very little time for anything else. With that said, here are this week's features. Thank you for joining me here.

Jamie from So Much Better With Age's Canadian Spring Kitchen and Dining Room Tour is simply delightful. I just love her decor and her florals are to die for! This is just one little image, she has so much more! 

18 April 2019

Happy Easter at the Thursday Favorite Things Party - He IS Risen Indeed!

Well, friends, Easter is just a few short days away and Spring has finally arrived. This is the first week that I don 't see rain anywhere in our next week forecast and it feels like Spring. Upper 70's yesterday, I was able to have all the windows open and give the house a real nice airing out, that you can only do at this time of year. I sincerely hope that you are all Blessed by the message of the Easter celebrations with the truest remembrance of what Christ did for us. He Is Risen! Such a powerful statement, and thankfully, and ultimately signifying our own personal salvation. Happy Easter, indeed!
On with your Features...
Pam from Everyday Living reminds us why we celebrate and just how truly important Easter is to all of us, not because of what we do, but because of what He did for us with her beautiful post: "Cherry Blossoms & New Life

11 April 2019

Spring's Beauty Is Everywhere ~ Thursday Favorite Things Party

The rains have finally stopped, at least for now, and Sring is evident everywhere I look.  That beautiful scent from the blossoms of cherry trees and my very own star jasmine is simply intoxicating. As much as I love the winter and the rain, there is something very magical about this time of year. A time for rebirth.  Birds chirping everywhere, life is good, as my father would say. Welcome back to our Thursday Favorite Things party! If you are new, here, come on in and enjoy the glorious inspiration and creativity. Onto your features from last week's party!
Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate shows us How to make this beautiful Jaw-Dropping Floral Swag Chloe did a really great tutorial too! So you could make one just as beautiful!

04 April 2019

MORE Spring and Easter Decor! (This Week's TFT Party)

Thank you for joining me this week friends, I'm afraid I'm running a little behind, so I am going to keep my intro short and sweet.  I LOVE everything you all are sharing. SO much wonderful inspiration, you truly make it impossible for me to choose.  This week I got back to writing and blogging with A Very Different Spring... (And, Why I Haven't Written) I'd love it if you'd give it a look.
Because you all should be featured, let's just say these are a Gorgeous representation of all your talent! Enjoy and pop back and look over some of last week's incredible offerings!
Paula at Sweet Pea's DIY Spring Embroidery Hoop Wreath 

03 April 2019

A Very Different Spring... (And, Why I Haven't Written)

For many years now, I have shared with you the promise and hope of Spring by taking you on a walk in with me, either my mother's garden or my own, like "A Walk In My Mother's Secret Garden...Promises of Spring". It's just breathtaking and has always been something I love to share with you. 

Friends, this year is very different around my Mum's house and in my life, for that matter.
If you have noticed that I haven't been writing new pieces very often or sharing many new projects, lately... firstly, thank you for following along with me anyway, and secondly, there is a huge reason why and I hadn't been ready to write until now.
(My Mum's beautiful crabapple tree, between showers)