17 June 2021

Whoops! I'm Running Late...Happy Summer~💛

 Friends, please forgive me! I'm running behind! Yesterday was 93+ degrees and I think it zonked my brain. I will get back with your features, I promise, but for now, please link up for this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! Summer may be three days away but you sure couldn't tell here. Since it is so close,  Happy Summer!

I must admit I'm awfully excited for Farmer's market again!

10 June 2021

Time To Dine Outside!

Welcome friends. It is that wonderful time of year where we can once again enjoy our yards and all the beauty they have to offer. So I chose a couple of features from last weeks party that embraced the outside and the beauty that is easily added if you have the right pieces on hand. Yet, we need not be so elaborate to enjoy eating out! A beautiful floral tablecloth and some blooms from your garden will suffice. 
Although, Lori from Dining Delight’s gorgeous and inviting Lilacs and Butterflies Tea Party for Two is awfully tempting.  

03 June 2021

Happy June!

Happy Thursday and Happy June, my friends! a brand new month in front of us, I hope you all are well and enjoying the "unofficial" start to Summer. I'm dreading the heat but excited for all else the Summer has to offer. It appears you are all preparing your home and your kitchens, too. Thank you all for joining us here.  Let's see some of the highlights from last week! 

Claire Justine's Lemon Elderflower Cheesecake looked absolutely heavenly. 

27 May 2021

May's Last Hurrah!

Mason Jar Crafts, gorgeous Citrus Tablescapes, Yummy Blueberry Recipes... what’s not to love about this week’s TFT party?! Absolutely nothing! I love them all!  Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Thing party. I’m so glad you are here. Can you believe there are only 4 days left 'til June? Only 24 until Summer! Eeks! I know some of you are counting the days, I, myself, am trying to hold onto every last day of Spring, before those really hot Summer days arrive. Oh well, maybe this Summer will surprise me! Happy Spring, friends. :) Here we go!

Did you see Barbara from Mantel and Tables post How To Set a Spectacular Citrus Table?? So absolutely gorgeous! 

20 May 2021

Springing into Summer! (This Week’s TFT Party)

Good morning and Happy Thursday! I am so happy you are here! What a great day for Thursday Favorite Things, right? 

This week I'm actually sharing a new post with you, too!! Yes, it's true! LOL, It has taken me a while, but you have all inspired me so much! If you have a chance check out my recipe share with you for some yummy Depression Era Potato Rolls. They are divine. Now, on to your wonderful Features from last week's party. If you missed it, be sure and click Here to see all the beauty shared.

Organized Island shared this Festive charcuterie Salami Roses

19 May 2021

Delicious Depression-Era Potato Rolls

 If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love to bake. The problem is...I've been so busy baking and sharing, I keep forgetting to take photos to share all the yumminess with you all! It may only matter to me and a few others, but I  simply will not post a recipe if I can not show you the steps.  Because I firmly believe,  more often than not, the "How" of a recipe is just as important, if not more, than the "What" to baking.   I think I have baked more in the last year than ever before. I’m so grateful that I have this particular gift, it has made me happy and feel useful in a time where that isn't always easy to do.  That brings me to the recipe I am sharing with you today. It's a wonderful old, and I do mean old, 1930, to be exact, depression-era recipe for Potato Rolls or Buns whichever your preference.

13 May 2021

Our Favorite Things This May!

Hello friends. Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things! I'm so grateful you are here. Gosh, you all are booking right along with so much creativity and inspiration. I really can't get over it.  If I had the time, you would all be featured! It's like splitting hairs for me to try and pick just a few of your posts to highlight but I did my best. Thank you all for each and every one of your comments.  Please know I appreciate and read every single one with joy in my heart, even if I can't respond at the time.  Thank you! With that, we're off to a new week and another party. Enjoy. 

Kicking it off, is Niky from The House on Silverado's Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign

06 May 2021

National day of Prayer, May Love & the TFT Party

Welcome friends! I hope "merry is the month of May" is true for you, and continues to exceed your expectations!  Today is the National Day of Prayer. I'm praying for us all.  I hope you will too. 
Does anyone else find it odd that in the Winter months we turn our heater up all the time and, yet, in the Summer months we keep the house open at night to try and get the temperature down to at least 10 degrees cooler than what we just liked a couple months before??
C'est la vie!
Enjoy the party!
Here are some highlights from last week's party!
Jenna from The Painted Apron Spring Blooms in the Dining Room

29 April 2021

Goodbye April....Hello May, Already!

Goodbye April....Hello May, Already! Seriously, this Saturday is May! Did you all see that coming?! Did it sneak up on you Or is that just me? Welcome, friends. I hope you are all safe and well. Thank you so much for joining and sharing with me each week. Baking and creating away, here, too! Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I am now fully Vaccinated! Pheww! Wonderful weekend wishes to each and every one of you! Here are your features from last week's party!

Claire Justine's Strawberry Prosecco Jam

22 April 2021

Thursday's Favorite Things Spring Edition

Good morning, sweet friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I know some of you are still living with rain and cool temps, can I just say I'm jealous.  I guess you always want what you don't have. 80's here several days in the past week and I'm not ready! Although, I must admit I do love the roses in bloom and seeing the dormant garden come to life once again. 

This time of year is always a mixed blessing for me, being a fall/winter enthusiast.  You all are surely sharing the beauty of the Season and I'm grateful for you.  Happy TFT party time! Time for a new week and new inspirations. First, here are a few of your beautiful shares from last week's party.  

Gingham and Buffalo Check Home Decor from Calypso in the Country feels so inviting! 

15 April 2021

Thursday's Favorite Things

Hello friends. Good morning and Welcome to this week's Thursday's Favorite Things party! I'm so glad you are here, sharing all your recipes and creations with me and our group of fabulous Bloggers. I hope are all having a wonderful and safe week.  Here are some highlights of your beautiful posts from last week's party!

Penny from Penny's Vintage Home created this  DIY Snowball & Lemon Spring Wreath This is absolutely beautiful. I love the additions she made, especially the use of Lemons! Hmmm. I have a Lemon Tree...

08 April 2021

Spring Inspiration All Around!

Hello and welcome dear friends. Signs of Spring are absolutely everywhere. Chilly, but the colors are all around, thanks to so warmer afternoons everything is in bloom here. I'm still hunkered down awaiting my second vaccine around the end of the month and will be so grateful to have that behind me. I hope you all are safe and well and also anticipating a safer ending to the virus. You have all shared so much beauty I am constantly amazed and inspired by you! Thanks for being here and joining us at the Thursday Favorite Things party! If you missed last week's features please check HERE

Tee(Tiffany) and Tee Diddly Dee starts out this week's feature with her oh-so-adorable Vintage Bed Spring Easter Nest

01 April 2021

Hello April & Happy Easter!

Good morning friends, Happy April first and Happy Easter! I can't believe it's already here this year! It seems I'm not even quite use to it being 2021 yet and BAMM! there it is! I hope you are all safe and well and are planning some way of enjoying the Easter weekend with the ones you love in some way. Christ Is Risen, Indeed! Always the Greatest reason to be Grateful! So grateful to shift my eyes to Him and remember that He's got this!   Happy Thursday Favorite Things. Thank you for joining us this week! Here are your Features!

Master"pieces" of My Life shared her sweet Easter Kitchen Tablescape

25 March 2021

Spring Has Definitely Sprung!

Good morning, friends. Happy Spring 2021! This is definitely a different one, but there is absolutely no reason we can't make it as special as we want to. I love all the ways you all have been adding Spring to your homes. I'm constantly inspired by you, thank you so much for that. Busy day, so I'm going to get right onto the party and your features. Keep us in your prayers this week, please... My Mum gets her vaccine today and I get mine tomorrow. I am so excited to have this behind us, and still so grateful that we are able to get them. Crossing my fingers that we both tolerate them well. Stay safe friends and be well. Here we go!

18 March 2021

Happy Spring, Teddy and The TFT~

Good morning beautiful people! Welcome to this week's Thursday Favorite Things Party! We are so grateful for you and are so pleased that you are here sharing with us. Happy Daylight Savings Time! Are you all enjoying your extra hour of light? I'm, surprisingly, very happy about it, as it allows me extra time to take our littlest (my Mum's) and the newest member of our family, Teddy, to the park, even later! If you don't follow me on Instagram yet you probably haven't met Teddy yet, please let me share him with you!