14 January 2021

Finding Some Peace & Inspiration When It's Not Easy

 Good morning, friends. I would love to be all light and fuzzy this morning, but alas, I cannot. Our country is going through so much divisiveness and so many struggles, not just with COVID and the pandemic rules, but with friends and family members with lost jobs, economic struggles for those that, thankfully, prior to this, have not had to experience a grocery line or wait and pray that they can get a food box. Then, there's what's going on in Washington... And, even though, I will not and do not want anyone to get political, here, it is a sad week... month... for American democracy. My prayers go out to all those living in fear when they go to work. I'm praying for our leaders and those in power to make good choices for the greater good of all Americans, And, while, possibly, we might disagree on what that may be, I think we can all agree on peace and kindness. That being said and acknowledged at this specific time in history, I will get on with the party and thank you all for being here and we will put out our positivity, by enabling others to make their corners of the world a little more beautiful, a little more tasty, and possibly even a little more enriched.

So, if you are cold and down and maybe a little overwhelmed pop over to Comfort Spring Station and print out one of Carol's adorable Valentine Gnomes! Carol shared her post"Top Posts of 2020" but I, honestly, could not see past this sweetheart. 

07 January 2021

A Little Potpourri for the New Year (TFT Party)

Welcome to the first real party of 2021! Good morning friends I hope this finds you well and full of more wonderful inspiration to share again this week. I have to say I already miss the Holidays. I think that's a thing, isn't it? The let down after all the wonderfulness(sp.) Either way, we carry on anyway, grateful that we can.  I'm so grateful for all of you, sharing here each week with such beauty and talent.  Thank you for continuing to join us.  Thank you too, Katherine, for bringing me on to co-hostess this beautiful celebration of gifted bloggers.  Have a wonderful week, everyone, and, I hope you enjoy these few features from last week's party as much as I did! 

Rachelle from My Hubbard Home shared her refreshing New-Year’s Day Brunch Tablescape. Isn't it beautiful?! Be sure to check out all her images this is truly just a small sampling!

31 December 2020

Happy New Year from Me and the TFT!

 Happy New Year dear friends! I do pray you all enjoyed a beautiful, safe Christmas and were able to find Joy in the Reason for the Season.  I had a wonderful, albeit very quiet, Christmas and it was just what the doctor ordered for me. Baking is done. Gifts dropped off. Well wishes all around, and now to celebrate the coming of 2021!  Geez, I am old enough to tell you that this year still looks futuristic to me. Every.Single.Time.I.See.IT! 

 One of my favorite songs, way back when, if you can believe it, was "Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999!" As if we'd ever make it to 1999! LOL Ahh, the blissful ignorance of youth.

17 December 2020

One Week 'Til Christmas Eve!...Are You Ready?!?

 Hello friends! Welcome.  I'm SO excited! Although, I don't want it to be over so soon, now! Such mixed emotions. Not only that....This is our last TFT party before Christmas!! Next Thursday IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!


(from Andrea at Living On Cloud Nine's Festive Christmas Table)

10 December 2020

The Christmas Countdown Is On!

 Two weeks until Christmas! Yes, already! I am excited, although admittedly I really LOVE all the time leading up I think just as much. I have been baking away and decorating both, here and at my Mum's house. Such a wonderful way to divert our attention! I always say this, but it's as true today as ever, It truly is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! In case you missed it, I shared a super yummy recipe yesterday that I know you all will enjoy so be sure to check out my Almond Florentines...Laceys...Brussels Cookies (Whatever the Name...They Are Divine, and Easier Thank You'd Think) If you have not linked up your Everything Christmas or joined us at our Christmas Eats party, please take a minute and link up! 

Now, I am excited and honored to be joining Katherine and all the other wonderful co-hostesses in bringing you all this week's Thursday Favorite Things party (aka TFT)! 

09 December 2020

Almond Florentines...Laceys...Brussels Cookies (Whatever the Name...They Are Divine, and Easier Thank You'd Think)

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is definitely on! Just two more weeks until Christmas Eve! Can you believe it?! If we ever needed a time such as this, it is now. So why not throw ourselves into the traditions we have come to count on that we can... We may not be baking for as much of our family as usual, or we may be doing it in a different way, this year. But, how about sharing with those friends of yours that are also experiencing a scaled-back Christmas, at least as family goes, and do some awesome porch drop-offs of Christmas Cheer? It may seem something small to you, but it also may means the world to them. I have come to find out that a lot of people don't bake for themselves often...I must admit I am a bit surprised, but I have been baking all my life, so what do I know! Either way, sometimes a fresh-baked goodie from your kitchen is the most precious gift you can give of yourself.

03 December 2020

Happy December, The Countdown (officially) Begins!

 Good morning and welcome back to the TFT Party! I'm so glad you are here. I pray you all had a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! I pray that you all stay healthy as the COVID numbers are surging. God save us all from such an illness.  I'm so glad to see that, like me and my family, you are all pressing on and doing the decorating and the baking and creating. This, I believe is what will get us all through to the other side of this thing. Truly, I pray blessings over you all.  

Alright, catching up a bit here, last week there was no TFT party, due to Thanksgiving, so I am sharing a few of your features from our November 19th party! 

(A Festive & Fragrant Tablescape by Pam at Everyday Living)

25 November 2020

Christmas Inspirations! (Anything Goes Christmas Link Party!)

 *Thursday Favorite Things Party is canceled this week but will be back next week* Happy Thanksgiving! 

Here it is, friends! This is your ANYTHING GOES Christmas Link Party!! 

Share away! Did you miss our first two link-ups in this Christmas Series? Please Link up your Food Recipes Here and Check out All the Christmas Do It Yourself Ideas Here

Thank you so much for being here and joining the fun with us!

Our Favorite Recipes for the Holidays (Christmas Link Party)

 Welcome Friends! Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Thursday Favorite Things Party is canceled this week but will be back next week. 

Linda, from Crafts a la Mode,  and I are back at it again to continue our Christmas Series Link parties!  In November we opened a DIY Christmas Party Now we are opening our 2 other parties... Our Favorite Recipes for the Holidays, right here, and Christmas Inspirations (Anything Goes Christmas Link Party) for that Click Here!  We LOVED seeing all your Christmas Do-It-Yourself ideas!

19 November 2020

Prepping for Thanksgiving at the TFT Party!

Good morning, friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?! This month has just flown by for me. Thank you all for the kind wishes on my poor knee. It is recovering, albeit slower than I would like...grateful for no surgery, but hate the brace. Oh well, this too shall pass. I am loving all the beautiful inspiration you all provide each week. You truly do AMAZE me. That said, let's get to some Features!

Don't forget to keep your eye out for Linda and my "Christmas Series Link party" we have one closing tomorrow, for all your DIY Christmas Ideas HERE, but a new one opening tomorrow night, where you can share all your yummy Holiday Recipes! Back to the party!

Niky from The House on Silverado's Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

12 November 2020

This and That On A Chilly Fall Day

 Hello dear friends! Happy Thursday and welcome! I'm so happy you are here. I truly hope you are all having a wonderful week, staying safe and healthy, and finding peace at your home as we prepare for what is still "the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! I welcome you to this, Thursday Favorite Things party, today, and invite you to join and share with Linda & I at our Christmas Series, that started this week, "Christmas Do It Yourself Ideas" link up! So much fun to be had!

Let's see what you were up to last week! My goodness, let's start off with Little Frugal Homestead's Classic Pumpkin Bread recipe. Yummo!!!!

10 November 2020

Christmas Do It Yourself Ideas

Welcome Friends! I am so excited! Linda, from Crafts a la Mode,  and I are teaming up again to kick off our Christmas Series Link parties! This is how it works:  We will be hosting 3 different 10-day parties between now and December 10th, all about Christmas! Better yet, all about your amazing creations and projects! This week we'd love to see all your Christmas Do-It-Yourself ideas! 

05 November 2020

November’s Here at the TFT party!

Hello friends, Happy November! What a wild month it's been already! Best just to get right to our party this week, as I am working on this in the wee hours of the morning. Life seems to just get away with me, I don't know why. I did share a new post, 15 of the Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into an Autumn Escape, wrapping up the Everything Fall 2020 link party since we last met. I hope you get a chance to take a look at that. I couldn't have done it without many of you, so thank you very much! Meanwhile, I am so glad you are here joining us for this week's TFT party! Let's look at what you shared last week! First of all, did you all see Barbara from Mantel and Table's White Pumpkin Flower Arrangement?! I'm in love with this table, flowers, white pumpkins.... It's just so beautiful!

04 November 2020

15 of the Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into an Autumn Escape

 Are you enjoying the Fall Season? I know there is so much else going on in our world and our homes right now, but I think that makes it even more important to embrace and celebrate the Season. Maybe even, like some of us have never done before.  If you are like me, you are in your home more than ever before. So why not decorate, celebrate, embrace, and enjoy all the Season has to offer?! 

Here are some wonderful ideas you could do yourself to celebrate the Season in your very own home. 

If you have some beautiful transferware around your home, why not dig it out and dress it up like this beautiful Brown and White Transferware Pumpkins

29 October 2020

Fall This and That ~

Good morning sweet friends. I’m so glad you’re joining me here this morning or maybe you’re joining me here later on into the weekend, either way, I’m thrilled to have you! Well, we finally got cooler weather! Although the days are still in the high 70s and low 80s, at night, they dip down into the upper 30s which is just enough to thrill me to pieces about the arrival of cooler days ahead. I have just been loving and am so grateful for all the inspiration you all provide each week at this party. And the inspiration being provided at that Everything Fall 2020 party. Be sure to watch next week for a special round up of some of my favorites from that.

 Meanwhile, I wish you all well and I hope that you are embracing the new season and are excited to welcome November, and are finding joy in preparing for a very different holiday season.  Please join me and all the other hostesses at this week's Thursday Favorite Things, then click down and join Linda and me at our Fall Everything 2020 month-long party. It ends soon! But, we will have an Everything Christmas month long party beginning soon, as well!