26 November 2015

What to Weekends #150 ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends! Linda and I are enjoying the day with our Families and praying that you are all doing the same! God Bless you, we are so grateful for each and every one of you! 
As promised, we are providing the link-up, so you can party, as you like! We wanted to share a couple wonderful Thanksgiving Images with you that Exquisitely Unremarkable linked up with us last week! Have a beautiful weekend and we'll see you back here next Thursday evening with all kinds of incredible Features! 

19 November 2015

What to do Weekends #149 ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thursday Evening and Welcome to What to do Weekends #149! 
Linda and Theresa would like to take a moment, here, to wish you all a wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your Families!

Next week as we celebrate with our Families, it is our hope that you will be, too. We will be providing the link up for you to share your wonderful creations, but will not be sharing any Features with you again until after the Holiday Weekend. We'll have to double-up! We will continue to pin a way!
Have a wonderful time.
Now, onto the party! What incredible talented people you all are! 

First up, Theresa's Bonus Features! 
She LOVED Redo IT Yourself Inspirations' gorgeous Rag Ruffle Pillow Cover! Just Beautiful!

12 November 2015

What to so Weekends #148 ~ Fall Inspirations Continues!

 Welcome to What to do Weekends Party!   Happy Mid November, Already! 
We're are so Grateful for all of your continued Participation! It's what makes this Party so Great!
We Can Not wait to see ALL the  wonderful Crafts, Recipes and DIY incredible creations you share with us with us week after week~
If you are new to the Party, Welcome! We are so very glad you are here!
We have been pinning away, during the week, check out the Party Board! if you have a chance! 

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Theresa's Bonus Features this week! 

Okay, I'm just so excited about the upcoming Holidays I could not limit myself to just one ornament, we had 3 Beautiful examples!
SO, all three are my Bonus Feature! Because, lets face it, it's my Party! And, I can.

First up, Olives-N-Okra's Snowy Noel Ornament,
Then we have Sweet Things Nordic Ball, so cute!
Last, but not least, Beverly from Across the Boulevard shared her very creative Coasters-turned Ornaments! So much fun to be had, and such great Inspiration for the upcoming Christmas Season!

10 November 2015

Welcoming Autumn Anew, Every Year!

Isn't it wonderful that we all have our own way of welcoming each Season in our homes and in our hearts?! I love that! Whether it be through some special decor project, a recipe that you've been waiting for the cooler weather to make, or as simple as getting your favorite sweater or fuzzy slippers out. We all(I am speaking in general, of course)  do or have something that speaks "AUTUMN" or "Fall", "Summer" or "Spring', "Winter" into existence for us at our homes and in our hearts.

This year, as most of you know, I find Autumn coming while I am in between homes. One that has sold, and I have not yet discovered the new one that God has waiting for me. That doesn't mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that I am not rejoicing over the arrival of Autumn! Quite the contrary is true, it is the changing color of each leaf,  the first few sprinkles of rain, the chill in the air and my fuzzy slippers and cozy robe that bring peace and a greater sense of home than any house could provide. 


06 November 2015

What to do Weekends #147 ~ Albeit a bit late!

Good morning, friends. Thank you so much for popping over. My sincerest apologies to you and my What to do Weekends Co-host, Linda from the incredible Crafts a La Mode!
I have no glib anecdotes for you. I have a head cold and bronchitis.  I don't know if it was the benedryl, or the Dayquil or the honey and cinnamon that did me in.  But, at the time the party was to be posted I was out of it and grateful for that! So, if this reads a little like a flu induced stupor, it is! 

With that said, Linda pitch-hit the party out of the park, all on her own. So major kudos to her for that.

I have been popping around and pinning your work during the past week and will continue to do so. I'm so grateful to tell you that if you pop over to Crafts a la Mode you will see Linda's awesome Features for the week. I, on the other hand, will have to make it up to you, I promise, I will, after I can crawl out of bed for more than a half hour at a time.