31 January 2019

How To Stay Cozy During This Cold Snap (TFT Party)

Hi dear friends, welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party. If you are one of those stuck in the below freezing, below zero, blizzard areas of the U.S. you have my deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers for warmer weather ahead. I, honestly, cannot even imagine. However, I do love to get Cozy on these winter days, whatever the climate. There were definitely some wonderful ways to warm up, hunker down, or just warm the heart, which is the best way of all, right?
So, then, onto my Features for this week.
Michelle from Thistle Key Lane's How To Create a Cozy Winter Bedroom was just exactly on point and so beautifully done, I had to share to of her Cozy room! Don't you just love quilts and trays?! My go-to's for cold weather, as well.
(look at the beautiful flowers, bringing the promise of spring on dresser...ahh)

24 January 2019

It's All About the Heart (at this weeks TFT)

Hi friends, welcome. To those of you that have been following along with me over the years know that I am not one to celebrate Valentine's day. Even so, I love hearts! Every wonderful way they come.  so thank you all for coming and sharing all your beautiful hearts and Valentine's with me. Let's take a look at some of my favorites from you all last week!
Jamie at So Much Better With Age Valentine’s Day Wax Seal Cards

17 January 2019

Let's Embrace the Winter! (Finding Ways to Enjoy Being Inside) TFT Party

Hi Friends, welcome back! Yes, it's winter and we are in the middle of a great big rainstorm here, but that doesn't mean we can't embrace the Season and enjoy what we can do inside! I love how you all are enjoying those things that can make your space "home" and comfy! I love doing the same in my little corner of the world, and let me tell you it includes a lot of wonderful blanket throws and fuzzy socks and slippers galore! As well as some yummy baking days and lazy mornings with my macchiato. Ahem, and now onto how you all have been enjoying your winter...
Pam at Everyday Living's A Breakfast Tray – Monday Morning Blooms is truly SO inviting! Tea, flowers, muffins and the new Victoria magazine! How can you go wrong here?! Nicely done Pam! Loving her beautiful blue pillow shams.

10 January 2019

Baby, It's Cold Outside...Let's Warm Up This Winter! (TFT Party!)

Well, friends, I think there's little doubt to anyone that we are in the midst of the winter season!! Chills, frost, wind, rain, and for some, a lot of snow. But, I say let's embrace the season and all its glory and everything we can find to make our homes comfortable and cozy, from decor and style to the very best comfort-food recipes!  So, without further ado, I bring you this week's Features to help you achieve just that!
Michele from Hello Lovely's All is Calm…All is Bright is just that! Beautiful, peaceful, calm and beautifully white. Easily, the most welcoming space I've seen this year! :) 

04 January 2019

January's Ruby Is Out!

Hi friends! Happy New year again! It's the official New Year now that the January Issue of Ruby Christian Magazine is available. Yay!  I, truly, hope you enjoy this wonderful ministry as much as I do!! 

03 January 2019

Happy New Year from the TFT Party Crowd!

Happy New Year, friends! Welcome to the first TFT Party of the year. I pray you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and am so happy to be back here partying with you all!
DeeDee from Our Clover House's Make Your Own Painted Holiday Sign is super sweet and she has made a great "How to" tutorial. Loved it!