26 March 2020

Let's Dream Big!

Hello, dear friends. I'm so glad you are joining me here. I pray you are all safe and that this pandemic has been only an inconvenience for you and your family and nothing more.  Please join me in praying for all those impacted by these scary days.

For those who are sick, exposed and scared, those who have, sadly, lost a loved one and most of all, all of those in the healthcare field, who are taking care of our friends and family at great personal cost to themselves and their families, I am so grateful. I'm humbled, and yet grateful that I never had to deal with anything like this when I was still nursing.

19 March 2020

Thursday Favorite Things From A SIP Blogger

My friends, I must offer you my sincerest apologies. With all that has been going on...COVID-19, and, now, us Shelter In Place (SIP) I completely missed the Party time. That is not to say I forgot you! I have still been pinning through the week and will have my Features up, I hope within the next couple hours, but I am truly sorry to be behind.  I hope you understand and will link up now and come back later today or tomorrow to see if you were featured. 
Please stay safe, friends!

12 March 2020

Spring Blooms Everywhere!

Hey friends, Good morning and Happy TFT to you!
I pray this finds you and your families safe and sound and free of any epidemics!
Not much else in the news, these days, is there? I know several of you, like me, are compromised for one reason or another. So, I pray you are taking every precaution.
Barbara from Matel and Table's Setting An Elegant St Patrick’s Day Table
(So Gorgeous! And...dare I say, elegant! :) )

05 March 2020

Spring Is On It's Way!

Good morning, friends! Spring is on its way, not-to-mention, Daylights Saving Time this weekend!! Are you ready? 
I am so pleased you joined us, with all your incredible creativity! Can you believe we're nearing Spring & Easter, already? Time is just flying by!
I LOVE seeing ALL your wonderful Crafts, Recipes and DIY incredible creations and Inspirations with us every week~
If you are new to the Party, Welcome! I am are so very glad you are here!