30 December 2021

Happy New Year Shoestring Elegant and TFT Friends

Hi friends. Welcome back. I pray you all had a safe and Happy Christmas. Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of 2021?! How is that even possible?? I'm afraid I'm a bit in denial and trying to hold onto Christmas as long as I can. :)  Thank you, all, who have joined me at the Thursday Favorite Things Party over the past year and years. Thank you to those of you who used to join me at the What to do Weekends Party, before that! February will mark 10 years that I have been at this blogging gig. Time flies when you're having fun, eh?! 
God's Blessings on us all as we head into this New Year. 

Let's share the spotlight on a few posts that caught my eye from our last party. 
Rachelle from My Hubbard Home's Christmas Cranberry Champagne Cocktail isn't what I typically feature, as I have made a point of not featuring alcohol, but Rachelle makes this fabulous Cranberry simple syrup for her cocktail and that's something I do love! So, there you go, there's always an exception to the rule. 

16 December 2021

Where Does the Time Go?! (TFT Christmas Edition)

 Good morning and welcome back friends! Eight days until Christmas Eve. Why does it seem like it takes forever to get to this month then it flies by in a blink! 

Believe it or not, I am woefully unprepared for this week's party. You see, yesterday was my Birthday and the day after my booster shot, so it turned out a bit dicey. All good now, but I'm rushing to beat the clock! I hope you will all be patient with me.  There won't be a party next week, as we're certain you all would rather be celebrating with your families. Now,  Let's peek at some features! 

Claire Justine's Christmas Yule Log

14 December 2021

A Christmas Centerpiece Your Friends Are Going To Love on Shoestring Budget

 Hello Friends, Welcome! Are you enjoying the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?! I truly am, and I'm sure feeling grateful for so many things this year, and yet, praying for so much relief for so many, as well. If you are joining me from Katherine's Blog Tour, thank you for continuing the tour from Simple Nature Décor blog.

 I was honored and humbled when Katherine asked me to join this incredible group of ladies. If you follow me at all, whether on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, or right here, you know that I LOVE Christmas!

(This is the teaser image I sent Katherine. God Bless her for letting me join along with just this to show!)

09 December 2021

Happy Christmas Time @ the TFT

Merry Christmas time, friends.  Are you all getting ready? We sure are in full swing here. Last weekend, my sisters, nieces and Mum had our Annual Christmas baking day. Several thousand pieces later, we're done! Loved every minute but glad to have it over with. Mind you, that was just the cookies, squares and candy. All the regular baking is still going on.  From the looks of last week's party, you've all been busy too! Let's look at a couple that caught my eye! 

Pam from Everday Living is wishing you Season’s Greetings From The Sunshine Cottage Porch

You’ll have to click on over to see all the beautiful decorations she came up with! 

02 December 2021

Happy December!


It's official! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is here!  Happy December, friends! I'm SO excited and so happy you are here joining me. Everybody brought wonderful Christmas inspiration to last week's party. You got me feeling behind, so I finally got on with it and finished my new post. I'm sharing my new Favorite recipe for my Ameretti cookies here. I hope you enjoy them. We can't get enough! On to our party for this week's Thursday Favorite Things! Here are just a few of your Seasonally perfect posts! 

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Road shared her adorable DIY Nordic Christmas Gnomes

01 December 2021

Italian Amaretti Cookies - Possibly the Easiest and Tastiest Cookie You'll Ever Make!

These cookies are absolutely delicious and they couldn't be easier! 

They are also gluten-free and added fat-free! And other than egg whites no-dairy! The shocker...They are the best cookies I have ever made or eaten!

Hi friends, welcome.  I'm going to share with you my absolute New Favorite Recipe with you and it's, probably, the easiest I've ever made.  It's also one of the most delicious cookies I've ever tasted! 

26 November 2021

Thanksgiving's Over... Bring On The Christmas!

Good morning friends, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready to bring on Christmas Everything! 

Did any of you get your tree yesterday? I didn't yet, but I'm so jealous of those that do! 

You all are doing a great job of bringing on the Christmas Inspirations here! I've been busy baking and decorating and keep forgetting to take pictures. You all do that so wonderfully. Thank you!  Pop back over in a couple days and I will surprise you all with a fantastic new recipe, with pictures, that you're going to love.  With that said, welcome to this week's late edition of Thursdays Favorite Things! Here are your Features!

Michelle from Thistle Key Lane’s Christmas in the Kitchen and Familyroom

18 November 2021

Ever Have One of Those Days...

Hey friends! Mixed up my days.  Yep, I actually thought today was Wednesday.  My sincerest apologies. I'll be adding some features while I can get it through my head that it is Thursday!  Meanwhile, please link up! Happy Thanksgiving, friends! All up to date now.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

11 November 2021

Ready For Thanksgiving? ... Tons of Ideas

 Welcome friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks away?! Time goes fast when you're having fun! You all are coming up with some awesome ideas and tastes to inspire and lead us through this year's Thanksgiving and Fall! 

Let's see what you were up to! 

First, did you see Julie from My Wee Abode's sweet Place Cards for a Simple Elegant Fall Table

I love making placecards when I'm hosting a crowd, don't you?

06 November 2021

Comforts of Fall Centerpiece

"Autumn On A Tray" Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be joining Katherine from Katherine's Corner and a wonderful group of top talented bloggers to share my "Comforts of Fall Centerpiece" as my contribution to Katherine's Autumn On a Tray Blog Tour! 

04 November 2021

Loving November & Getting Ready to Fall Back!

November is here, friends!  I couldn't be more thrilled. I just love this month and it, sadly, always seems to go by too quickly. After all, it is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.  I am also in love how almost everyone remembers how much we have to be grateful for. How I wish the feeling lasted longer.  I’m grateful for you, today. Thank you all SO MUCH for your beautiful comments! I may not always get to respond to all of them, but I AM ALWAYS blessed by reading each and every one of them.  

Are you ready to Fall back?! Don't forget to set your clocks back Saturday night before you go to bed. Consider this your friendly reminder. It is this Sunday! 

Thank you for joining me, once again, at this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! I’m so glad you are here. 

If you have a chance, pop back by on Saturday, as I will be joining an awesome group of ladies for Katherine’s “Autumn On a Tray” Blog Tour. I think it will be great fun! 

Let’s take a look at what you shared at last week’s party!

Judith from Botanic Bleu's Simple French Country Fall Kitchen is absolutely stunning.  These are the kitchens of my dreams. Thank you, Judith.  You all must go see the rest.  

28 October 2021

Goodbye October... Hello November!

 Welcome friends! Happy last week of October. Can you believe it? One of my favorite months is almost gone in what felt like a flash! We got rain!  No small statement for California. And, although there were some minor issues with the heavy "Cyclonic Bomb" or "Atmospheric River" of rain, most everyone I know is just as thrilled and hopeful as I that we are getting some relief.  Thank you all for your well wishes for us.  Here's praying for more, normal and regular rain for the Season and, just possibly, our drought.  The rain gave me plenty of time to enjoy baking and decorating. It was a good month. I hope yours was too. 

Onwards and upwards to the Thursday Favorite Things party for this beautiful week.  Wishing you all a safe and healthy September 1st and Halloween, if you have little ones. 

21 October 2021

Rain, Pumpkins and a Whole Lot of Beauty! (TFT Link Party)

October 21st already, friends, and we HAVE RAIN in Northern California!!  Soon all of California with the systems through this weekend! They are saying that these are, OFFICIALLY, ending our very long, large, devastating, and costly fire Season.  All I can say and do is Praise the Lord! Thank you to all of you who have prayed along with me for those tragic fires to end. Though this won't take us out of the drought, it's a darn good start in the right direction!

Can you see me? I LOVE to dance in the rain! 

Alright with that piece of good news conveyed, I can move on to welcoming you to this week's Thursday Favorite Things Party! And, I do welcome you and thank you for joining me each week.

14 October 2021

Magical October

 Welcome friends! Happy Thursday. How are you enjoying October? "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"-from Anne of Green Gables author, Lucy Maud Montgomery I couldn't agree more.  I'm so enjoying the crisp morning air. I hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of Autumn as well. 

Quickly, Theresa, get on with the party! Okay, here we go. Link up, enjoy, visit, inspire or get inspired! 

Just Look at Emily from Le Cultivateur's Magical Fall Evening Table Isn't it just dreamy?! 

07 October 2021

October Celebrated! (TFT Party)

 Good morning, friends, and welcome back! I can happily say that today was our first, here in Northern California, real Fall-feeling day! Thank God! It was actually chilly this morning! Yay! And, although there's only a slight chance, there's a chance just the same, for some potential light showers one morning in the forecast. Squealing with excitement. It's not just that I love the rain, (even though I really do!) but the drought conditions and fires here have been so bad that were on rationing again...which I don't mind, but what a glorious relief it could be for our poor, overworked firefighters, not to mention our farmers, many who have had to sell off livestock and change their entire lives. So, without going too much further into that, rain in the forecast! Double Yay! 

30 September 2021

A Little Whimsical Fall Fun!

Good morning friends! It's a wonderful time to celebrate a few Whimsical decorations! I had a lot of fun going through all your wonderful offerings from last week's party. So much incredible, beautiful and yummy inspiration, but I thought it was time to celebrate the whimsier side of the decorating process. Here a just a few examples of some fun decor! Thanks for sharing everyone! 

Simple Autumn Ladder Update

23 September 2021

Happy Fall 2021... Bring On The Colors!

Welcome friends! Happy Fall! It's officially here. You all know how excited I've been for the Fall/Autumn season to arrive, and I truly could not be happier. Praying you are all safe and happy and comfortable as this new Season arrives.  

Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you all for your wonderfully inspiring posts! 

16 September 2021

Pretty In White

Happy Thursday and happy weekend, welcome back to this week’s TFT party! 
Let’s get right to it. 
Here are a few of my favorites from last week’s party. 

Kippi at Home shared her adorable Sweater Pumpkin DIY and I just love them! Don’t you?! 

09 September 2021

The Fall Countdown Continues with These Beautiful Ideas

Good morning and welcome back. Less than two weeks, and I am counting!! As a matter of fact, I am so excited I had to get these sweet slipcovers to help me ready my house for September 22nd, AKA Fall/Autumn, AKA my favorite time of the year. If you are anywhere near my neck of the woods you'd know we just made it through several days of 100+ degree weather, so, no, it cannot come soon enough! 
Meanwhile, if you're an Amazon affiliate, these would be an awesome choice! There were four in total and I love them! 
Moving on, welcome to this week's TFT party! Thank you for joining me. I hope this finds you all safe and well and comfortable where you are. Let's look at some of the wonderful things you shared last week!

02 September 2021

Happy September!

Happy September! Welcome back.  Praying for rain in California and praying for a cease in Ida's path.  I hope you all are safe and well where you are. I'm hoping September turns out to be our month, friends! The turn around time of sorts.  Meanwhile, I am always Amazed at all the beauty you all share every week! Take a look at a few that called to me from last week's party. Blessings, friends. 

Crissy from First Day of Home's  Fall Mantel Decor with a Farmhouse Feel

26 August 2021

Having Fun Jumping the Gun! (TFT Party)

Welcome back, friends!  If I'm jumping the gun on excitement for the upcoming Seasons, it's wonderful to know I'm not alone! You all are sharing some awesome inspirations for Fall/Autumn... even a few for Christmas! I.. Can't.. Wait! ☺️ But, that's me! I canned this week! 12 jars of Tomato Pepper Jam and 11 jars of Strawberry Rhubard! Definitely my happy place! Let's see what you were doing! 

Rachelle from My Hubbard Home's A Beautiful Tablescape for Autumn Entertaining is simply stunning.  

19 August 2021

Fall Ideas! (Thursday Favorite Things)

Hi friends, welcome back! It looks like many of you are just as excited about the upcoming Autumn/Fall season as I am! Which way do you say it in your neck of the woods? Are you Autumn or Fall? 
On with the party and your wonderful Fall Insirations! 

Joy @ Artful Homemaking's  How To Decorate For Fall On a Budget

12 August 2021

As We Start to Say Goodbye to Summer

My goodness, friends, I, literally, could have pinned all week!! You all are sharing so many wonderful projects, DIY's, Inspiration and the Recipes! Thank you so much for joining us and me here.  Can you tell by my title I'm still counting down the days until Autumn?! 41 more days! I know I'm jumping the gun a bit.  
But, I'm finally getting an evening to breath, after numerous days of busyness and couldn't be more thrilled. What more perfect way to end a great day than to share some of your wonderful posts! As I said I could have Pinned and Featured some 200+ link ups! Here are the ones that caught my eyes first!

Rachelle from My Hubbard Home's Free Herb Summer Printables For Your Home Décor

Free Herb Summer Print

05 August 2021

Welcome August! TFT Party!

 I'm late!  Link up, friends! I'm keeping it to the basics here this morning! My sincerest apologies. Happy August!   Thank you for being here & here are your features! 

French Country Inspiration by Botanic Blue

29 July 2021

Goodbye July, Hello August!

 Welcome friends! Next we meet we will be in the first week of August! Inching closer and closer to Fall! Yay!  I pray you all are well and weathering the Summer with Joy and peace, health and safety. I actually saw some Fall colors at the store yesterday! I know they're jumping the gun a bit, but still.... Onto your Thursday Favorite Things party and a few wonderfully and inspirational Features. 

From the Happy Gardener, Black Currant & Champagne Grapes Pavlova I love Pavlova! Her recipe looks like a real winner! 

22 July 2021

Summer Eats!

 Welcome friends! Can you believe how absolutely fast this month has gone?! We are already heading into August in just 8 short days! I pray that you are all safe from the fires and the extreme heat. As of this date, we are, here, in my section of Northern California, still safe from the huge fires further up north. Praising God and ever so thankful. Praying for the thousands going through them this year. That has not been the case many previous years. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing your beautiful links with me. 

This week’s features are…

The Painted Apron’s Summer Peach Pizza with Prosciutto, Burrata & Basil

15 July 2021

This and That~ Thursdays Favorite Things

 Good morning friends! Welcome to this week's party. Thank you all for joining me here each week and leaving all your kind comments and wonderful inspirations. I enjoy each and everyone more than I will ever be able to tell you. I pray you are enjoying a safe, and hopefully not too hot, summer season. I was all over the place this week, hence the This and That theme for this week's party.  

Claire Justine's BerryWorld Strawberry Meringue Roulade With Mascarpone

08 July 2021

It's All About Yummy Summer Foods! (TFT Party)

Good morning, sweet friends! Bam just like that we're already into July. I hope you all had a great/safe fourth of July weekend.  For those of you who know me well, this makes me super excited because we are just inching that much closer to Autumn/Fall! Yippee! For my sun-worshipping friends, enjoy! I'm counting the days! So many wonderful summer recipes last week! Therefore, here are this week's features:

From My Hubbard Home's Frozen Yogurt Pie With Fresh Berries For Summer

01 July 2021

Happy July from Me @ The TFT Party

Good morning.  Welcome friends! Happy July 1st! Thank you for being here.  Yes, it's truly July... Wishing you all a safe and sound Fourth of July weekend, here in the USA, and for all of my friends and family in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!
Do you have exciting plans to celebrate this Independence Day?! I'm enjoying our unseasonably low temperatures this week. I'm sure it won't last but I'm celebrating every single day while it does. Here are a small sampling of the wonderful posts from last week's party. 
My Hubbard Home’s beautiful  Cottagecore Citrus Tablescape Ideas For Summer

24 June 2021


Welcome and Happy Thursday! I hope you all are well and enjoying the first week of Summer.  Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! Anyone else having a lot of home repairs coming up all at once? Ugh!  

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! They are SO APPRECIATED! Even if I don't get a chance to reply to each one on a certain week, be assured that each and every one brings a smile to my face. Thank you! If you missed last week's features, please check Here

Wishing everyone, here, a wonderful week. Here are your features! 

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Road Cheerful Summer Kitchen Refresh

17 June 2021

Whoops! I'm Running Late...Happy Summer~💛

 Friends, please forgive me! I'm running behind! Yesterday was 93+ degrees and I think it zonked my brain. I will get back with your features, I promise, but for now, please link up for this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! Summer may be three days away but you sure couldn't tell here. Since it is so close,  Happy Summer!

I must admit I'm awfully excited for Farmer's market again!

10 June 2021

Time To Dine Outside!

Welcome friends. It is that wonderful time of year where we can once again enjoy our yards and all the beauty they have to offer. So I chose a couple of features from last weeks party that embraced the outside and the beauty that is easily added if you have the right pieces on hand. Yet, we need not be so elaborate to enjoy eating out! A beautiful floral tablecloth and some blooms from your garden will suffice. 
Although, Lori from Dining Delight’s gorgeous and inviting Lilacs and Butterflies Tea Party for Two is awfully tempting.  

03 June 2021

Happy June!

Happy Thursday and Happy June, my friends! a brand new month in front of us, I hope you all are well and enjoying the "unofficial" start to Summer. I'm dreading the heat but excited for all else the Summer has to offer. It appears you are all preparing your home and your kitchens, too. Thank you all for joining us here.  Let's see some of the highlights from last week! 

Claire Justine's Lemon Elderflower Cheesecake looked absolutely heavenly. 

27 May 2021

May's Last Hurrah!

Mason Jar Crafts, gorgeous Citrus Tablescapes, Yummy Blueberry Recipes... what’s not to love about this week’s TFT party?! Absolutely nothing! I love them all!  Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Thing party. I’m so glad you are here. Can you believe there are only 4 days left 'til June? Only 24 until Summer! Eeks! I know some of you are counting the days, I, myself, am trying to hold onto every last day of Spring, before those really hot Summer days arrive. Oh well, maybe this Summer will surprise me! Happy Spring, friends. :) Here we go!

Did you see Barbara from Mantel and Tables post How To Set a Spectacular Citrus Table?? So absolutely gorgeous! 

20 May 2021

Springing into Summer! (This Week’s TFT Party)

Good morning and Happy Thursday! I am so happy you are here! What a great day for Thursday Favorite Things, right? 

This week I'm actually sharing a new post with you, too!! Yes, it's true! LOL, It has taken me a while, but you have all inspired me so much! If you have a chance check out my recipe share with you for some yummy Depression Era Potato Rolls. They are divine. Now, on to your wonderful Features from last week's party. If you missed it, be sure and click Here to see all the beauty shared.

Organized Island shared this Festive charcuterie Salami Roses

19 May 2021

Delicious Depression-Era Potato Rolls

 If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love to bake. The problem is...I've been so busy baking and sharing, I keep forgetting to take photos to share all the yumminess with you all! It may only matter to me and a few others, but I  simply will not post a recipe if I can not show you the steps.  Because I firmly believe,  more often than not, the "How" of a recipe is just as important, if not more, than the "What" to baking.   I think I have baked more in the last year than ever before. I’m so grateful that I have this particular gift, it has made me happy and feel useful in a time where that isn't always easy to do.  That brings me to the recipe I am sharing with you today. It's a wonderful old, and I do mean old, 1930, to be exact, depression-era recipe for Potato Rolls or Buns whichever your preference.

13 May 2021

Our Favorite Things This May!

Hello friends. Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things! I'm so grateful you are here. Gosh, you all are booking right along with so much creativity and inspiration. I really can't get over it.  If I had the time, you would all be featured! It's like splitting hairs for me to try and pick just a few of your posts to highlight but I did my best. Thank you all for each and every one of your comments.  Please know I appreciate and read every single one with joy in my heart, even if I can't respond at the time.  Thank you! With that, we're off to a new week and another party. Enjoy. 

Kicking it off, is Niky from The House on Silverado's Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign

06 May 2021

National day of Prayer, May Love & the TFT Party

Welcome friends! I hope "merry is the month of May" is true for you, and continues to exceed your expectations!  Today is the National Day of Prayer. I'm praying for us all.  I hope you will too. 
Does anyone else find it odd that in the Winter months we turn our heater up all the time and, yet, in the Summer months we keep the house open at night to try and get the temperature down to at least 10 degrees cooler than what we just liked a couple months before??
C'est la vie!
Enjoy the party!
Here are some highlights from last week's party!
Jenna from The Painted Apron Spring Blooms in the Dining Room

29 April 2021

Goodbye April....Hello May, Already!

Goodbye April....Hello May, Already! Seriously, this Saturday is May! Did you all see that coming?! Did it sneak up on you Or is that just me? Welcome, friends. I hope you are all safe and well. Thank you so much for joining and sharing with me each week. Baking and creating away, here, too! Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I am now fully Vaccinated! Pheww! Wonderful weekend wishes to each and every one of you! Here are your features from last week's party!

Claire Justine's Strawberry Prosecco Jam

22 April 2021

Thursday's Favorite Things Spring Edition

Good morning, sweet friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I know some of you are still living with rain and cool temps, can I just say I'm jealous.  I guess you always want what you don't have. 80's here several days in the past week and I'm not ready! Although, I must admit I do love the roses in bloom and seeing the dormant garden come to life once again. 

This time of year is always a mixed blessing for me, being a fall/winter enthusiast.  You all are surely sharing the beauty of the Season and I'm grateful for you.  Happy TFT party time! Time for a new week and new inspirations. First, here are a few of your beautiful shares from last week's party.  

Gingham and Buffalo Check Home Decor from Calypso in the Country feels so inviting! 

15 April 2021

Thursday's Favorite Things

Hello friends. Good morning and Welcome to this week's Thursday's Favorite Things party! I'm so glad you are here, sharing all your recipes and creations with me and our group of fabulous Bloggers. I hope are all having a wonderful and safe week.  Here are some highlights of your beautiful posts from last week's party!

Penny from Penny's Vintage Home created this  DIY Snowball & Lemon Spring Wreath This is absolutely beautiful. I love the additions she made, especially the use of Lemons! Hmmm. I have a Lemon Tree...

08 April 2021

Spring Inspiration All Around!

Hello and welcome dear friends. Signs of Spring are absolutely everywhere. Chilly, but the colors are all around, thanks to so warmer afternoons everything is in bloom here. I'm still hunkered down awaiting my second vaccine around the end of the month and will be so grateful to have that behind me. I hope you all are safe and well and also anticipating a safer ending to the virus. You have all shared so much beauty I am constantly amazed and inspired by you! Thanks for being here and joining us at the Thursday Favorite Things party! If you missed last week's features please check HERE

Julie from My Wee Abode shows us how to beautifully Add a Fresh Vignette with a Spring Bird Cage Pinterest Challenge

01 April 2021

Hello April & Happy Easter!

Good morning friends, Happy April first and Happy Easter! I can't believe it's already here this year! It seems I'm not even quite use to it being 2021 yet and BAMM! there it is! I hope you are all safe and well and are planning some way of enjoying the Easter weekend with the ones you love in some way. Christ Is Risen, Indeed! Always the Greatest reason to be Grateful! So grateful to shift my eyes to Him and remember that He's got this!   Happy Thursday Favorite Things. Thank you for joining us this week! Here are your Features!

Master"pieces" of My Life shared her sweet Easter Kitchen Tablescape

25 March 2021

Spring Has Definitely Sprung!

Good morning, friends. Happy Spring 2021! This is definitely a different one, but there is absolutely no reason we can't make it as special as we want to. I love all the ways you all have been adding Spring to your homes. I'm constantly inspired by you, thank you so much for that. Busy day, so I'm going to get right onto the party and your features. Keep us in your prayers this week, please... My Mum gets her vaccine today and I get mine tomorrow. I am so excited to have this behind us, and still so grateful that we are able to get them. Crossing my fingers that we both tolerate them well. Stay safe friends and be well. Here we go!

18 March 2021

Happy Spring, Teddy and The TFT~

Good morning beautiful people! Welcome to this week's Thursday Favorite Things Party! We are so grateful for you and are so pleased that you are here sharing with us. Happy Daylight Savings Time! Are you all enjoying your extra hour of light? I'm, surprisingly, very happy about it, as it allows me extra time to take our littlest (my Mum's) and the newest member of our family, Teddy, to the park, even later! If you don't follow me on Instagram yet you probably haven't met Teddy yet, please let me share him with you!

11 March 2021

More Incredible Spring DIY's and Inspirations

Good morning sweet friends.  What a wonderful day we had here yesterday! Rain, hail, thunder,  oh my! I loved every single minute of it!  I just love the sound of the rain falling, especially when I'm warm inside and baking.  We had just enough days of sun for me to go out and harvest some of my lemons and my neighbor's oranges.  Perfect zest for my scones.  Oh so yummy.  The days are getting longer and this weekend an hour longer still. Don't forget to turn your clocks forward! Let's celebrate what you all were sharing last week.  Here are your features.  

Carol from Blue Sky at Home's Easy Faux Flower Spring Arrangements

04 March 2021

Happy March!

Happy Thursday and the first week of March! I am so excited that you dropped by. As much as I am a Fall/Winter person, I am truly enjoying all the Spring inspiration you all are sharing. And, even though, I, too, am experiencing COVID fatigue, the rain in our future seems promising and exciting!   I hope you enjoy all of the inspiration you find at the party. We have the best bloggers and they are all so creative. Hope you like the features!

Leave it to Barbara from Mantel and Table to show us  How to Have An Elegant and Socially Distant Dinner. How absolutely gorgeous and welcoming!

25 February 2021

Goodbye February...I Will Miss You (This Week's TFT Party!)

Hello and welcome! Happy Thursday! Well, my friends, February is just about over. (insert sad face here). For those of you that had to deal with the cold weather, heavy snow, and blizzards, I am terribly sorry and certain you’re happy to see it go. However, for those of us in Northern California, we could use more rain, still, so I’m not quite ready for spring to get here just yet. That being said, I have to admit I'm loving the early blooms and blossoms I see dotting my little town, here and there. Thank you for sharing so much beauty and creativity, every single week. Here are just a few of the highlights from last week's party...

I Love Pam from Everyday Living's Winter Flower Therapy I am a firm believer in flower therapy and practice this same philosophy in my home.

18 February 2021

Mid February and We are Still Loving Here!

 Good morning, and Happy Thursday! I'm so glad you are here.  I pray you are all safe and warm and not in one of the blizzard areas that have lost power! I can't imagine! Please stay safe and healthy and, God willing, warm. I hope you enjoy all of the inspiration you find at the party. We have the best bloggers and they are all so creative. I truly hope you like the features!

From Chas' Crazy Creations, look at this beautiful Thrift Store Heart Table Makeover. Click on over and see the wonderful redo!

11 February 2021

Last minute Valentine's Ideas For You! (TFT Party!)

Good morning friends and Happy Thursday!  Welcome to this week's Thursday
 Favorite Things party.  Valentine's day is just three days away! You all were 
full of ideas and inspiration. Thank you for that. 
You make this party such a wonderful place to be.
 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Valentine's day
with your special ones. Enough from me, 
let's look at what you shared last week! 

Debra from Common Ground shared her sweet Farmhouse Table Valentine Tableau. Love the cute moss covered heart.

04 February 2021

February~Tickled Pink!

 Good Morning and Happy February! February 1st was also my 3rd Anniversary co-hosting Katherine's wonderful, Thursday Favorite Things, and I am so grateful!   Well, friends just like that, we are into a brand new month with incredible possibilities! And, Praise the Lord, we have been getting rain, finally!  You all have been bringing your best and beautiful creations to inspire us all! Thank you for continuing to do that!

Look at this sweet  DIY Valentine’s Wreath with Hand-Painted Sign from Kippi at Home. That sure would be welcoming to a friend or family member or just make you smile.

28 January 2021

Inspiring Women!

Good morning, friends, and happy last week of January. Can you believe that? One month has already gone by of the new year. We are having a wonderful rainstorm here in Northern California! And I do mean wonderful! No doubt you’ve heard of the fires we’ve had the last several years, and this is a very welcome sight for most Californians, myself included. I am a true lover of fall and winter, with all their cool days, changing leaves, and the beautiful sound of rain and thunder. So it’s especially exciting for me. 

I am always so impressed and inspired by all the beautiful work you guys bring every week to this party. You make me feel lazy! LOL, I am still baking, cooking, and decorating, however, I haven’t been able to find the time to do the pictures necessary to write a post. I will get something up here soon. I promise.
 Meanwhile, let’s look at all the wonderful inspiration you brought to the party last week!