29 December 2022

Happy New Year from the TFT Gang!

Happy New Year friends! The next time we meet it will be 2023, can you believe that?!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with your families and friends.  Thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes. I’m so grateful for you. 

Let’s look at a few of your posts from last week’s party. Judith from Botanic Bleu shared her adorable French Country Style Christmas Bathroom

22 December 2022

Merry Christmas Friends!

 Merry Christmas Friends!

First and foremost, thank you all so much for all your kind Birthday wishes, they are so appreciated. I'm so grateful for all of you.  And, Secondly, Merry Merry Christmas Friends! Can you believe Christmas Eve is just 2 days away? I've been truly enjoying this wonderful Season. I hope you have been too. I shared a little quote on Facebook last week, that was quite popular. It went something like this...
"Blessed is the Season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of Love". WOW 
Isn't that the truth, though? 
If you had asked me what I wanted for this Birthday or Christmas, you would have gotten the same answer I gave most all my family and friends, which was, 'I really can't think of anything.' I was wrong. And, how do I know? Because my beautiful friend, Linda, you know her, she manages a little blog called Crafts a la Mode. Anyway, Linda sent me something I didn't know existed, and yet, I needed to have it the minute I saw it!  If you are not familiar with Sarah Young's Jesus Calling, please do yourself a favor and find it. Once you are through with that, by the way, you will never be through, you will read it over and over again, year after year. But, when you can put it down, it might be for this gift my friend got me! Jesus Calling for Christmas! It is no exaggeration to say it is Heavenly.  Thanks again, Linda! 

15 December 2022

It's My Party(Birthday), Literally!

Good morning friends! It has been a beautiful December, so far, and I'm genuinely looking forward to the rest of it and the New Year! I hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful time of the year, as well.  Today is my Birthday! As I get older, I try to embrace each and every year and realize, even more now than ever, that each and every year is a gift, and I am trying to focus on that Blessing. So... here's something I don't think you read often from a woman,  Today I turned 57!  Yay me! I'm doing a little happy dance of my own.

I've found that I'm in good company as Jenna from the Painted Apron shares her December Birthday celebration! Happy Birthday, Jenna, now you have another Birthday Buddy! 

08 December 2022

It's Christmastime @ the TFT Party!

Boy, the Christmas Spirit is alive and well at the TFT party! You are all so inspiring.  Tons of great ideas and recipes were shared last week. I’m going to only be able to highlight a few.  There were many worthy links.  Thank you! Thank you for all your beautiful comments and wonderful inspirational posts.  Let’s get to it! 
First up is Create With Joy's How To Celebrate Christmas With Less Stress This Year Don’t we all need this?! 

01 December 2022

Happy December!

 “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year “ is here! Boy, I couldn’t be happier. Happy December! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I did.

But, I just love this time of year, and just to put some icing on our December cake, it came in with Rain! Glorious rain that started overnight and is continuing on this morning.  We so desperately need it here in California. I’m grateful for each and every drop! Time to share some TFT love.  

Look at this cute Christmas Red French Country Bathroom from Judith at Botanic Bleu. Isn’t it beautiful? 

17 November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from the TFT Ladies

Good morning. Happy Thursday and,  today, I’m wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. That’s right! It’s one week from today and we have decided to take the time to celebrate with our families and hope that you will be too.  Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you back here in December. You all brought plenty of Thanksgiving inspiration and goodies to last week’s party. Thank you. I’m grateful for all of you. 

Let’s take a look at what you shared! 

Jenna from the Painted Apron's Grateful Gathering

10 November 2022

Christmas on My Mind

Welcome, are you catching the Holiday bug yet?? I couldn't be more thrilled. I just love this month and it, sadly, always seems to go by too quickly. After all, it is the beginning of the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’!  I am also in love how almost everyone remembers how much we have to be grateful for. How I wish the feeling lasted longer.  I’m grateful for you, today. Thank you all SO MUCH for your beautiful comments! I may not always get to respond to all of them, but I AM ALWAYS blessed by reading each and every one of them.  Let’s party! 

Marie @ Interior Frugalista’s How To Make A Simple Cranberry Garland

03 November 2022

Happy November - What We're Eating!

Happy November friends! It’s here! And, thankfully, it came in with some wonderful, much needed rain here. I can’t express how exciting that is when you’ve been in a drought for so long.  I hope you all have a wonderful month, full of family and gratitude and celebrations. 

Okay, welcome to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! I’m so grateful you are here. You are awesome! I enjoyed all the incredible recipes you shared at last week’s party. Here’s a highlight of just a few. Link up and visit your neighbors! 

Starting it off with Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells from Homemade on a Weeknight

27 October 2022

October Decor and Eats!

Welcome back friends! Can you believe next time we meet it will be November?! Yay! Okay, welcome back to the TFT party  I’m so thrilled you have come to join us. Tons of awesome DIY’s and recipes. Here are just a few that caught my eye from last week’s party  

From My Hubbard Home  DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap for Fall & Winter 

20 October 2022

October Blessings ~

Good morning, welcome back and Thank You! Thank you for your inspiration and wonderful comments and well wishes.  I’m so grateful for you all.  I’ve been crazy busy but you all showed up, wonderfully, I might add! 

You are at this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! Take a look at a few beautiful and delicious links from last week’s party and then link up this week and visit your neighbors! 

Claire Justine’s 3 Apple Pie Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used To

13 October 2022

Mid-October Celebrations!

Welcome back friends! I hope you are enjoying your October. There’s definitely a little Ann of Green Gables in me, because “I’m (definitely) so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Thank you all for joining us for the Thursday Favorite Things party each week. I’m so grateful for our co-hostesses and for all of you! Great beauty and wonderful inspiration every week. Let’s take a little look at some of your shares from last week. 

How to Make a DIY Fall Wreath For the Front Door from Lambert’s Lately is really beautiful, don’t you think?! 

06 October 2022

I Love Fall Colors!

Good morning friends. I just love Fall! Oh, the colors are so beautiful. Mild 70’s and 80’s now, with somewhat cooler nights. Just Heavenly. I hope it’s nice where you are. Welcome to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! There was no shortage of beautiful Fall colors or flavors from you guys last week! Take a look at a few I was able to highlight here. I can’t wait to see what you will be sharing this week!

Penny’s Passion did a beautiful Fall Mantel that highlights all the beauty. 

29 September 2022

Goodbye September, Hello October

Did this month just fly by for you too? Oh my gosh!  Praying for Florida this morning  I pray you are all safe. 

October always screams time to bake and cook to me. The ultimate time for comfort food! You all shared some perfect examples! Happy TFT day! 

Carol from Comfort Spring Station's Roasted Butternut Squash with Onion & Spinach

22 September 2022

Happy Fall/Autumn 2022!

It’s here! It’s, finally, officially Fall! Yippee! Happy Fall 2022, friends. I pray it will be a safe and happy one for you all. I must keep it brief today, my friends, I am in the middle of making 100 plus cupcakes for my church for this Sunday! Just keeps me a wee bit busy. You all brought such wonderful Autumn/Fall creativity to the party, thank you! Enjoy the Season! 
How to Make Simple and Easy Fabric Pumpkins from Wendy @ WM Design House 

15 September 2022

The Countdown to Fall Is On

Are you all ready to welcome Fall? When we meet next week it will be, officially, here! By the sign of your posts, you are readying your homes and tummys for those Fall looks and Flavors! Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you so much for joining us.  Here are just a few of your highlights from last week’s party. Thanks for making this party so inspiring. 

Celebrate with Fall Watercolor Printables from My Wee Abode  

08 September 2022

Bring On Autumn!

My good friend shared this on Facebook yesterday, when we were dying in 114 degree weather.   Melting is an understatement.  2 more weeks by my calendar. Thank goodness!! Okay, mini rant over.  🥰 Welcome friends! Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! I’m so glad you are here.  If you’re in the heat, as well, prayers you have AC!  I couldn’t have been happier to see your Fall/Autumn posts, this week! Here’s a highlight on a few that got me feeling better from last week’s party. 

01 September 2022

Happy September!

 Good morning dear friends and Happy September to you all! 

We are heading into a triple digit heatwave for the next several days, so I’m busy getting my shade cloths up and readying the house to hunker down and wait it out  I don’t like hot. Thank you all for your continued inspiration and kindness and steadfast sources of enjoyment for both the readers and myself. On with this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! 

Heaven on Earth Cake from Spaceships and Lazerbeams

25 August 2022

Fall’s Less Than A Month Away!

Good morning friends! I’m just getting used to it being August, and now, probably like you, I’m seeing signs for Fall/Autumn. But, it is less than a month away! 
For the sake of my garden, I’m going to milk it! 
Happy Thursday Favorite Things party! 
Here’s a few beautiful, inspiring posts from last week’s party! Enjoy and visit each other.  
Pretty Peach Alfresco Tablescape from Dining Delight Stunning! I love this color combination.  

18 August 2022

Late Summer Or Early Fall…

 I guess it all depends on your perspective, right? Usually, I would be counting the days until Fall arrived, but, this year, because of my garden and veggies growing, I’m grateful for the hot days as they seem to double in size and ripeness overnight! Most of you know I’m a baker. Honestly, that’s exactly why I started gardening! I knew what I wanted and, either couldn’t find it, or couldn’t afford it. Hence, the search began, in the beginning, just for a really good roasting tomato for my focaccia and soups and sauces. Well, it’s kind of snowballed from there! Hah! 

Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you for joining us on our quests of improvements and inspirations! You all do quite well at both. Let’s take a look at a few from last week’s party! 

Orange Glazed Almond Bundt Cake from Rachelle @ My Hubbard Home

11 August 2022

YOU"RE The Star @ This Week's Thursday Favorite Things

Good morning friends! Happy Thursday. I’m so glad you’re here. Today, is all about you! Thank you all so much for coming every week and making this party what it is, a seriously awesome place to get information and inspiration! Thank you for all your kind comments and words of encouragement and kindness over the years. I appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know. This week Shoestring Elegance celebrates 1.5 million views. All from a little experiment I thought I’d try ten years ago. Let’s get onto some more of your incredible offerings from last week! 

The Sunshine Cottage Porch & Garden from Pam @ Everyday Living

04 August 2022

Baking, Gardening and Enjoying August (TFT PARTY)

 Hi friends! What a wonderful start to August for us here in Northern California! The first day of August came in with a very unexpected, surprise little rain storm.  I was, needless to say, ecstatic! Not only that we NEED IT SO MUCH, but my garden was thrilled! I don’t think I told you yet, but what I decided to do, when trying gardening for myself, was growing Heirloom tomatoes and veggies. 

I’m kind of an information junkie when I start something new. So, I thought if I was going to put in the effort, I wanted the maximum output! My ELEVEN varieties, now,  are coming along quite nicely too! Oh! Did I mention I just finished baking 100 blueberry breakfast cookies for my church today? Yep, busy but happy! 

Lemon Zucchini Bread the House On Silverado 

28 July 2022

Summer Eats @ The Thursday Favorite Things party!

 Summer inspiration galore! Thank you all! Welcome any new joiners.   I’m so excited to let you know that Monday morning @ 7:57 a.m our family grew by one sweet little grandniece, Eleanor Diane! Mum and baby are both well and beautiful! Such an exciting time. I’m over the moon. 

 Thank you for all your wonderful comments. They are so appreciated! Let’s get a look at some of the yummilicious recipes you all shared at last week’s party! 

Look at Jenny from Not Entirely Average’s 5 Ingredient Southern Fried Zucchini Fritters Yum! I make a version of these and Summer wouldn’t be the same without them! Be sure to try them out! 

21 July 2022

Short and Sweet

Hi friends, welcome back. I’m so glad you are here, but let me tell you it has been a week. Please link up and visit each other and enjoy the party. I’ll be back with even more features and fun next week. Have a wonderful weekend. But, first, have some fun with Michele,  from Hello Lovely’s Silly Tweets & Sweet Treats for Home.

14 July 2022

Midsummer Fun at the Thursday Favorite Things Party

Good morning and welcome back! Happy almost midsummer 2022. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that, years in the 20’s, that is.  I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Summer with relatively comfortable temperatures. We are having an unexpectedly cooler month than our usual and I must admit I’m loving it! Upper 80’s is much more comfortable than the 100’s anytime. Not to mention, how nice my heirloom tomatoes are responding. I can’t wait to share more about my gardening journey with you soon! Today I’m  putting in a few patty pan squash and starting some honeynut squash for Fall!  So exciting! On with this week’s party! 
I love all you have been up to! 

Like, Marie, from Interior Frugalista’s Handmade Wooden Garden Caddy With Farmhouse Style isn’t it beautiful? 

07 July 2022

Happy July!

Happy July friends! I hope you all had a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! 

Welcome back to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! I’m running a bit later than usual, this morning. My apologies! So much to do these days! I’m hoping to share some tips I’ve learned as I have been planting and growing a quite substantial garden from seed this year.  

Let’s take a look at a few of your link ups from last week! 

Look at this beautiful door arrangement, a Summer Ice Cream Cone - From a Witch Hat! from Ann at Applestreet Cottage! So cute!

30 June 2022

Happy Fourth of July Weekend and This Week’s TFT Party

Good morning dear friends and welcome back to Shoestring Elegance, and to this week's Thursday Favorite Things party! Thank you so much for joining me/us. Before we get onto the party, I'd just like to thank you all for your continued clicks and links, you bring me more joy than you'll ever know. 

Thursday, being the 'unofficial' start to the weekend, means that I get this opportunity to wish you all a safe, healthy, and Happy Fourth of July weekend. That is, if you are in the states, if you’re from Canada, Happy Canada Day weekend and  if your joining is from somewhere else, I wish you a wonderful weekend as well! Never short on inspiration, you all did not disappoint last week either.  Enjoy a quick peek at some of last week's shares before you link up this week.  And, please do have a lovely weekend. 

Michele from Hello Lovely has us covered with her gorgeous 4th of July Tablescapes, Festive Decor & Party Ready Finds Now! Thank you! I loved them all.

23 June 2022

Happy Summer 2022!

Good morning sweet friends! Thank you for understanding my absence last week and for your kind well wishes and prayers.  I’m happy to report my mother and sister seem to be past the worst of Covid and on the road to recovery.  Praise the Lord! Happy Summer 2022! Can you believe it? Thank you for joining us @ the Thursday Favorite Things party.  I hope you are all well and enjoying some pleasant weather.  Summer started off with a bang, here in Northern California, with 105 degrees!

16 June 2022

Covid Hit My Family!

 Hey friends, quick little note to have you all link up to this week’s party, but I’m so sorry, I’ll try and come back and join you all later, just a little too tired and stressed out. 

Last weekend my Sister and My Mother both got Covid!  I’M not sick.  We’ve made it all this time without having to walk this path and now we’re in the thick of it. I pray you all are safe and healthy. You are all so loving and caring, that I know you’ll understand if I just provide the link this week, say "thank you for your continued contributions", and tell you that I’ll be back next week. 

Meanwhile, how gorgeous does Claire Justine make breakfast look with her Pistachio, Oat, And Cranberry Breakfast Pancakes

09 June 2022

June Food Recipes

Good morning and welcome. I hope you are all enjoying some, hopefully, beautiful Summer days and gorgeous weather. The kids have all just gotten out for Summer break here and it seems like our population tripled with everyone out and about again. Which made me think, what a wonderful time to highlight some of the yummy recipes linked up, here, at the Thursday Favorite Things party, each week! So, without further ado, here are this week’s features! Try not to drool on your computer, it won’t be easy. LOL  

The Lou Lou Girl’s BLT Pie looks absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to try this this Summer! 

02 June 2022

Happy June! Summer’s Here @ the TFT

Good morning sweet friends! Thank you for joining me as I, gratefully, join Katherine and all the wonderful ladies for our fabulous Thursday Favorite Things party.  Happy June!  Can you believe it?! Summer’s here.  I hope you are all well and enjoying some pleasant weather. Ours has definitely become more tolerable than last week’s high 90’s.  Great for my garden though, so I’ll take it.   Okay, enough about me, Let’s look at some of your awesome offerings from last week’s party. Again, thank you for all your wonderful comments and participation. I truly enjoy every single one of you!

26 May 2022

Goodbye May :( Memorial Day Weekend Wishes...And, The TFT Party

Happy Thursday! The last two days were in the mid 90's, here, in Northern California, so I know May is on its way out. And, if it weren't for my garden, that I've been working so hard on, and am looking so forward to, I would say 'Bring on Fall!' But there it is. May is winding down with this weekend's Memorial Day parades and remembrances and Summer will, unofficially, be on. Alas, I have accepted that there are just some things I have no control over, so I better count my blessings and take it all in stride. C'est la vie! Okay, I'm done with my mini-rant. Welcome friends! I'm so glad you are here!

You all certainly keep me constantly inspired and interested! Thank you for joining the Thursday Favorite Things party with me and my friends. 

Let's take a peek at a few things you shared from last week's party.

I thought I had seen everything that my friend, Linda, from Crafts a la Mode had made until I clicked on this link last week! Look how creative she is with this DIY - How to turn a garden hose into a flower pot!

19 May 2022

Spring Eats, May Edition

Hello and Welcome, friends...  Before I get too far into this week's Thursday Favorite Things party, please let me Thank You All so much for your continued and steadfast supply of inspiration and absolutely lovely comments.  I do read and cherish every single one of them and you, even if I can't always find the time to reply. I see you! I appreciate you! 

Thanks again!

Last week's party was loaded with incredible and refreshing recipes that I just loved and that (subtly) screamed Spring's here and Summer's on the way! 

Starting with Fat Dad Foodie's Easy Custard Cake Recipe

12 May 2022

Spring Fever! (AND, This Week's TFT Party)

Welcome friends! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful month of May.  I sure have been. Last weekend was my beautiful niece’s baby shower and I got to meet my grand-niece, Sabrina for the first time. What a Blessing. Enjoy the party and have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to take a peek at a few of the posts from last week’s party that caught my eye. Remember, each hostess has her own feature. So be sure to pop around and see who else is getting the light shown on them this week, 

Debra from Common Ground’s Lilac Basket Centerpiece with French Faience is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year, don’t you think? 

05 May 2022

Merry is the Month of May...Mother's Day Ideas...And, The TFT Party

Good morning sweet friends! Thank you for joining me as I, gratefully, join Katherine and the ladies for our Thursday Favorite Things. 
Happy Merry Month of May! Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mom’s out there. May you have a blessed and wonderful weekend celebrating, hopefully, with your families. I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, as I have 62 mini cupcakes to fill and frost and even more finger sandwiches and mini scones to make for my sweet niece’s Baby Shower this Saturday! So excited for her, plus I’m being Blessed with glorious time to meet and love on my 3-month old grand-niece, Sabrina! So excited!  Let’s look at some of your awesome offerings from last week’s party. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and participation. I truly enjoy every single one of you! 

Barbara from Mantel and Table's gorgeous Pink Roses and a Blue and White Tablescape

28 April 2022

Flower Cupcakes, Mother’s Day And The TFT

Welcome friends! Happy almost May! (Can you believe it?!)
Time’s just flying by! I can’t get over it. Mother’s Day, baby showers, and gardening are occupying my days and I’m enjoying it. What have you all been up to? Besides all the beautiful projects and recipes you are sharing here with me? 
Thanks for sharing them. Let’s take a quick look at a few highlights from last week’s party. 
Katherine from Katherine’s Corner (our incredible leader) 
shared her beautiful Flower Cupcakes for Mothers Day

21 April 2022

What We’re Eating This April!

Hello sweet friends. Welcome back to Shoestring Elegance and to the Thursday Favorite Things party!  I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend. I am, ecstatically, enjoying some April showers. As you may have guessed RAIN is always a good thing and a blessing here in California. I’m still working on my garden, though, albeit with my seedlings inside for now. There is something so miraculous about watching a seed sprout and grow, with the knowledge that in a few short months it will actually be providing us with wonderful, abundant food!  If you are trying your hand at gardening this year, too, I highly recommend planting some sweet snap peas from seed, they grow so quickly and beautifully, it's quite a thing of beauty to see.

Did I mention I'm Container gardening this year? If you haven't heard about it, it's easy and can be done virtually anywhere! I chose to do this method, in particular, because it saves a ton of water, you're just watering your plant and not the ground! (definitely important in drought areas) or even just due to limited space.  You can get a better idea with this pic! The ideas out there are endless! 

14 April 2022

Happy Easter! ( TFT Easter Edition)

Happy Easter, friends! Christ Is Risen! What a wonderful way to be able to greet you all this week. Happy Thursday and welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party and our last gathering before Easter. 

Before I go any further, thank you all so very much for your kind and caring comments after my accident last week. They meant the world to me. All said and done, a few sore muscles, a loaner car and repairs being made. So, I’m counting my blessings, as it could have been so much worse. 

Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart. 

I pray you all enjoy a safe and Happy Easter with your loved ones and keep those enduring the horrors of war in your hearts and prayers this Easter weekend. 

On with a few of your beautiful features and this week’s party!

Did you get a chance to see Katherine’s Creative Easter Eggs post?!! They are simply gorgeous! 

07 April 2022

Accidents Happen! 😞

 Happy April, friends. Unfortunately, I’m only able to provide the link up and best wishes to you all this week. My apologies. Less than 24 hours before our party, I was in a car accident. I’m fine, not at fault, but rather shaken up. And, now there are tons of car related stuff to do right away!  First anything to happen in my car for over 30 years! Thank you for being here. Please do link up and I’ll pray I’m joining you all anew next week. 

31 March 2022

Goodbye March, Hello April! ( TFT Party)

Good morning, friends  Happy April! Well, tomorrow anyway  ;)  Time flies by, doesn’t it… I pray you are safe and well, as we gather this week  I’m still gardening! And, baking up some goodies for my brother and sister-in-law, who are coming to town later today. Thank you all for your beautiful inspirational posts and kindest comments  I’m in awe, every week! 

On to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! Here are just a few that caught my eye from last week’s party! 

From Jenna at The Painted Apron, you are going to LOVE her adorable Floral Ice Cream Cones!

24 March 2022

Spring and Easter Decor Ideas!

Welcome friends! I hope you all have been enjoying these first few days of Spring  I’m sewing seeds and working on getting a garden going! I hope to share some of that with you when I get a bit further along. Happy Thursday and Thursday Favorite Things party day! Here are a few fun features from last week’s party! 

Linda from Crafts a la Mode shared a ton of Cute DIY Easter Mason Jars! I love them all!

17 March 2022

Happy St Patrick's Day & Happy Spring 2022

Good morning and happy St Patrick’s day. Are you wearing green? Such a funny thing, really, but we usually do it anyway.  Can you believe Spring is here, this Sunday? Time just flies by. Thank you for joining me as I, gratefully, join Katherine and the ladies for our Thursday Favorite Things party! I feel woefully inadequate when I see all that you’ve been up to! So inspiring! 

I’m currently trying, diligently, to propagate some heirloom tomato seeds, so we may be able to enjoy a bumper crop this year. If we’ve learned anything in the past couple years, having our own food, fruit, veggies, etc. available in our gardens has become priceless.  Wish me luck! Now, on with your wonderful features from last week’s party. 
There were a ton worthy, these are just a few! 

Denise from My Home of All Seasons shares a lot of inspiration for Spring/Easter with her beautiful How to Design a Pretty Spring Lantern. She's done them several different ways, so be sure to check them out.

10 March 2022

Getting Ready to Spring Forward!

Good morning friends  Welcome! I hope you all are having a happy, healthy, peaceful week. Chilly morning for me, all bundled up ( but I’m loving it), it will be hot soon enough! Happy Spring! Are you looking forward to the longer days?! 

Here are just a few of your beautiful posts from last week’s party. Enjoy, and thank you for joining us! 

Barbara from Mantel & Table’s At least 7 Teacup Gift Ideas

03 March 2022

Welcoming March, Praying for Peace & This Week's TFT Party

Hello friends, welcome back to Shoestring Elegance! Happy March to you all. I pray that everything is just as you like it where you are. 

Please join me in praying for peace for the Ukrainian people. So very hard to watch them as they try and fight to defend their home. Very heart breaking and difficult times.

This week, I spent some time with my Mum, which is not odd.  You see, every year, about this time her flowering crabapple tree puts on the most beautiful show for all to see. And, while it doesn't last long, it is spectacular sight.  Also, every year, I try and capture its beauty, but now believe no image will ever match the awesomeness of standing right in front of it and watching it come to life.  Nonetheless, I did snap a picture to share with you, before we get onto this week's Thursday Favorite Things party. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that you have equally beautiful blooms showing up where you are. I am abundantly blessed and have nothing to complain about, in this place and time.

24 February 2022

Goodbye February

Hello and welcome, friends. Can you believe we're saying goodbye to February already? Time just keeps flying by no matter what's going on in our lives,  or our world for that matter, as, I guess it should. I don't know about you, but in this time where Winter is coming to an end and Spring is on the horizon I always seem to be more reflective,  I think even more than at the "New Year".

Old goes and New arrives! Which makes me excited! We have a new great-grand in our family, Beautiful little Sabrina, just one month and so so adorable. And, now, news of another, very unexpected, other great-grand on the way! (Her) Mommy thought she was done with one getting ready to move out and the other in high school, but alas God had other plans!  Life is so much sweeter with babies.

Pam from Everday Living's sweet husband shared an absolutely beautiful Valentine's message on her blog, Unconditional Love. You don't want to miss it. Pam, I am jealous, and yet, so happy for you both.

17 February 2022

Signs of Spring & The TFT Party

I bet many of you are looking quite forward to Spring 2022.  Whilst, I admit, I absolutely love all the blossoms and blooms and brighter days that come with the Season, I'm still waiting for rain in Northern California!  After all, I love raindrops on roses too! LoL   As for me, Baking Brioche this morning to share with family and friends. I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Thank you for coming to join me at Shoestring Elegance and this week's TFT party! Wishing you all a happy and healthy Season. 

Let's look at some of your beautiful offerings from last week!
CoCo from the Crowned Goat’s sweet DIY Valentine’s Mailbox just makes me smile. 

10 February 2022

Thursday Happenings In February 2022

 Happy Thursday! I’m afraid I’m running a bit behind this week! Thrown off by the unseasonal warm weather we’ve been having and desperately praying for rain. Can you believe we’re already at February 10th? I, sincerely, can’t seem to keep up with the time these days. Believe it or not, I just put out my Christmas tree today! Not out of the house, I mean, but for disposal. I did hate letting it go.  The news is all aghast with the latest,”the end of the mask mandate” indoors, for the vaccinated, in smaller groups, inside some places, for some people, at certain spots, depending on the space and, and…. Eek! I’ll keep mine for now, thank you. Okay, that’s the end of my mini rant. LoL 

Truly, I have so much to be grateful for, why on earth should I complain?! Welcome all! In case you were wondering, you are here, joining me for this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s take a little peek at what you shared last week  

Pam from An Artful Mom’s How to Make Victorian Paper Cones is a super fun and relatively easy way to add to your decor! 

03 February 2022

Happy February!

Happy February friends! I can’t believe we’re already here! 

Welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party! You all have so much talent to share it amazes me every week! 

Let’s just get on with the party and take a peek at a few highlights from last week’s party, shall we?! 

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Road shared her 14 Heart Wreaths to Love and I do! I love every single one. Here are just a couple of the beauties she gathered.

27 January 2022

the last party of january in lower case

i have visited blogs where i have noticed that some people are not using capitalization anymore, i kind of really like it, but am not sure i can do it, i've already had to go back and edit myself a few times, but just for this week, i'm going to give it a whirl!

i pray you are all well and that your families are healthy. in these dicey times i think of all of you more than i ever did before. please stay safe and healthy.  as they say, on with the show...

i love elderberry syrup!! i use it year-round and i'm so excited to see a post on here on how to make it! so, thank you, joy, from artful homemaking, for sharing your recipe with this how to make elderberry syrup on the stovetop recipe!  

20 January 2022

Valentine’s Day Ideas (And TFT Party)

 Hello and welcome friends! I’m so glad you’re here. I pray you are all healthy and well. This Omicron is no joke. My family has all recovered. Praise God. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. Can you believe we are already just a few short weeks from Valentine’s Day?!  I’m not one who has ever really celebrated this specific holiday, but I so enjoy seeing all your creations! There were A Lot!  So let’s take a look at the ones that caught my eye! 

Like Rachelle from My Hubbard Home’s Edible Flower Valentine Cookie Hearts| Easy Recipe