25 August 2012

Anything Can Be an Elegant Centerpiece

Good Morning, Friends. I'm so glad you stopped by! Today, I was compelled to share with you a new project, as well as, a look back at some old favorites, to prove that, in fact, Anything can be made into a Beautiful, Elegant Centerpiece! And still be done on a Shoestring budget (under $5, or less, actually).
This beautiful piece, for example, was a little magazine holder I picked up at a rummage sale last month for $1 Yes, that’s what I said $1. 
It’s wasn't very old or even very pretty. But, it had at the top of it that wonderful Metal lace!! In my mind, I could see it in a beautiful Antique white. There was a small crack in one leg, easy fix, just a little crazy glue. And then, it occurred to me that I still had over a half of can of that wonderful Antique white spray paint I had used for my Rod Iron Candle Redo!! Perfect! Now was just the simple problem of how to make this container a vessel for beautiful blooms. 
With the sides at 6 inches, how simple to put some good old mason jars and an odd vase here or there, that could be filled with water and easily replaced as necessary!! 
This is when I could start to see the end image in my head!! So exciting to transform someone’s cast off’s into a beautiful repurposed, showcasing piece!! I am the very first to tell you, that I am not extremely “crafty” so-to-speak
But, I have found that if you look at the shape, dimensions, features, or “bones” of an object, You can truly see an inner beauty in it waiting to come to life in your home!!
Please look at all of the images here. These are all fairly simple things to do, you just need to look beyond what it is now, to see what it can be!! Go create! Enjoy Elegance on a Simple Budget!! I couldn't afford roses for this piece, but I have always loved Baby’s Breath ( which is only $2.99 for a nice large bouquet)!!
What can you afford? Do you have an old piece that you could make your Masterpiece? If you do, have at it!! And please come back here or on Shoestring Elegance's facebook page and share it with me!! It is seeing others creations, that inspires me to look beyond a simple object to its glorious potential!! Have a wonderful weekend all!!

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