23 May 2019

FREE Beautiful Wallpapers For Your iPhone/Cellphone & How To Install Them.

It is not often, I hope, that I take too much for granted. I am or at least attempt to always be, completely grateful for the life I've been given, the abundance of love I have in my life, as well as the simple, material things that make living on this earth a little more comfortable or pleasant. It is with that in mind that leads me to share this information with you.  Because I decorate for my church, my family and friends, I am often (so lucky) to have numerous roses, greenery, filler, vessels, etc.. in my stash. And, because I just LOVE their beauty, I take tons of pictures of them!
Many times I've been told how beautiful the images on my phone are.  However, it was not until recently that I became fully aware that I had more opportunity and perhaps just a little more knowledge than a lot of people out there.  Not much, but some, especially as it relates to technology. If you are 40 or under, this is most likely old hap for you and you won't need this tutorial. But, if you are like me or older, cellphones weren't invented when we were tweens, teens or even in our 20's.

In actuality, for me not even in high school or college!  It wasn't until 1984 that Motorola put these Cellphones up for sale to the public at $4,000 a pop!! Can you believe that?! I complain about no longer getting a "free upgrade"!  For that $4,000 price tag, you got something that looked like this!

Finally, in 1996, Nokia came out with a little less expensive and much more user-friendly phone. If you think back or dig through some drawers in your garage you may just find something that resembles this!
Ladies and gentlemen the first iPhone, followed by other "smartphones" actually became available in 2007!! Are you feeling old yet? I know I am. As resistant as I truly was to the whole iPhone/Smartphone movement, I have to, honestly, say I don't know how I ever lived without mine now! 
Okay, brief history lesson over.  Let's make them beautiful now! You already, no doubt have gone through a phase of pretty cases and accessories to attempt to make your phone prettier and, again, if you are anything like me, you gave up and now just appreciate having a good quality phone that has a case good enough to keep it from shattering.

That brings me to a brief "How-To" on making your phone pretty and individualized for you!
I will provide you with several gorgeous images that I encourage you to save to your phone or email so you can use them later for your own phone. It doesn't have to stop there, though, you can find images that reflect you, and your own style, anywhere you want that you can access on your cellphone.
Step 1 - Knowing how to set a beautiful picture up in your settings to make it a wallpaper. I have taken a few screenshots with my iPhone 6s to show you exactly that. I have also done this for friends with a couple different Android devices and rarely had any problem.  So truly your first step is always to go to your "settings" on your cellphone. Touch the icon that looks like the one circled below.

Or, if you are using an android it may look more like this...
Once you have opened your settings, scroll down until you see "Wallpaper"

Then touch that icon. You will now see something resembling this screen. For your personalized wallpaper, you will select to get it from your photos.
Now the fun part!! Select your photos and whatever you have saved you can choose for your new wallpaper. So which image do you choose? When you see it Touch it! 
When you select your image you'll see your screen with this perspective/zoom option on the bottom, you can ignore those and just pinch or stretch the image until it's exactly how you like it then touch the  word "Set" 
You will get a pop up that asks you what you want to set it for. This means you can have your unlocked phone background different from your locked screen's wallpaper. That just seems a little excessive to me, so I just simply select the "Set Both" option.
You are done!!! You have successfully selected, set up and completed your phone's appearance! It will stay this way until you choose to change it to something else. Isn't that exciting?! 

I'm going to share several of my photos from here on Shoestring Elegance with you for your phones for FREE!  Simply open to this post on your SmartPhone and when you find the image you want and hold your finger on it until a pop from the bottom of your phone appears with a list of options, the only one we're interested in is the "Save Photo" option, touch that and now that image will be in your All Photos album, so when you get to step of selecting a photo for your wallpaper it's already saved in your "All Photos"!
It really couldn't be easier once you get the hang of it.

I pray you enjoy and use as many of these images as you like to make your phone beautiful too! 
I could NOT get over the perfect heart inside this beautiful rose!
Peachy-pink and green thornless roses. LOVE them.
Pink and green roses, I believe this variety is called "Geraldine" I love them with the pearls and Lady Slipper teacup in the background.
Pretty Pink with Ble milk paint. 
Sage leaves and blush roses in a crate centerpiece
Feeling a little Zen? This is a little praying Buddha my mother has in her backyard 
with these dusty pink beauties.
Not really my personal favorite, but many people love these Orange,
 peach, yellow with hints of green on the outer petals.
These "Champaign" roses are really stunning. Depending on how the light hits
 them they can look stark white or yellowish even kind of blush in the centers. 
Just shear perfection in my humble opinion. These are very close to my personal fave.
My Mum loves her crabapple blossoms to adorn her iPhone, they are awfully pretty.
All the Free images above are my own. But in case I missed some of your favorites,
I found these Free beauties on the Internet, that I wanted to offer you for a little bit of diversity.
Who doesn't LOVE Peonies!
Or maybe you prefer a rainbow of Daises!
Tulips anyone?!
Here's mine now, just to give you some idea of how pretty your iPhone can look :) 
I truly hoped this helps and that you will go make your phone gorgeous now! 


  1. Thanks so much for this cell phone wallpaper tip Theresa. Like to mix things up, and this is sure a fun way to do it.

    1. Oh, Nancy, thank you for your kind comment. I truly hope you enjoy them.
      Happy Weekend!!

  2. This is a WONDERFUL tutorial, Theresa... and you have some gorgeous photos, too! Do you have a tutorial on how to take the best floral pics? Would love to see that, too! We'd love for your to share at the new link party on the block, Tuesday Turn About, via myweeabode.com The party closes Fridays at midnite, CST! Hope to see you there!

  3. These photos are gorgeous, Theresa. I like to use floral images, too. Mine is currently of yellow roses from Mother's Day. It's fun to play around with the images. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  4. These are truly beautiful wallpapers for a cell phone. I have to decide which one I want. I like them all!! Best wishes, your friend, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  5. Absolutely beautiful

  6. And the best part you can change the wallpaper as much as you like. Not like real wallpaper! #WonderuflWednesday

  7. Remember how heavy those first mobile phones were and you had to stick the antenna out your car window for it to get good signal? There were also big bagged mobile phones, remember them? I was talking with a friend of mine just today about our earlier phones, like the Nokia you've shown above then moved on to a Motorola Razr flip phone. After I got my first iPhone, I was hooked, I won't use anything else now days. Hubby and I upgrade each of ours every couple of years but with all that those phones can do to help me, I feel it's a necessity, doesn't matter how much it costs at this point in my life. Those are pretty wallpapers! I currently have my grandbabies ♥ on mine.

  8. Ha - this history is so funny! I remember wanting to hold off getting a smartphone until I could just have a chip embedded in my wrist to take care of everything! 🤣 Now with my smartwatch, I feel like Dick Tracy! But you can't get much more sophisticated than your lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them with us - your photography is gorgeous!

  9. Your floral photos are beautiful! I remember having a phone installed in my car in the 90's.

  10. Seeing this for the second time and find it just as interesting as the first. I had to upgrade my other phone and can use it again. Thanks for being one of the hosts at #TFT this week. My posts are #35, 38, and 41. Hope you and your readers enjoy. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health.


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