16 June 2022

Covid Hit My Family!

 Hey friends, quick little note to have you all link up to this week’s party, but I’m so sorry, I’ll try and come back and join you all later, just a little too tired and stressed out. 

Last weekend my Sister and My Mother both got Covid!  I’M not sick.  We’ve made it all this time without having to walk this path and now we’re in the thick of it. I pray you all are safe and healthy. You are all so loving and caring, that I know you’ll understand if I just provide the link this week, say "thank you for your continued contributions", and tell you that I’ll be back next week. 

Meanwhile, how gorgeous does Claire Justine make breakfast look with her Pistachio, Oat, And Cranberry Breakfast Pancakes

If you are a praying person and wouldn’t mind maybe you could include my Mum and Sister in your prayers today. Thanks so much. Blessings always, 


This is us! 

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  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Theresa, I hope you and the family are feeling better soon. I know how tired covid makes you feel. Just take it easy and let your body mend.

  2. Prayers and prayers Theresa, soo sorry! My links are #24, 26, 27...please take care~

  3. Theresa,
    So Sorry to hear this...Prayers for safe recovery of your loved ones....
    My Link Ups are Numbers 40 and 42 for this week!
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Such a bummer!! Hope you both feel better soon! Thanks for posting the party! I'm linked up at 56/57 this week.

  5. Oh no Linda, I hope you are all feeling better very soon! Sharing this week in links 77/78. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Thanks for hosting a wonderful party today! I've linked #65. Hope all goes well.

  7. Oh Theresa I'm so sorry! How scary for you all. I hope they're mild cases and your mom and sister feel better soon. Sending lots of healing energy your way, my friend. 💛 Thanks for hosting this party anyway - I'm linked at #95 this week - and know that we totally understand. Take care of yourself and see you next time!

  8. Theresa, hoping your sister and mom and quick and complete recovery. So sorry to hear you are all suffering through this awful illness.

  9. Hi Theresa, hope your family feels better soon. My brother's family has Covid this week too :( Thank you for hosting--I shared #101 and 102 this week!

  10. So sorry to hear this. Sending prayers and positive thoughts. I am at #219 and #220. Thanks for hosting this great party.


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