30 September 2019

Another Season..Another Big Change

To every season there is change, and this Fall is no exception.
It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today, by the end of this week,  the wonderful Ruby Magazine, that I have SO enjoyed being a part of, will be no more.  Thankfully, unlike when Ruby
started, there is a myriad of wonderful Christian Women resources available us all now.
Nina Newton, our wonderful Senior Editor, who has single-handedly run this magazine for the past ten years, will still be available through her own wonderful and beautiful blog, Vintage Mama's Cottage. Please join me in giving Nina a HUGE Thak you for all her hard work in this ministry that has reached so many Christian women over the years. 

Here is Ruby's "It's Time to say Goodbye..." In Nina's own words...
"We are sad to say good-bye to all of our wonderful writers, readers, and followers, but it is time for RUBY to move on to other projects.
RUBY magazine has been a great resource for Christian women as they serve the LORD in their homes and with their families. When RUBY magazine began over 10 years ago, there were not a lot of online resources for Christian women. But now there are so many other inspiring resources available online for each one of you.  

In the past year we have realized that the ministry of RUBY is not reaching a wide enough audience, nor is it receiving the support and promotion that is needed to continue publishing the magazine.

We are grateful to our RUBY writers who have been faithful in submitting inspirational articles each month . . . they have meant so much to this ministry.
A very special THANK YOU goes out to Theresa Begin at Shoestring Elegance, our editorial assistant, as well as Sharmelle Olson, our administrative assistant. Your hard work, dedication, and commitment to the ministry of RUBY are so appreciated!

There have been many others over the past 10 years who have participated in the ministry of RUBY that I can't name them all, but you know who you are and we are grateful to all of you. THANK YOU!

The RUBY blog and Facebook groups will no longer be active by October 5, 2019. Please email me with any questions. If you would like to purchase previous copies of RUBY magazine on Amazon, they will still be available. 
I will continue to blog at Vintage Mama's Cottage, so I hope you will stop by and see me there!

Much love to you all,

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: vintagemamascottage@gmail.com 
Pop over to Nina's blog for your free October printable Calendar! 
You can always stay in touch with me on my blog at Vintage Mama's Cottage, or email me at vintagemamascottage.net  I would love to hear from you and stay connected. Hope to talk to you soon, Nina"

Please continue to follow her on her own blog!
If you had intended to purchase one of Ruby's past beautiful issues of the Ruby Magazine, you can still do so over on Amazon

Thank you all for following along and joining me on this wonderful adventure and ministry! It has been a blessing to me for many years and provided many Christian women connections, as well as ha showcasing many of Shoestring Elegance's articles/posts.


  1. So sorry to hear about the end of the Ruby Magazine. So SAD!! Best blessings for October! Your friend, Linda

  2. I've enjoyed and been involved with Ruby from the beginning. It has been a blessing to so many. It will be missed. I haven't announced on my blog yet...Not sure if I can xo

  3. Thanks, great blog post


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