19 May 2022

Spring Eats, May Edition

Hello and Welcome, friends...  Before I get too far into this week's Thursday Favorite Things party, please let me Thank You All so much for your continued and steadfast supply of inspiration and absolutely lovely comments.  I do read and cherish every single one of them and you, even if I can't always find the time to reply. I see you! I appreciate you! 

Thanks again!

Last week's party was loaded with incredible and refreshing recipes that I just loved and that (subtly) screamed Spring's here and Summer's on the way! 

Starting with Fat Dad Foodie's Easy Custard Cake Recipe

12 May 2022

Spring Fever! (AND, This Week's TFT Party)

Welcome friends! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful month of May.  I sure have been. Last weekend was my beautiful niece’s baby shower and I got to meet my grand-niece, Sabrina for the first time. What a Blessing. Enjoy the party and have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to take a peek at a few of the posts from last week’s party that caught my eye. Remember, each hostess has her own feature. So be sure to pop around and see who else is getting the light shown on them this week, 

Debra from Common Ground’s Lilac Basket Centerpiece with French Faience is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year, don’t you think? 

05 May 2022

Merry is the Month of May...Mother's Day Ideas...And, The TFT Party

Good morning sweet friends! Thank you for joining me as I, gratefully, join Katherine and the ladies for our Thursday Favorite Things. 
Happy Merry Month of May! Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mom’s out there. May you have a blessed and wonderful weekend celebrating, hopefully, with your families. I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, as I have 62 mini cupcakes to fill and frost and even more finger sandwiches and mini scones to make for my sweet niece’s Baby Shower this Saturday! So excited for her, plus I’m being Blessed with glorious time to meet and love on my 3-month old grand-niece, Sabrina! So excited!  Let’s look at some of your awesome offerings from last week’s party. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and participation. I truly enjoy every single one of you! 

Barbara from Mantel and Table's gorgeous Pink Roses and a Blue and White Tablescape

28 April 2022

Flower Cupcakes, Mother’s Day And The TFT

Welcome friends! Happy almost May! (Can you believe it?!)
Time’s just flying by! I can’t get over it. Mother’s Day, baby showers, and gardening are occupying my days and I’m enjoying it. What have you all been up to? Besides all the beautiful projects and recipes you are sharing here with me? 
Thanks for sharing them. Let’s take a quick look at a few highlights from last week’s party. 
Katherine from Katherine’s Corner (our incredible leader) 
shared her beautiful Flower Cupcakes for Mothers Day

21 April 2022

What We’re Eating This April!

Hello sweet friends. Welcome back to Shoestring Elegance and to the Thursday Favorite Things party!  I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend. I am, ecstatically, enjoying some April showers. As you may have guessed RAIN is always a good thing and a blessing here in California. I’m still working on my garden, though, albeit with my seedlings inside for now. There is something so miraculous about watching a seed sprout and grow, with the knowledge that in a few short months it will actually be providing us with wonderful, abundant food!  If you are trying your hand at gardening this year, too, I highly recommend planting some sweet snap peas from seed, they grow so quickly and beautifully, it's quite a thing of beauty to see.

Did I mention I'm Container gardening this year? If you haven't heard about it, it's easy and can be done virtually anywhere! I chose to do this method, in particular, because it saves a ton of water, you're just watering your plant and not the ground! (definitely important in drought areas) or even just due to limited space.  You can get a better idea with this pic! The ideas out there are endless! 

14 April 2022

Happy Easter! ( TFT Easter Edition)

Happy Easter, friends! Christ Is Risen! What a wonderful way to be able to greet you all this week. Happy Thursday and welcome back to the Thursday Favorite Things party and our last gathering before Easter. 

Before I go any further, thank you all so very much for your kind and caring comments after my accident last week. They meant the world to me. All said and done, a few sore muscles, a loaner car and repairs being made. So, I’m counting my blessings, as it could have been so much worse. 

Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart. 

I pray you all enjoy a safe and Happy Easter with your loved ones and keep those enduring the horrors of war in your hearts and prayers this Easter weekend. 

On with a few of your beautiful features and this week’s party!

Did you get a chance to see Katherine’s Creative Easter Eggs post?!! They are simply gorgeous! 

07 April 2022

Accidents Happen! 😞

 Happy April, friends. Unfortunately, I’m only able to provide the link up and best wishes to you all this week. My apologies. Less than 24 hours before our party, I was in a car accident. I’m fine, not at fault, but rather shaken up. And, now there are tons of car related stuff to do right away!  First anything to happen in my car for over 30 years! Thank you for being here. Please do link up and I’ll pray I’m joining you all anew next week. 

31 March 2022

Goodbye March, Hello April! ( TFT Party)

Good morning, friends  Happy April! Well, tomorrow anyway  ;)  Time flies by, doesn’t it… I pray you are safe and well, as we gather this week  I’m still gardening! And, baking up some goodies for my brother and sister-in-law, who are coming to town later today. Thank you all for your beautiful inspirational posts and kindest comments  I’m in awe, every week! 

On to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things party! Here are just a few that caught my eye from last week’s party! 

From Jenna at The Painted Apron, you are going to LOVE her adorable Floral Ice Cream Cones!