05 May 2015

Exciting News and So Much Fun!

Do you all know Joy, from her awesome blog she calls "Yesterfood"?? Every week she and Wanda Ann, from Memories by the Mile throw a wonderful party, full of Inspiration, good recipes and fun crafts! It is called Treasure Box Tuesday. Don't you just love that name?!  For quite some time, I have been popping back and forth to Yesterfood and sharing my little creations with Joy and Wanda Ann. so much fun!

Was I ever surprised, this week, to find out that Joy had picked me & Shoestring Elegance to be her Blogger of the Month, for May!!! I cannot tell you how honored I was and am! So, as with most all things, I had to share the news with you!

Joy chose Shoestring Elegance and Wanda Ann chose The Lou Lou Girls! If you have not had the pleasure of meeting all these incredibly talented Ladies, may I suggest you click on some of the links I've put, here, in this post and go take a good look? I guarantee you will enjoy yourself! They have never disappointed me and  I am always Inspired!

Joy even "fancied up" my little Blog button and is displaying it on her sidebar for this month!! Now I ask you, How Blessed am I?  It seems, to me, beyond measure, Not just because I'm Joy's Blogger of the month, but because God has blessed me abundantly with wonderful women in this whole Blogging thing that have encouraged, lifted and supported me, beyond my own imagination!
Happy Tuesday to you all! May you all be Blessed with friends and supported with encouragement that strengthens you to continue with what Inspires you! 

Want to start the day with an awesome & encouraging song? Click on the this video! It makes me smile, every time!!


  1. YOU DESERVE IT!! Congratulations to you! :)

  2. congratulations my friend xo

  3. Congratulations on being chosen! It is one of my favorite link parties. See you there!


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