07 May 2015

National Day of Prayer

Lord, we pray.

Blessed to be celebrating at my church in our little town & providing some beautiful, donated colors of our America the Beautiful. Yet,  Lord, I pray for all countries near and far that you would begin a revolution of healing and Faith.
In Jesus Name, I pray.
When all was said and done, my arrangements were nice, but not what this day was about. It was about people gathering together as a community and looking at a future together in prayer and song.
It was beautiful.

The theme:  America, the beautiful
When this many people gather together in fellowship and prayer, alongside our town's mayor and representatives, America, here at least, was beautiful.

I hope you had time to celebrate in some outward way of this day, not because today is the only day to pray, hopefully, we all do that regularly, but because today we all prayed together, One Nation, under God.


  1. Those arrangements are beautiful! As a nation we are so desperate for the favor of the Lord.... I pray alongside you, my sister, that we will turn our eyes on Jesus, and away from the evils of this world!


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