31 May 2018

Summer's Coming (Embracing the Change of Seasons), A Very Special Birthday TFT Party

Hello Sweet friends and welcome back. Well, Memorial Day has come and gone and it seems we are all focused on the Summer months ahead of us.  I hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend. As for me and my family,  we were abundantly blessed to celebrate my Dad's 86th Birthday this past weekend, birthdays are not something we take for granted anymore. As well as my eldest Sister.s big 60th! Yes, my mother was kind enough, back in the day, to have their first born child on my Father's birthday! It was a great day.
This is just a few of us. We are quite a large crowd now, when we all get together.  So, on the thought of celebrating and the new Summer Season arriving, I chose some Features that I felt reflected this time of year. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for joining me once more. 

Bird Party's DIY Scented Bath Bombs just sound like the perfect afternoon getaway after a hot day. Not to mention, that they are simply beautiful.
Fresh Vintage by Lisa S Stenciled Shopping Bags and Feed Sacks reminds me of getting out my favorite canvas bag and hopping off to the Farmer's Market! Wouldn't this be a nice one to take on that trip?!
Around My Table's  shared her Casual Spring Tablescape which I just adore, and also think would be a perfect late Spring, early Summer pick for my table.
Everyday Living's Floral Friday just screams celebration and festivities, especially if you're joining us from the US. What a perfect red, white and blue display.
Embellishments' Strawberry Delight is very similar to one of my family favorites and always perfectly refreshing with fresh Strawberries!


  1. Teresa,
    Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  2. Thanks for the party, Theresa! Wonderful features as we move into summer time. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Sounds like you had a wonderful family celebration!


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